Rlys to get strict, levy excellent for additional luggage

NEW DELHI: Just like atmosphere travel, now beware of carrying additional luggage while travelling in trains as well.

As a outcome of countless complaints per additional container being towed into sight compartments, a Indian Railways has motionless to particularly make a over-three-decades-old container stipend rules, that will see passengers profitable adult to 6 times a stipulated volume as penalty, if held travelling with overweight luggage, an central pronounced today.

According to a prescribed norms, a sleeper category and a second category newcomer can lift luggage weighing 40 kg and 35 kg respectively but profitable any additional income and a extent of 80 kg and 70 kg respectively by profitable for a additional luggage during a parcel office. The additional luggage would have to be put in a luggage van.

“The manners were already in place, we are only enforcing them particularly now. Passengers are authorised to book and lift additional luggage in a luggage van, adult to a extent limit, on a remuneration of a price homogeneous to one-and-a-half times a luggage rate.

“If a newcomer is found travelling with un-booked luggage weighing some-more than a giveaway allowance, a additional weight will be charged 6 times a luggage rate. The pierce is to safeguard newcomer preference and residence a emanate of close compartments,” Ved Prakash, Director, Information and Publicity, Railway Board, said.

Officials pronounced distinct during a airports, where a luggage of any newcomer is weighed, a railways will lift out pointless checks among a passengers.

For example, if a newcomer is travelling 500 km with luggage weighing 80 kg in a sleeper class, he can book his additional container of 40 kg for Rs 109 in a luggage van.

However, if he fails to do so and is held with a additional luggage, he will finish adult profitable a chastisement of Rs 654.

Similarly, an AC initial category newcomer can lift 70 kg of luggage for giveaway and a extent of 150 kg, after profitable a price for a additional 80 kg.

An AC two-tier newcomer can lift 50 kg of luggage for giveaway and a extent of 100 kg by profitable a price for a additional 50 kg.

The railways will also safeguard that trunks, suitcases and boxes belong to a prescribed measurements of 100cm x 60cm x 25cm (length, breadth, height) for personal luggage to be carried in a compartments.

If a trunks, suitcases and boxes surpass any one of a dimensions, those would have to be requisitioned and carried in a luggage van, Prakash said.

The inhabitant transporter has launched a special expostulate (June 1-6) opposite all a zones to make a rules.

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