RoboGames Signs Grant Imahara to Host "RoboGames 2015"

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HeavyWeight Robots Fight to a Death

HeavyWeight Robots Fight to a Death

“I’m impossibly vehement to be returning to RoboGames,” pronounced Grant Imahara. “There’s zero like experiencing a sights and sounds of a live drudge quarrel event.”

(PRWEB) Feb 19, 2015

RoboGames, a “Olympics of Robots”, currently announced that Grant Imahara – famous for MythBusters, BattleBots, Punkin’ Chunkin’, StarWars Episodes 1-3, Killer Robots, and many other TV shows and movies, will be a lead horde for RoboGames 2015.

“I’m impossibly vehement to be returning to RoboGames,” pronounced Imahara. “There’s zero like experiencing a sights and sounds of a live drudge quarrel event. As a former competitor, drudge quarrel is nearby and dear to my heart. we suffer a brew of creativity and mayhem that are essential to this sport. Being means to share it with new audiences and destiny generations is a outrageous bonus.”

RoboGames was started in 2004 to showcase all opposite aspects of drudge competitions, from 220 bruise quarrel robots fighting behind bulletproof potion to 25 gram sumo robots no bigger than a quarter. There are 56 opposite events in total, with such opposite competitions as humanoid robots that play soccer and do kung-fu, obstruction elucidate robots, hockey bots, and events with GPS guided cars that navigate outside terrains though any tellurian control. RoboGames even supports STEM preparation with 7 opposite events usually for kids underneath 18 to uncover their stuff. Each foe is treated equally in a end, with a same gold, silver, and bronze medals on a line – though drudge quarrel stays a large draw. And how could it not, with 220 bruise robots spewing flames, slamming 100 bruise spinning blades into one in. thick armor, and flipping opponents into a atmosphere like they were nerf balls.

Imahara points out that while many people consider drudge quarrel went divided after a TV shows were gone, a events never stopped usually given they weren’t being aired. “The ubiquitous open notice is that fighting robots were popular, and afterwards went divided for a prolonged time, though in reality, there have been live drudge quarrel events function invariably given 1994. And all a while, a robots have been removing improved and meaner and tougher.”

Ray Billings competes any year with a many mortal drudge in a uncover ‘Last Rites.’ It’s a 220 bruise drudge whose arms could melt a tellurian in seconds, and does a flattering decent pursuit of doing a same to his titanium opponents. Billings, a late jail guard, goes to uncover how opposite a margin of contestants can be.

“Real group don’t have hobbies, they have obsessions. And this one’s mine,” jokes Billings, who’s looking brazen to a annual eventuality and formulating as most destruction in a locus as he presumably can. “It’s like a dysfunctional family reunion. We get together once a year and mangle any other’s toys.”

RoboGames 2015 will be hold Friday by Sunday, Apr 3rd-5th, and all aspects are being taped for recover in both DVD and streaming media, with a concentration on a 220 bruise heavyweight “ComBots” that are a assembly favorite. The ComBots are so absolute that a fights contingency be hold in a 100,000 bruise locus behind two-ply, bullet-proof lexan sheets. A smallest of 13 episodes are set for release, with video being shot for as many as 26 episodes for this season’s general event. Negotiations are underway for a streaming provider to exclusively uncover a finished episodes. Tickets to a live eventuality are accessible to squeeze on-line during RoboGames.net, and a open eventuality is approaching to sell out, as in years’ past.

Although registration hasn’t even closed, there are already 26 heavyweight ComBots set to compete, and 432 robots sum registered. It approaching that when registration closes in March, there will be over 800 robots competing. Currently purebred robots are entrance from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Panama, a UK, and of march a USA.

One of a good aspects of a foe is that it is not singular to veteran engineers. As Imahara points out, “the overwhelming thing is that anyone can attend in drudge combat. It’s is a foe that requires no grave training to enter. You can be a propagandize teacher, a automobile mechanic, a plumber, or usually a garage tinkerer. As prolonged as your drudge meets a reserve requirements, we can get in there and flog some ‘Bot’.”

This is loyal opposite all events, ages, and genders. Most people assume this to be a men’s bar of veteran engineers, nonetheless there are a series of girls and women who contest during RoboGames. At a final event, a Brazilian drudge “Touro Light” was a #1 ranked lightweight ComBot going into a tournament. Driven by 26 year aged PhD claimant Daniel Freitas, it seemed godlike and was heavily adored to take a gold. Yet it was degraded in a quarter-final turn by Hannah Rucker, who was usually 8 years aged during a time. That’s not a typo for 18. She was eight. And she knocked him out – expelling a “beast from Brazil” from a award rounds. She afterwards went on to win a bronze. She’s now 10 years aged and returning with both a lightweight and a heavyweight ComBot.

“I was vacant when we won a award during a final RoboGames given there were so many other people who were comparison and some-more experienced,” pronounced Rucker. “I’m so vehement about entrance behind this year, though I’m also shaken given I’ll be pushing a heavyweight for a initial time. we can’t wait to quarrel again and see my friends!”

She wasn’t a usually immature womanlike operative racking adult medals. Sylvia Todd, now 14, won a china award in 2013 for her portrayal drudge and went on to uncover her drudge and award to President Obama during a White House.

“I am so vehement for RoboGames 2015!” pronounced Todd, who is also famous for her youtube shows as Super Awesome Sylvia. “So most nostalgia from my initial time competing, cold robots, assembly extraordinary people. we meant seriously, there are robots that are spewing glow and have spinning blades going 100 mph on them. Who wouldn’t be excited? we can’t wait!!!”

RoboGames is still usurpation companies looking to unite a event, with many opportunities for bearing to both a on-site assembly as good as a after video release.

Facts At A Glance:

The International RoboGames

Date: Apr 3-5th, 2015

Location: San Mateo County Expo Center, 2495 S. Delaware St., San Mateo, Ca 94403

Tickets: $30/person

Web:    http://www.RoboGames.net

FaceBook: http://facebook.com/RoboGames

Twitter: @RoboGames

Print prepared photos during http://robogames.net/pix


Press Contact: press(AT)robogames.net or 415-297-2789

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