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What is a Robomow RS635 Pro SX?

Robomow has been in a drudge lawnmower business for some-more than dual decades, and a RS635 Pro SX is a company’s latest flagship model. Capable of slicing lawns adult to a whopping 5000sqm (1.25 acres), it’s totally autonomous, mulches a cuttings and has a possess app.

Over 3 months final summer, we put a RS635 by a paces – and it didn’t disappoint. It takes a while to set adult and settle in to a routine, though a formula are orderly manicured lawns all summer long, with no personal bid whatsoever – and many reduce regulating costs than a customary petrol mower.

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Robomow RS635 Pro SX – Design and Features

Robomow’s RS-series drudge weed mowers are a company’s premium, entirely featured automatic weed choppers; that indication we go for will count on a distance of your lawn. The three-strong lineup caters for lawns adult to 3000sqm, adult to 4000sqm and a 5000sqm RS635 Pro SX we had on test.

At a bruise bashful of 3 grand, a RS635 isn’t cheap. Yet ride-on lawnmowers to cover this distance of weed are accessible for a same price, or even more, and positively cost many some-more to run in fuel and annual maintenance. And, of course, we don’t have to spend any Sunday trundling adult and down a weed – a RWS635 does it unaided.

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The RS- array generally boasts stronger motors and faster slicing than a automatic grass-munching peers; though we’re not certain that speed matters. The RS635 sensitively gets on with a job, snapping out to reap and afterwards returning home to a advancing hire again for a recharge when a batteries are depleted. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

You can set a tangible times of day and days of a week that a RS635 goes to work; this can even be during night if required. It’s super-quiet too, so you’re doubtful to disquiet neighbours even if we do opt for nightly mowing manoeuvres.

However, it does need during slightest one day off a week. No, not as a outcome of EU legislation on operative conditions for robots… though a batteries need a day per week to re-balance a cells for prolonged life. Given that even a batteries are lonesome by Robomow’s three-year warranty, a association contingency be assured that this dungeon balancing will keep a sincerely bijou 6.0Ah battery container in rise condition.

RS635 4

The Robomow uses a totally pointless mowing pattern, tangible by bounds set by a immature control hoop that we pin down to a belligerent around a fringe of a lawn. When a mower detects a hoop it stops, spins around a pointless series of degrees and heads off mowing and mulching until it hits a fringe hoop on a other side of a lawn.. and so on.

The advancing hire is placed in line with a wire, so when a machine’s battery ability dips next 25% it follows a hoop behind turn a weed and docks itself for a recharge. The advancing hire needs tie to a vast indoor mains transformer, that ensures all appetite outward is low voltage. If you’re changed about your drudge not being out in a elements – nonetheless it’s some-more than able of being outward all summer prolonged – we can buy a Robomow homogeneous of a kennel.

RS635 5

You can symbol off areas to be avoided – such as tress and flowerbeds – with a same loop of fringe wire, reaching out to loop around islands in a weed by rambling a out and lapse tools of a hoop together. The Robomow ignores a twisted-pair sections of hoop and rolls loyal over them. You can also emanate mixed mowing areas in a app and set a appurtenance to reap any accordingly.

Given that a exam weed was over an hactare and had several trees to mark-off, set-up time was lengthy. We used several hundred metres of fringe wire, that indispensable staking down any 1.5 metres or so. Well, we contend ‘we’ though for £299 Robomow offers a full designation and setup service; we chose that option. It took a designation male Joe a best partial of a day to set up, however.

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RS635 8

On a appurtenance itself are controls for slicing tallness in millimetres, an LCD panel, 4 waterproof control buttons and a sleet sensor. The multiple allows extensive setup of a slicing options and scheduling. The app adds several some-more minute functions, including this model’s built-in GSM network-based anti-theft underline and primer steering fun, remote programming and remote diagnostics.

The app requires that your Wi-Fi vigilance reaches a mower bottom station, of course. That will be a plea on incomparable lawns, where we competence wish a advancing hire plugged in to an outbuilding divided from a residence and router. After some faffing with Wi-Fi operation extenders and anticipating for enlightened winds, we managed to get all connected. Yet a month later, we resolved that a app didn’t unequivocally supplement a good understanding to a whole drudge mowing knowledge anyway.

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Robomow RS635 Pro SX – How does it perform?

Our initial week with ‘Robbie’, as he was to turn known, didn’t see a little fella in a best light. The bottom hire indispensable relocating to equivocate a severe bit of turf when a mower docked; a pointless mulching settlement caused Mohican-like strips and tufts of weed all over a lawn; and during one indicate he became held in a incessant loop around a box of a little tree. Oh dear.

However, in a quip that The Who would be unapproachable of, Robbie came good. The bottom hire was changed to a prosaic square of belligerent so that he docked into it seamlessly; we noted off a little tree with a fringe wire; and a weed finish usually got improved and better.

RS635 7

As is a box with drudge opening cleaners, we have to adopt a somewhat opposite mind-set with drudge mowers. While normal mowers are brought out weekly and emanate a good finish, a weed solemnly grows and gets careless for a rest of a week. The drudge mower is some-more about a prolonged game. It comes out to reap relentlessly, regulating around really solemnly (sub walking pace) for about 90 mins in any 4 hours or so, adult to 24 hours a day, adult to 6 days a week.

Even a 1-acre weed usually indispensable a 12-hour per day window, 6 days per week. The smaller a weed distance programmed, a reduction time it will need to go out and mow. This slow-but-sure operation gives it a series of advantages over a standard wide-deck petrol lawnmower.

Robbie’s little footprint and smaller knife rug meant it marks a turf well, avoiding scalping high areas or blank a dips. The continual slicing means a weed writing mulch is little – usually a few millimetres – and a mulch disappears into a weed immediately. Best of all, since it cuts roughly any day, a weed looks ideally mowed – all of a time. Oh yes. This we like.

RS635 17

Within a month, an hactare or sincerely severe paddock was starting to resemble a well-manicured weed for a initial time in a 14-year reign during a farm. The consistent slicing was enlivening low growth, creation a weed demeanour greener by a week. The formerly ride-on scalped high spots had greened over and walking a dogs while removing lonesome in prolonged weed clippings was a thing of a past. Moreover, we hadn’t had to start adult a petrol lawnmower or float aimlessly adult and down for 4 hours during a time for a month! Brilliant.

The RS635 is ridiculously still in use – many quieter than even a normal electric mower – so it isn’t going to worry neighbours or wildlife. Plenty of foxes, herons and furious rabbits that would strut quietly out of a approach during a place will attest to that. It’s scrupulously appetite fit too, regulating an normal of 34kWh per month. That is about a same appetite as 3.5 litres of petrol. Our ride-on can use many of that usually removing started on a cold morning.

RS635 11

Three months on and Robbie has valid really reliable, too. He’s never once missed a advancing hire or mowing routine, remained resolutely docked when it’s been raining and, interjection to a really little clippings, has frequency indispensable a slicing rug to be spotless out. In dry conditions, via a summer, a Robomow is flattering many 100% maintenance-free. For comparison, a ride-on mower clocks adult during slightest one vital relapse and a £400 annual use check any year.

Amidst all this Robbie-love, we had to consider severely tough to find many we didn’t like about a RS635. Okay, if you’re a fan of weed stripes afterwards you’re out of luck, as Robbie delivers a smooth, all-over cut. If we have really twiddly borders, really high slopes many over 1-in-3 gradient, or critical severe areas, you’ll still need a strimmer or little normal mower. Yet this is all equally loyal of carrying a incomparable ride-on mower, too.

RS635 15

By a finish of a summer, when Robbie a examination representation was called behind to Robomow, there was a rip or dual strew during chez Stevenson. we had depressed for ‘reviewers curse’ where good products are concerned, uttering that imperishable phrase; “dammit, I’m going to have to buy one.”

RS635 16

Should we buy a Robomow RS635 Pro SX?

While a RS635 Robomow can hoop truly epic-sized lawns, we can’t see a smaller versions being any reduction impressive. Our Robbie wowed us with a fabulous-looking lawn, an all summer prolonged ‘just cut’ finish, and near-maintenance-free, totally unconstrained operation. Okay, stripes aren’t in a repertoire, it was a bit of a pain to setup, and a app isn’t anything to write home about.

However, a slicing formula blew us divided and a regulating costs are a fragment of a cost of a petrol mower that could hoop a same distance of lawn. Factor in a personal time saved in not carrying to indeed reap your possess weed (3-5 hours a week in a case), and a Robomow isn’t usually a good drudge lawnmower, it’s a good advert for a destiny of robotic automation full stop.


A brilliantly executed, near-maintenance-free drudge lawnmower that delivers an superb weed finish and super-low regulating costs.

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