Robyn To Launch Festival For Women In Technology

Robyn, one of Sweden’s many successful exports and all-round record addict is rising a festival privately to enthuse some-more women to work in technology.

Tekla will be a one-day festival in Stockholm where 11-18 year aged girls can go along, attend workshops, talks and get careers advice.

The festival is being launched in partnership with a KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. The devise is to enthuse some-more women to enter a STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as only 34 per cent of KTH’s new students are female.


In a matter Robyn confessed that a festival was desirous by KTH itself saying, “I suspicion of KTH’s motto, ‘science and art’, and wanted to do something to enthuse girls who are extraordinary about technology, while during a same time highlighting that too few women are requesting to KTH programs,”

Other organisations that are pulling for some-more gender equivalence in a STEM fields embody both Microsoft and Uber. Microsoft recently expelled an advert that heavily promoted a DigiGirlz girl module that aims to enthuse immature girls to change a approach they understand a record industry.

Uber on a other palm is enchanting a other finish of spectrum, instead creation a oath that it would have 1 million womanlike drivers in a swift by 2025.

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