Roccat Tyon Review

What is a Roccat Tyon?

Roccat calls a Tyon a subsequent expansion in fight gaming peripherals, and it has a flattering crafty explain for observant so. It is in hint usually a high-end gaming rodent with masses of buttons nonetheless graphic some many-buttoned mice we’ve seen before all a extras here are solemnly positioned and offer a graphic purpose.

Roccat Tyon – Design

Straight out a box a Roccat Tyon comes conflicting as a customary pale grey and black high-end gaming mouse. It’s clearly bustling with buttons nonetheless a elementary two-tone pattern and choice of contours has an interest to it. Even a Roccat trademark manages to not tumble into a trap of looking a bit cheesy. All told it’s a transparent step adult from a incongruous pattern of a Logitech G402, for instance.

Roccat Tyon

However it’s when we block this rodent in that a pattern stairs adult a gear. Now, mice have prolonged had lights in them to supplement a bit of bling nonetheless here they’ve been used to good effect. As good as an bright corkscrew circle there’s a skinny frame of light that runs turn a whole bottom of a mouse. It gives a outcome of a rodent floating on a bed of light (an outcome exceedingly extended if we have a black mousemat) – it usually looks cool.

Roccat Tyon

The lights can also be altered to any colour we like and can be tranquil independently. You can also allot some simple animations to a light, such as a blinking or respirating effect. Much as with many of these lighting schemes, it’s all a bit whimsical in a finish nonetheless we positively found ourselves enjoying a uncover each once in a while.

Roccat Tyon – Ergonomics

It’s a contrition a black sides aren’t finished in possibly soothing hold cosmetic or rubber. Instead they use a hard, severe finish that’s not utterly as grippy and doesn’t feel as good as other gaming mice on a market.  

Otherwise a altogether contouring is unequivocally good. Clearly it’s not an ambidextrous pattern nonetheless a long, kindly sloped figure lends itself good to both palm and finger hold techniques, with adequate tallness in a executive territory to offer some support to a palm.

Button chain is also excellent, even for all those additional ones. Left and right click offer a unequivocally pointy response and nonetheless they’re a tiny hemmed in by a dual sets of buttons to possibly side we never incorrectly strike those other buttons interjection to them being good lifted out a way.

Roccat Tyon

The corkscrew circle is of a lightweight – not free-scrolling – accumulation with a good thick and grippy rubber finish and good tangible notches, for accurate adjustment. It’s also free to daub for a center click.

The other informed buttons are a behind and brazen ones that lay underneath a thumb. Again these are ideally positioned so that they’re out a approach adequate to not be incidentally strike nonetheless are now reachable.

Roccat Tyon – Features

It’s easy to get a customary buttons right, though. What’s some-more severe are all a extras, of that this rodent has utterly a few. First adult are a DPI switching buttons (all a buttons can be reassigned nonetheless some have default actions). These lay to a front left where they’re unequivocally easy to strech and fast adjust with your forefinger.

On a conflicting side are a relating set of buttons for activation with your center or ring finger. Again they tumble ideally into place, nonetheless it’ll substantially take a bit some-more training to be accurate with them as it’s a bit of a widen for a center finger and a ring finger tends to be reduction good lerned in such symbol clicking dexterity.

Next adult we have a so called dorsal fin switch, that sits behind a corkscrew wheel. This thin, lifted switch sits underneath a bottom corner of your center finger and can be tapped left or right. It’s a unequivocally crafty further as it manages to not be easy to incidentally activate nonetheless yet is free to use when a times comes, yet any change in hold required.

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Roccat Tyon

The X-Celerator is a imagination name given to a subsequent new addition. It’s an analogue submit device that allows for excellent linear control of things like a tallness of a helicopter or a angle of a tailplane. It sits usually above a behind and brazen buttons where it’s easy to entrance with a thumb.

Finally there’s a Easy-Shift button, that is situated next a ride and activated with a downward press of a left corner of your thumb. This is (again by default) used to change all a other functions of a keys – radically it’s a form toggle button. The positioning is such that it’s unequivocally easy to daub and still have entrance to all nonetheless a behind and brazen buttons and a X-Celerator, giving we entrance to 11 some-more swap symbol functions.  

We’ll speak some-more on how all those buttons come together in a opening territory after on.
Rounding out a list of features, this rodent connects to your PC with an copiousness 1.8m wire that’s also braided.

As for a internals of a mouse, it’s right adult there with a best. The laser sensor can register adult to 8200dpi, broach adult to 1000Hz polling rate and 1ms response time, record during 12000fps, cope with 30G acceleration, lane transformation speed of adult to 150ips and offers tractable lift distance. All this is powered by a 72Mhz 32-bit ARM processor and 576kB of onboard memory.

The usually thing it ‘lacks’ is a singular gyroscope of a Logitech G402, that allows that rodent to keep gait during speeds of over 500ips. However, as we showed in that examination we could occasionally surpass even 100ips while testing, let alone during tangible gameplay, so we have no doubt a Tyon will lane ideally well.

Roccat Tyon

Roccat Tyon – Software

As with many such high-end gaming mice, simple designation is a driver-free event – we can block this rodent into any PC and a simple functions will usually work. However to get a many out of it you’ll need to implement a driver.

The Tyon program is for a many partial unequivocally good put together. It’s clearly laid out and intuitively sectioned off creation it easy to wade by a immeasurable series of features. It lets we change all a customary opening settings – sensitivity, corkscrew speed, polling rate, lift stretch etc – as good as some some-more singular ones such as fin switch lean speed, series of DPI options, X-Celerator attraction and more.

Roccat Tyon Roccat Tyon
Roccat Tyon Roccat Tyon

Then there are all a symbol assignments – all 32 of them – and colour control options. There’s even a territory that shows stats about how most a rodent has been used – how many clicks you’ve made, stretch moved, etc – with tiny trophies for reaching certain levels. Not to discuss we can control profiles and record macros too.

That it manages to offer adult all these options and still sojourn unequivocally discerning is utterly a achievement. However, it is exceedingly let down by being impossibly slow. It not usually takes around tens of seconds for a motorist app to open nonetheless afterwards takes over 45s for settings to be practical to a rodent – a pain if you’re perplexing to get usually a right colour. We also found it totally got a knickers in a turn when we attempted to change anything on a default profile, with us usually finally being means to indeed save a settings by regulating a opposite profile.

Still, altogether it’s a decent bid and a tiny cost to compensate for all that functionality.

Roccat Tyon – Performance

As we hinted during earlier, all those additional buttons have been unequivocally unequivocally good integrated into a whole mousing experience, with each one of them descending within easy strech and charity useful additional features.

Particularly useful are a fin switch and additional buttons to a right of a right click. We found they were good for assigning functions such as throwing a grenade, reloading or switching weapons, all a arrange of functions that we wish to perform yet carrying to take your fingers off a transformation buttons of your keyboard.

Likewise a Easy Shift symbol is good for assigning buttons to, say, switch profiles or usually adding some-more functions like throwing a medkit in BF4. It’s also unequivocally useful for desktop work like assigning shortcuts for Photoshop or Office apps.

The X-Celerator, though, we found reduction use for. Not usually does it have singular applications as an analogue device (you can also usually use it as an additional span of buttons) nonetheless it is also a tiny ungainly to use accurately, generally if we use a finger-grip – we unequivocally need your palm to be anchored to a rodent to yield accurate movement. That said, we can really see a intensity and it doesn’t differently get in a way.

As for altogether tracking performance, we found it flawless. Never once did it let us down and a DPI controls meant we always felt in control. The usually emanate was those tough cosmetic sides that are usually a tiny some-more sleazy than we’d like, nonetheless a contouring means you’re doubtful to dump this mouse.

Roccat Tyon

Should we buy a Roccat Tyon?

There’s a heck of a lot to like about a Roccat Tyon. It offers good ergonomics, high-end opening and masses of honestly useful features, and it looks flattering good too. Even if you’re not wholly certain we need all a extras they don’t get in a approach and can usually be there prepared and watchful for if we ever do imagination perplexing them.

Of march we do compensate for those extras, and entrance in during £84.99 a Tyon is scarcely double a cost of some-more customary opening mice. It’s positively not extortionate, though, and copiousness of competing mice offer distant reduction for identical money.


Good ergonomics, a good pattern and bucket loads of useful facilities make this rodent a genuine contender. It is pricey, though, so it’s value carrying a consider if you’ll expected use all those extras.

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