Rockingham/Atlas Teams with xagent Exchange

Deb Van Horn, Vice President of Rockingham

The xagent Exchange accelerates a plan of ancillary contractors with tailored specialty programs that accommodate their singular needs.

xagent, a single-entry marketplace entrance resolution for skill and misadventure (PC) agents, currently announced a partnership with Rockingham Specialty and Atlas General Insurance Services’ Commercial Division to supplement a extended set of Contractors General Liability coverages to a xagent Exchange. This latest further enables fast, programmed entrance to rate, quote, and connect policies for over 80 category codes in 39 states.

“The xagent Exchange accelerates a plan of ancillary contractors with tailored specialty programs that accommodate their singular needs,” according to Deb Van Horn, Vice President of Rockingham. “When we partnered with Atlas General Insurance to emanate these offerings in 2015, we were looking for a fast, elementary approach to get them to marketplace as widely as possible.” Joe Zuk, President, Commercial Division of Atlas General, added, “xagent has online placement in all of a markets and is open for each group to use, creation it an ideal solution.”

Agents portion a contractors marketplace will now be means to obtain a discerning reward indication, quote, bind, and emanate General Liability policies by xagent. The xagent portal automates connectors to Atlas’ systems to discharge primer processes, transcribe entries, and squandered time.

“Rockingham and Atlas have put together a good lineup of offerings for contractors, and xagent creates it faster and easier for agents to find and place a right coverage for their clients,” pronounced Bryan Baird, xagent’s CEO, who has built successful wholesaler, MGU, and MGA businesses for over 20 years.

About xagent:

xagent ( was built by agents for agents, and delivers on a guarantee of a truly eccentric single-entry multi-quote sell for customary and over-abundance lines business word in all 50 states.

About Rockingham Specialty:

Rockingham Specialty is a multiplication of Rockingham Insurance, a skill misadventure word association providing coverage for homes, autos, farms, let properties, and businesses. Rockingham Insurance includes: Rockingham Insurance Company, Rockingham Casualty Company, and Rockingham Mutual Service Agency. Visit for some-more information.

About Atlas General Insurance Services:

Atlas General Insurance Services is a full-service module director that offers a far-reaching operation of word solutions. Atlas has imagination in building and underwriting programs with a accumulation of word conduit partners. Atlas provides well-developed use and singular options for clients seeking workers’ compensation, blurb lines and specialty skill coverage. For some-more information, revisit

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