Rockstar – New IP Announcement Might Be Coming

Rockstar, have shipped 45 million units of Grand Theft Auto V, and with a PC chronicle of a diversion releasing on Apr 14th, they could simply transcend 50 million. It would make sense, given a outrageous success a diversion has perceived that they would announce Grand Theft Auto 6, or a intensely expected supplement to Red Dead Redemption.

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Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities’ Analyst, disagrees, and believes that Rockstar will expected announce a new IP. He adds, that Rockstar is encouraged by providing high peculiarity diversion practice for a actor and not by money.


“I don’t consider a supplement to Red Dead Redemption is a subsequent Rockstar game. Remember when we pronounced there was some new IP that they’ve been operative on given during slightest ‘09? we consider that comes before Red Dead Revolution. we consider a supplement to Midnight Club comes before Red Dead Revolution, and it wouldn’t startle me if a supplement to Manhunt came before Bully or Red Dead.”

So, Pachter believes that Rockstar, will expected announce a Midnight Club, a Manhunt and even a Bully supplement before announcing a supplement to Red Dead Redemption. But all of these returning IPs could be preceded by a totally new IP.

“I consider Rockstar has a unequivocally extraordinary series of good games and good IPs, and we don’t consider that Rockstar are encouraged by money. we consider Rockstar are encouraged by high peculiarity diversion experiences. And we don’t consider that they’re peaceful to desert those other brands in sequence to beget aloft sales for their primogenitor company. we consider that they wish to keep all those brands alive. So we consider before Red Dead Revolution we will get Midnight Club supplement and a new IP.”

“And remember, Rockstar has launched a diversion each singular year given 2001, if we count Grand Theft Auto V on next-gen as a game. we don’t know if we should count Grand Theft Auto V as a diversion or not on next-gen. Otherwise they’ve missed one. They’re operative on a lot of projects, they get one diversion a year out.”

“There is no possibility that they would have gotten into Feb of ‘15 though announcing a subsequent Red Dead. we mean, they announced a subsequent Grand Theft Auto on Nov 1st, 2011. Remember? And it came out on  September 17th, 2013, so roughly dual years later. we consider you’ll hear about Red Dead during slightest a year forward of time. So if we hear about it this summer, it’s entrance out subsequent year. Maybe. But we haven’t listened about it yet. we consider they could get divided with not announcing Midnight Club, or Bully, on Manhunt 3 or whatever until E3, and we honestly consider that a reason we haven’t listened about a new IP is given it’s a new IP.”

Pachter believes that Rockstar will make an proclamation of a new IP tighten to E3, by hosting their possess eventuality during a same time to benefit attention.

“I consider that a code new IP that Rockstar has been operative on given ‘09 will be announced this year. Rockstar tends to not go to E3, so they’ll substantially have their possess eventuality in May or something. Knowing them, they’ll substantially have it during E3 in another city only to pull attention. But we consider it’s a new IP this year. we don’t consider it’s Red Dead, so no, we consider that’s genuine of people to trust that a Rockstar are going to follow a success of GTA V with some-more GTA.”

Personally, we wouldn’t be astounded if Rockstar did indeed announce a new IP. It could be true, as Pachter says, that they are not encouraged by money, during slightest for easy cash-ins, as most as other companies competence be. But they do essay for success, both in providing an well-developed knowledge for a player, as good as for vicious acclaim. Rockstar, a developer with such an unusually vast and successful pedigree, does have a most bigger requirement to broach zero though stellar experiences. So it would be safer, for them, to build on a outrageous success of their already determined IPs, namely Grand Theft Auto and Read Dead.

If Rockstar have indeed been operative on a new IP given 2009, afterwards now would be a  perfect time to announce it, and build fad on a outrageous success of Grand Theft Auto V. If they do horde their possess eventuality before to, or during E3 after this year, they could have a presentation, thanking their fans for a good accepting and success that Grand Theft Auto has seen, and continue to deliver a new IP.

E3 is holding place during a Los Angeles Convention Center on Jun 16-18, 2015. We will keep we sensitive of any news from Rockstar, as good as coverage of a E3 event.

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