Rubix Partners With Sunflower Lab to Launch New Asset Management SaaS…

Sunflower Lab partnered with Rubix Partners to build Rubix a government-compliant Asset Tracking and Management Platform, BlockTrack. BlockTrack helps supervision contractors conduct resources seamlessly and securely. This culminates a scarcely year-long partnership with Columbus, Ohio-based Sunflower Lab, that built a height regulating a latest Java and Angular technologies.

Sunflower Lab worked closely with Rubix to arrive during a clever bargain of customized, government-compliant regulatory workflows. The result: An superb and discerning dashboard that provides an choice to a formidable and time-consuming routine of tracking resources opposite mixed locations and in incongruous formats. Now, with a energy of BlockTrack, users can simply block in their agreement information and a array of dashboard indicators will immediately uncover either they’re agreeable or not. No some-more spreadsheets, dear scanners, and dear software!

BlockTrack is also a initial product of a kind to offer a confidence of blockchain record and a opening of dashboard vitals to daydream agreement correspondence and register supervision in one simple, affordable package. BlockTrack is FedRAMP GovCloud agreeable and meets all cloud services protocols for supervision agencies.

“The prophesy behind BlockTrack was to emanate a government-compliant height built on tip of a blockchain, one that would commission DoD contractors to save substantial time handling their resources seamlessly and securely,” says Sunflower Lab Founder CEO Ronak Patel.

Through a absolute and superb dashboard, BlockTrack can prominence anomalies in information and revoke research time by adult to 90%. Additional facilities such as AR Inventory ID, GPS Tagging, Project Forecasting, and Project and Maintenance Management make BlockTrack a truly one-of-a-kind height in agreement correspondence and item tracking.

BlockTrack users can also switch seamlessly between a web chronicle and a phone app. Online or offline, it creates no difference; users can enter, change, and lane resources even if no internet tie is available.

“Our partnership with Sunflower Lab has been stellar. From a really initial meeting, they totally got a prophesy for BlockTrack and ran with it. we can’t suggest their work rarely enough,” says Rubix Founder CEO Matt Schuerman.

Rubix sees a insubordinate SaaS platform, built in partnership with Sunflower Lab, as a subsequent large thing in DoD Asset Tracking and Management—potentially assisting thousands of business turn agreeable some-more seamlessly and during a reasonable cost.

About Sunflower Lab

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Sunflower Lab is an award-winning digital product and creation group with offices opposite North America and India. They assistance flourishing startups and tellurian brands build innovative, pleasing tradition record solutions. They trust in building products that make an impact. Sunflower Lab creates improved record currently for an organization’s tomorrow.

About Rubix

Rubix provides Government Property Management solutions to residence a formidable processes, unwieldy administration, and high costs/risks compared with a Department of Defense and a supervision of Government Property.

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