Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle 18554 Review

What is a Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle 18554?

Russell Hobbs has total BRITA filter record with a kettle knowhow to emanate a BRITA Purity Kettle. Water is combined to a tip of a kettle and gradually drips down to a bottom with many of a impurities found in daub H2O held in a filter. At around £25 it’s surprisingly cheap, a doubt is, can it make a improved brew? 

Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle 18554: Design and Build Wuality

The BRITA Purity Kettle is done predominately of thick transparent cosmetic yet has a brushed immaculate steel lonesome area during a bottom. It looks utterly swish as it boils, a blue light inside a kettle shows off a H2O prohibited inside. They contend a watched kettle (well, pot) never boils yet it’s fun to watch this one. 

The hoop and inner filter resource feel stout yet a lid that gives we entrance to a tip reduction so. You need to manually lift open a lid – there’s no flip-open resource or button. This is one reduction thing to go wrong yet a cosmetic hinges holding a lid in place are too groundless and skinny to advise that ruggedness was a primary care with this kettle – it unequivocally could have been done a tiny thicker to boost longevity.

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The lid hinges don’t demeanour too robust

The bottom is likewise thin. It does, however, yield 360 grade revolution so we can position a hoop of a Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle in whichever position we wish to and it has a wire government complement definition we can hang any additional cord and tuck it out of steer underneath a base. 

Once again a on-off switch doesn’t feel as if it will mount adult to too most roughhousing. It’s not parsimonious and moves around a satisfactory bit, nonetheless again it did not feel any looser after some-more than a hundred flips. Used routinely we don’t cruise you’ll have any problems for years.    

One intensity downside to a Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle is that it usually manages to boil one litre of H2O during a time. That’s adequate for about 3 mugs of tea. There is a good reason for this though. The filter resource in a tip of a kettle that removes impurities from a H2O takes adult a satisfactory volume of space. It’s a trade-off, yet one we’re happy to make formed on a peculiarity of a boiled H2O we finish adult with. 

Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle 18554: Performance

You get a rapid boil from a Russell Hobbs BRITA Kettle. One litre of H2O is prepared in 2 mins and 16 seconds that is good. Left for 30 seconds in a kettle and afterwards poured into a cold mop a H2O has a heat of 86 degrees Celsius that is good for use with black tea, nonetheless some tea aficionados cite a somewhat aloft heat – around 90 degrees. 

Once boiled a H2O is intensely pristine and clear, a BRITA filter unequivocally helps mislay tiny particles from daub H2O and stops a greasy covering that appears if we leave a teabag in for too prolonged from forming. Some owners protest that a H2O tastes a tiny like cosmetic yet we boiled 3 full kettles and poured out a H2O before we done a crater of tea and found no such emanate with a taste. In fact we found a tea to ambience improved – a tiny sweeter and reduction acidic than regulating unfiltered daub water.    

The filter unequivocally does take out a lot of tiny particles. The filtered boiled H2O on a right looks most cleaner than a H2O from even a new kettle 

Other things to cruise

One BRITA Maxtra filter is enclosed with a Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle and while a kettle itself is inexpensive during £25 shopping filters can ramp adult a cost. The BRITA Maxtra filters should be transposed any 100 litres of H2O in areas with a carbonate softness of 12 to 14.5 degrees of Clarke Hardness. If a H2O in your area is quite tough afterwards it will need replacing sooner. If we splash fours cups of tea a day any filter should final we 3 months and a six-pack of filters costs £28.50 from BRITA, yet there are improved deals accessible online with a tiny searching. 

We cruise a additional cost is good value a alleviation in a peculiarity of a boiled H2O and in a ambience of tea and other prohibited beverages, yet arguably shopping a apart filter jug and normal kettle would be a some-more variable system. 


While we would cite it if a Russell Hobbs BRITA Purity Kettle was improved done and had a incomparable capacity, a low cost and a peculiarity of H2O it offers means it’s good value it. If we provide it delicately it should final a while too. 

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