Russell Hobbs Purifry 20810 Review

What is a Russell Hobbs Purifry?

The Russell Hobbs Purifry cooks healthy chips and other dishes regulating prohibited atmosphere as an choice to low fat frying. It is effectively a tiny fan oven on your worktop.

Its chips ambience a bit improved than those from rotary health cookers, yet not good adequate to transparent a responsibility and worktop space.

Russell Hobbs Purifry – Design and Features

The Purifry has a suspiciously identical figure and facilities list to a Philips Viva Airfryer HD9220. Perhaps one was, ahem, desirous by a other. Like a Philips, it’s compress and takes adult surprisingly small worktop space since it’s high and thin.

Controls are near-identical to a Philips: a dial to set heat (80-200°C) and a timer doorknob that controls cooking. The tip territory of a Purifry is a heating component and fan, while a bottom territory is drawer that pulls out to exhibit a cooking basket. But while a Philips has a filigree basket, a Russell Hobbs basket is some-more solid, non-stick with vents in a side and bottom to let a prohibited atmosphere through.

The bottom of a drawer is prosaic rather than aerodynamically sculpted like a Philips. Again, there’s no window for gripping an eye on cooking progress. On a and side, a Russell Hobbs comes with a accessible divider so we can separate a basket in two, to prepare dual opposite dishes yet them bumping into any other.

But what to cook? The Russell Hobbs comes with a poster of an instruction manual; it contains a handful of recipes and doesn’t even tell we what apportion of chips to cook.

Russell Hobbs describes a Purifry as carrying a 2-litre ability yet maybe a improved magnitude of it is that we weighed out 800g of uninformed chips (the same as a Philips capacity) and found that these filled a Russell Hobbs adult to a “max” line median adult a basket.

Russell Hobbs Purifry – What’s it like to use?

We used a Purifry to prepare 800g of chips, during 200°C, in 20 minutes. Its fan wasn’t too loud yet we found pattern sum irritating – a approach a cooking basket clips in and out of a drawer is unequivocally fiddly, with a transparent cosmetic cover that we have to slip to get to a button.

The ensuing chips were baked good inside yet too chewy, not frail adequate on a outside. They were arguably improved than oven chips and somewhat improved than chips from a rotary health fryer, yet not a patch on a Philips.

Alongside a test, as an experiment, we baked uninformed chips done from a same potatoes in a oven with a spoonful of oil, stirring them only once median by a cooking time, and got better-tasting formula than from a Russell Hobbs.

We also attempted cooking prawn crackers in it. Like a Philips, a Russell Hobbs did a endurable pursuit of cooking these: they weren’t as vast and feathery as you’d design from a low fat fryer, yet they weren’t as greasy either. With no window to keep an eye on progress, though, it was tough to tell either they were baked or not.

Cleaning was easy interjection to a non-stick cooking basket. Although it was tough to purify underneath a irritating cosmetic cover on a handle.

Should we buy a Russell Hobbs Purifry?

No. If we wish air-fried chips, go for a Philips Viva Airfryer HD9220 instead. It’s identical yet it looks better, it delivers improved formula and it comes with a correct instruction primer and recipes.

If we wish to prepare vast quantities of healthy chips, cruise a DeLonghi Multifry Extra… or only use a oven. And if your priority is juicy chips, rather than worrying about fat content, afterwards cruise a DeLonghi RotoFry F28311 or a Sage Multi Fryer.


This prohibited atmosphere health cooker creates healthy chips… yet so does your oven.

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