Russia’s New Military Drone Is A ‘UFO’ Shaped Floating Tank

Russia has a new drone, and if these initial images are anything to go on, afterwards it’s not one you’ll wish to disaster with.

Created by a United Engineering Corporation, a Chirok is a reconnoitering and strike worker that can land and launch itself off of roughly any surface.

That’s since this drifting UAV is also a hovercraft.


With an air-cushioned ‘skirt’ around a bottom, a Chirok can transport over land, H2O and afterwards take off, drifting during an altitude of adult to 6,000m over and considerable 2,500km.

What you’re saying here is only a 1:5 model. Its makers have already built an initial 750kg antecedent that sports an considerable 10-metre wingspan. The antecedent will be creation a live proof during Russia’s annual 2015 trade show.

Its terrifying looks afterwards are a slightest of your concerns since UEC says it’ll afterwards start work on a most incomparable 2-tonne various that can lift supplies, missiles or bombs.


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