Sage Quick Touch Crisp

What is a Sage Quick Touch Crisp?

The Sage Quick Touch Crisp is a microwave-grill combi that has all a foodie facilities we’ve come to design from Sage.

That includes a outrageous array of cooking programmes, a crisper vessel for all-round cooking, and discerning controls. It’s a glorious apparatus – though pricey.

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Sage Quick Touch Crisp – Design and Features

The Quick Touch Crisp looks really identical to a Quick Touch and a discriminating immaculate steel finish. However, this newer indication is a microwave-grill combi and comes with a crafty 290mm Crisper Pan on legs that overlay down for barbecuing and overlay divided when we wish a vessel down low. Its inverter x-ray regulates energy for some-more even heating.

You can prepare straightforwardly, or plump for Smart Cook/Grill, Smart Reheat or Smart Defrost – all from a control row to a right. These in spin lead we to created menus to name a food type; there are too many to list here. There are 16 options for Smart Cook/Grill alone, and some of these mangle down into serve sub-menus. You can prepare all sorts: all from roasted veg to toasted nuts.

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There are also 10 by-pass buttons dark usually inside a door. One symbol is for saving your favourite programme and one is for grilling. The others are for renouned foods: beverages, baked beans, baked potato, pizza, grilled cheese, caramel, warp chocolate, alleviate butter.

Controls and facilities are impressive. There’s a clock, kitchen timer, child-safety lock, and a Quick Touch Crisp also presents we with a choice to name either weight is displayed in grams or ounces. Finally, Sage’s renouned ‘A Bit More’ symbol does accurately what it says on a tin.

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Sage Quick Touch Crisp – What’s it like to use?

Cheese on toast is a good exam of a grill, so we put a Sage’s Grilled Cheese programme to a exam – it can be used for sealed or open sandwiches. The programme uses a Crisper Pan, that is designed to feverishness adult in a x-ray to brownish-red and frail dishes that would differently spin slimy from x-ray cooking – pies, quiches, pastries and pizza, for example.

First it preheated a Crisper Pan for 3 minutes, afterwards a instruction primer told us to supplement a cut of bread (buttered on both sides) and to flip it and supplement cheese half approach by a cooking time of 6 minutes.

The outcome was delicious: wet and both chewy and crispy. Arguably, a subsequent time I’d opt to stop a module 30 seconds earlier. The Crisper Pan will accommodate adult to 3 slices of bread. And it was easy to keep an eye on swell given a form of a apparatus is good lit.

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Cooking solidified pizza was flattering similar. Select a Pizza programme – we can name uninformed or solidified – afterwards either you’d like to preheat a Crisper Pan for 3 minutes. Then we name a quantity: one to 6 slices. My singular cut had a cooking time of 6 minutes.

After 3 mins we was stirred to file a food – nonetheless there was small indicate with usually a singular cut of pizza in a Pan, it was a good sign to check on progress. The pizza was already flattering cooked, so we stopped it after 4 mins of cooking time. The underside was subtly crisped and a tip was melted. The cheese had over-spilled a little, though hadn’t burnt on a pan. The pizza tasted flattering good.

The Sage Quick Touch Crisp’s controls are excellent. It was primarily a small formidable to remember that of a dual knobs to use during several points in a menu, though if it’s not one, it’s a other – this was never annoying. Eventually, we twigged that a doorknob on a left controls equipment on a left of a screen, a doorknob on a right controls things on a right. So simple.

My usually critique of a controls afterwards is that we press any symbol to arise adult a Sage, afterwards have to press a second time to name it. Why not usually once?

Sage Quick Touch Crisp

I couldn’t find a combi environment ideal for cooking a plate of cauliflower cheese, so we microwaved for a while, afterwards put it on a Cook Grill programme designed for uninformed pizza, microwaving a plate for a bit longer. The barbecuing was wily given a plate didn’t utterly fit on a Crisper Pan. As a result, it sat during an angle so one side of a plate was finished a small some-more than a other. I’d have welcomed larger control of a griddle level.

Defrosting a pitta bread concerned manually selecting a energy and cooking time, given it doesn’t fit into a 4 categories (meat, chicken, soup, solidified meals) or quantities (100g minimum, infrequently more). But environment a x-ray was intuitive: spin a energy doorknob compartment Defrost is on-screen, afterwards use a right-hand doorknob to adjust time. The pitta came out warm, though a bit moist. we attempted a ‘A Bit More’ symbol usually to see what it did and it defrosted for a serve 10 seconds: a good choice if you’ve usually finished 30.

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Finally, a coupler potato: another exam of a Sage’s by-pass programmes. Our 400g spud was on a vast side though a instructions advise a 300-400g potato, so we entered it in a menu as a singular spud and followed a instructions to use a Crisper Pan down low and arrange a potato(es) to a outside. It began a nine-minute cooking time, call me to spin a potato median by this time.

At a finish of a 9 minutes, a spud was nowhere nearby cooked. ‘A Bit More’ offering a serve 1:21 mins of cooking. Still a prolonged approach to go. At this point, it would have been good to have a choice to strike a symbol twice for a ‘A Bit More Bit More’, though given that wasn’t an option, 1:21 mins it was. In a end, it was fourth time propitious – a sum cooking time of usually over 14 minutes.

The outcome was flattering good: feathery on a inside, and a small frail tip and bottom. It was an alleviation on a microwave-only potato, though not a noted one; we couldn’t pass it off as being oven-baked.

I was tender during how small a form steamed up, however. And given a Crisper Pan is prohibited metal, there were no signs of precipitation on it to make food soggy. Cleaning adult was flattering easy: a Crisper Pan is dishwasher-safe.

Sage Quick Touch Crisp

Should we buy a Sage Quick Touch Crisp?

If a cost tab doesn’t put we off, afterwards this is a good buy. Its foodie facilities will interest to a penetrating prepare and a controls are candid to infer appealing to a beginner too.

If you’re on a bill afterwards demeanour during a Panasonic DF386 combi or a some-more basic, microwave-only Beko MOF 20110.


The Sage might be pricey, though it’s illusory for foodies.

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