Sage Smart Fryer BDF500UK Review

What is a Sage Smart Fryer?

The Sage Smart Fryer is a big, industrial-style low fat fryer with hi-tech digital programs to spin out twice-fried chips and other renouned foods.

The vast ability and digital thermostat meant that it can prepare 1kg of chips with palliate – a programs even concede for a “thermal shock” of cold food being added, by creation a oil a small bit hotter than indispensable before cooking. If we adore chips, you’ll adore this fryer.

Sage Smart Fryer – Design and Features

Your initial impressions when we unbox a Smart Fryer is that it looks a business. It looks like a veteran low fat fryer. Which means that it’s all immaculate steel and really modular, done of 5 apart pieces: a outdoor housing, center pan, heating component and controls, basket and lid.

This feels a bit bizarre in a domestic kitchen, for instance a component has ethereal wires that we don’t wish to break. But a Smart Fryer does demeanour good and it breaks down to make it easy to clean.

There’s cord storage on a behind of a fryer. The lid is home to a filigree odour filter and a vast observation window, nonetheless a instructions advise we leave a lid off if cooking lots, so a fryer isn’t tormented by precipitation drizzling behind in.

Sage Smart Fryer BDF500UK

As with all Sage appliances, this is designed to be genuine foodie kit. In particular, it has a digital thermostat with 6 programs (twice-fried chips, chips, fish, nuggets, calamari, doughnuts) and a tradition program.

The fryer brings a oil adult to a right heat – in fact, somewhat aloft to concede for a “thermal shock” of a cold food being combined to a oil – afterwards we name a cooking time regulating a built-in digital timer.

Heston Blumenthal is famous for popularising “triple-cooked chips” – that involves simmering, cooling, afterwards frying them twice during opposite temperatures. So it’s no warn that a Smart Fryer includes instructions for a initial theatre and afterwards has a built-in module for a dual frying stages. Although simmering initial is by no means compulsory: a twice-fried module turns out glorious chips even if they haven’t been pre-cooked.

Sage Smart Fryer BDF500UK

The instructions also embody tips such as a significance of patting off oil a impulse chips come out of a fryer – do this and they apparently catch surprisingly small oil.

Speaking of oil, a Smart Fryer has a vast capacity, regulating 2.5-4 litres of oil and able of cooking 1-1.2kg of food during a time.

Sage Smart Fryer – What’s it like to use?

The Smart Fryer has suggested frying times for 500g and 1kg of twice-fried uninformed chips. For 500g it proposes 5 mins during 130°C afterwards 6 mins during 180°C; for 1kg it’s 8 mins afterwards 9 minutes.

We baked 1kg and nonetheless a instruction primer done a routine seem complicated, a controls themselves are simple.

You select a module (twice-fried chips initial fry), press “start” and wait for it to come adult to temperature, select a cooking time, reduce a basket and press “timer” and a digital arrangement gives a countdown of a cooking time. You repeat a routine for a second, hotter fry.

We followed a instructions, that pronounced to keep a lid off for vast jobs and a outcome was a really erotic kitchen. But a outcome was also glorious chips.

We didn’t determine with a suggested cooking times, though. The initial grill was fine, though after only 4 mins during 180°C a chips looked ideally cooked, so we delicately stole a few from a basket.

Once all a chips were cold adequate to eat, a instincts valid right: a ones baked for a full time had a glorious hardness – feathery in a center and crunchy on a outward – though a essence had a slight overcooked tang. The ones plucked out early were divine, really a best home-cooked chips we’ve tried.

Our one pattern oppose was with a approach that a hoop folds into a cooking basket for storage. As we carried a chips out of a fryer and went to tip them out, they kept tipping behind towards us since of a folding hoop – this should have a approach of locking in place.

We also tested a Smart Fryer on a 190°C tradition module to grill prawn crackers. These were really good, nonetheless a crackers during a bottom browned a small – possibly they were in a oil for a fragment of a second longer than a ones on tip or a oil heat was uneven.

Cleaning adult a Smart Fryer after use was excellent since it breaks down so simply. But note that a vast ability has a down side: cooling down 4 litres of oil before emptying takes a prolonged time.

Should we buy a Sage Smart Fryer?

Yes – this is a ideal low fat fryer for foodies and tool lovers. It cooks glorious twice-fried chips and has built-in programs for all renouned uninformed and solidified boiled foods, and a tradition module for anything else.

But if we would cite something smaller and some-more affordable, cruise a DeLonghi RotoFry F28311. And if you’re looking for a healthier approach to prepare chips, cruise a Philips Viva Airfryer HD9220.


This foodie fryer is a hi-tech workhorse from a aristocrat of triple-cooked chips.

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