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What is a Sage Smart Kettle?

The Sage Smart Kettle is a jug kettle that sits on a base, that is home to some hi-tech controls. These let we not usually boil H2O yet also feverishness it to any feverishness from 80 to 100⁰C in 5⁰C increments, that creates it improved for creation several forms of tea. There’s also a 20-minute keep comfortable function.

The facilities are really identical to a Kenwood Persona SJM610 then. But while a Kenwood’s temperatures valid false a Sage was impressive.

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Sage Smart Kettle – Design and Features

The Sage looks good. The jug itself has an appealing black lacquered finish and a bottom is brushed immaculate steel. It’s lightweight in a palm during 990g (jug only).

The bottom is home to an considerable 7 buttons – that’s a lot for a kettle. But during slightest this means controls are really straightforward. There’s no arrangement for a preferred temperature. Instead 5 buttons let we name 80⁰C, 85⁰C, 90⁰C, 95⁰C or 100⁰C. Then one switches a kettle on and another tells it to keep warm.

Build peculiarity is really impressive. The lid is vast and see-through and pops adult uniformly during a pull of a button, there are H2O turn indicators on both sides, a appetite cord length is generous. And a limescale filter is done from fine-cut steel rather than a mesh, creation it many some-more durable than most.

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Sage Smart Kettle – What’s it like to use?

The Sage feels poetic in a palm and is a pleasure to fill. Tap a symbol during a tip of a hoop with a ride and a lid rises smoothly, giving we a far-reaching neck to fill (and also creates it easy to clean). It pours clean too.

The controls – a array of buttons opposite a front – are really self-explanatory and are really informed to anyone who has other Sage products.

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It took a flattering normal 2m28s to boil a litre of H2O that started out during 14⁰C from a tap. We totalled a feverishness after 10 mins (83⁰C) and again after 30 mins (66⁰C).

More importantly though, we also told it to feverishness H2O to 80⁰C to make immature tea and afterwards totalled a results: an impressively accurate 78⁰C.

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If you’re a tea backer forking out scarcely £100 on a high-end kettle in sequence to get a ideal temperature, this matters a lot.

The keep comfortable duty worked good yet we do feel that it’s a rubbish of appetite regularly reboiling water.

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Should we buy a Sage Smart Kettle?

Yes if we adore a operation of teas. Boiling H2O is excellent for coffee and black tea yet reduce temperatures get a best out of immature and white teas. The Sage does a good pursuit of such temperatures accurately. You could also cruise a hi-tech Smarter iKettle 2.0 if we have an Apple device.

If we simply wish hot H2O though, save your income and cruise a glorious value double wall insulated Tefal Safe to Touch Kettle instead. Or labelled in between is a beautifully designed Morphy Richards Prism Traditional Kettle.


This hi-tech kettle offers a operation of temperatures ideal for tea connoisseurs.

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