Samsung Ativ Book 9 Laptop Review

Samsung Ativ Book 9 – First Impressions

Samsung has for a while constructed some of a many fascinating ultra-portable laptops – MacBook Air alternatives, if we will – and a latest further is one of a best yet.

The Samsung Ativ Book 9, that was only suggested here during CES 2015, is impossibly light, impossibly thin, impossibly good built and only generally incredible, during slightest formed on a initial impressions.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 – Design

As a reward ultrabook, a Ativ Book 9 is heavily contingent on a pattern and Samsung hasn’t slipped up. The all steel framework is beautifully finished, with a matt black, etched finished contrasted easily by flashes of china from a tender aluminium sides.

It’s a stout laptop too. Despite this laptop weighing only 950g and being only 11.8mm thick, both a shade and keyboard sections feel plain and sturdy.

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Samsung Ativ Book 9

Nearly all a tiny touches are right too. Every join is ideal while a suit of a keyboard and trackpad is mark on. The demon is in a sum and Samsung has got many of them right.

Only dual tiny things mistreat a demeanour unequivocally slightly. The initial is that a keyboard isn’t seamlessly integrated into a same aspect as a laptop’s base, while a other tiny adhering indicate is a cosmetic cover for a microSD label slot. We’re unequivocally clutching during straws to find error here though.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 – Features and Display

For a many a selection of a Ativ Book 9 is in line with a MacBook Air. You’ve got a latest era intel Core processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of SSD storage and around 12 hours battery life (Samsung claims 12.5hrs, compared to a Air’s 12hrs). However, it significantly trumps that laptop in one essential area: a screen.

The Ativ Book 9 2015 Edition packs in a 12.2in arrangement with a whopping WQXGA (2560 x 1600) resolution. It’s a glorious peculiarity arrangement too, with good observation angles, a reflection-free matt finish and bright, clear colours.

Samsung Ativ Book 9

There is one poignant outing adult when it comes to features, though. Like a Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi, (another ostensible MacBook Air killer), it lacks a full distance SD label slot. This is a poignant nuisance for any photographers.

Otherwise connectivity is about on standard with dual USB 3.0 ports and microHDMI pier and a latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards. You do also get a microSD slot, though it’s only not a same.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 – Keyboard and Trackpad

Rounding out this laptop’s considerable arrangement so distant are a keyboard and trackpad. The former is backlit and sports a smashing action, with keys responding crisply, for free typing.

The trackpad is also unequivocally good. It’s vast and spacious, unequivocally manageable and has a poetic light movement to a ‘click anywhere’ surface.

Samsung Ativ Book 9

Samsung Ative Book 9 – Early Verdict

We’re really soft with a Samsung Ativ Book 9. It’s a pleasing looking appurtenance that’s not only skinny and light though stout too. The pattern is corroborated adult by a glorious screen, good keyboard and good trackpad, with adequate connectivity too. We would really cite to see an SD label container though if a cost is right we could pardon Samsung.

Sadly a cost is rather – significantly aloft than a MacBook Air – during $1,199.99 and likewise it’s not set to be alighting in a UK. Here’s anticipating Samsung changes a mind on that final point.

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