Samsung BD-J7500 Blu-ray Review

What is a Samsung BD-J7500?

We could news a BD-J7500 as a Blu-ray player, though that would be hugely underselling it. There’s so many some-more going on underneath a carp than simply spinning discs – for starters we can tide video, song and photos from other DLNA inclination on your home network, locate adult on TV shows or perspective your smartphone on your telly. If we don’t have this things in your TV already it’s a many cheaper approach of removing it than upgrading your set.

And as a Blu-ray rug it’s likewise well-equipped, throwing 3D, 4K upscaling and twin HDMI outputs into a brew – though we’d pattern zero rebate from Samsung’s flagship machine. This extensive spec comes during a aloft cost than your standard bill Blu-ray rug though with so many on house we’re anticipating it’s value a investment.

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Samsung BD-J7500

Samsung BD-J7500 – Design and Connections

The BD-J7500 is a fine-looking player, extended by a brushed grey sleeve wrapped around a center of a gloss-black body. Samsung dabbled in a china sleeve pattern a integrate years behind with a BD-F7500 and it worked a treat, nonetheless we cite this some-more understated grey finish. This elementary nonetheless grand hold elevates it above Samsung’s cheaper players.

Despite a sleeve, a rug stays remarkably slim and compress during 46mm high by 201mm deep. It’s comparatively good built too, nonetheless a surrounding has that informed plasticky feel common among mass-market players. A quarrel of touch-sensitive buttons runs along a tip front edge, while a fascia bears an LED readout, front tray and USB port.

The inexhaustible preference of back sockets has some-more in common with a high-end rug than a bill one. You get dual HDMI outputs, a second outlay permitting we to feed HD audio to a receiver exclusively (handy if your receiver doesn’t support 3D or 4K passthrough). There’s even a set of 7.1-channel analogue outputs so ancient amps though HDMI inputs can get some hi-res audio love. The choice is finished by visual digital outlay and an Ethernet port.

Samsung BD-J7500

Samsung BD-J7500 – Features

On a Blu-ray side, a BD-J7500 plays 3D Blu-ray discs and offers 4K (2160p) upscaling, or we can upscale DVDs to 1080p if you’re a arrange of chairman who prefers a actor to do a dickey work, not a TV. There’s also support for 7.1-channel Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio soundtracks (bitstream outlay and built-in decoding).

The pivotal to a deck’s online functionality is a inclusion of built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, that allows it to work on a 5GHz magnitude as good as a 2.4GHz magnitude used by many routers. You’ll need a dual-band router, though it will meant we can demeanour brazen to a miss of division from other inclination and rebate crowding from other Wi-Fi networks.

Samsung BD-J7500

Once online we can tide media calm stored on PCs and NAS drives connected to a same network. The rug supports a far-reaching operation of formats including – though not singular to – MKV, AVI, AVCHD, MP4 and DivX videos, and MP3, hi-res FLAC, AAC, WMA and WAV audio files. The same formats can be played from USB storage media plugged into a front port.

Delve into a Samsung Apps menu and you’ll find a value trove of content, including a 4 categorical catch-up TV services – BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD and Demand 5 – and obvious sites such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Blinkbox, Deezer, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Elsewhere there are loads of game, lifestyle, competition and kids’ apps to download. Admittedly it’s packaged with things you’ll never use, though there’s no denying that a choice is phenomenal.

Finally, Screen Mirroring lets we perspective your smartphone on a vast screen, while Wi-Fi Direct lets we send media to a actor from a wireless device over a peer-to-peer tie though a need for a router.

Samsung BD-J7500 – Setup and Operation

Samsung’s onscreen display is as eye-catching as ever. Fire adult a Home shade and you’ll see a array of large, neatly-arranged panels. Thumbnails, logos and stylised graphics make a page demeanour colourful though not too cluttered.

Samsung BD-J7500

The 3 panels opposite a tip let we play a disc, entrance DLNA/USB calm and try Samsung Apps. On final year’s BD-H6500, Samsung’s ‘Movies TV Shows’ use was also found here, though it’s been private from this year’s choice as there are several film services already on board.

At a bottom of a page is a preference of endorsed and downloaded apps, and icons for shade mirroring and a setup menu. The latter boasts a judicious blueprint and a resources of options. Elsewhere a DLNA menus follow a essential and appealing menu structure, peppered with folder icons and cover art.

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The Tools menu can be summoned during playback and offers discerning entrance to often-used functions and pattern presets. These embody Dynamic, Standard, Movie and User – a latter permitting we to manually tweak sharpness, sound reduction, contrast, brightness, colour and tint.

This sharp-witted onscreen pattern creates operation fun though a rug can be a small delayed to react, utterly when entering calm on a practical keyboard or relocating around a Samsung Apps menu. It’s not a vital issue, though takes a gleam off an differently discriminating user experience.

Samsung sticks with a same remote pattern as prior players. That’s good news, as we’re fans of a discerning symbol layout, ideally placed menu controls and glow-in-the-dark playback keys. It also sits absolutely in a palm and a appreciative rubber buttons are a good hold (literally).

Samsung BD-J7500 – Performance

The BD-J7500 delivers solid, cinematic Blu-ray pictures, giveaway from artifacts and suit tracking issues. The comic-book visuals of X-Men: Days of Future Past demeanour wealthy – from a splendidly dense, capricious shots of mutant hardship to a worldly hues of a Saigon troops bottom where Mystique busts a mutants free.

Images are frail and punchy interjection to a glorious fact retrieval, definitively-drawn edges and spot-on contrast. Mystique’s confidant blue skin looks abounding and vibrant, though it’s also flushed with appreciative refinement in a well-spoken colour blends and shading. Also considerable is a deck’s doing of dim scenes – we can make out each throw of fact in a fort as a X-Men conflict a Sentinels during a start of a film.

Samsung BD-J7500

A cursory run-through of a Silicon Optix Blu-ray front reveals flawless doing of a jaggies and Video Resolution Loss woe tests. Even a video shave of a delayed vessel opposite an dull track looks well-spoken and stable, with no moiré to be seen.

3D discs demeanour as gorgeous as ever, with no suit fuzz and minimal ghosting. As for 4K, it’s probably unfit to tell a disproportion between a deck’s upscaling and a TV’s, nonetheless personification DVDs during 1080p reaps rewards. Artifacts such as corner jaggies, butterfly sound and restraint are kept to a minimum, ensuing in sharp, punchy cinema that competence make we recur upgrading your DVDs to Blu-ray if we haven’t already.

It’s utterly a newness to find analogue outputs on a bill rug these days so we took a event to supply them adult to a receiver and spin some CDs. We’re gratified to news that a Samsung offers a smooth, minute and easily offset sound.

Samsung BD-J7500

Should we buy a Samsung BD-J7500?

It might cost a small some-more than many bill players, though a BD-J7500 justifies a cost with a resources of facilities (including a best operation of intelligent calm on a market), distinguished Blu-ray cinema and a slim, stylish design. Some of a onscreen menus are a small indolent and a build peculiarity bears a hallmarks of a bill deck, though conjunction of these niggles prevents us from giving a BD-J7500 a sign of approval.

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Samsung BD-J7500 – Verdict

Another top-quality Blu-ray spinner from a Samsung stable, that mixes a resources of facilities with stylish pattern and punchy pictures. It’s comparatively pricey, though you’ll be blissful we splashed out

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