Samsung Galaxy A5 Phone Review

Samsung Galaxy A5 – First Impressions from CES 2015

Samsung’s during it again, introducing nonetheless another new line of mid-range handsets to serve confusion a smartphone market. This time, however, we’re indeed utterly excited. The new ‘A-series’ combines medium specs sheets with wallet-friendly cost tags and some-more premium, metal-framed styling.

A spin-off of sorts from a Galaxy Alpha, a Samsung Galaxy A5 is set to strike a UK in Q1 on £25-per-month contracts. Not one to be kept waiting, though, we had an early play with a device during CES 2015.

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Samsung Galaxy A5

Off a bat, a Galaxy A5 is distant some-more visually appealing than past ‘affordable’ Samsung handsets, such as a Galaxy Ace family. The manufacturer has been regularly criticised in a past for a trashy build peculiarity and, to a credit, it’s responded.

The Galaxy A5’s steel support improves both a demeanour and feel of a device, though this isn’t where a pattern improvements end. Although a handset retains a cosmetic behind of a price-bracket predecessors, styling has been drastically improved. Bulbous curves have been transposed by sleek, 6.7mm-thick prosaic lines and a company’s heading cheap-looking shimmer finish has been replaced for a some-more pointed and worldly matt look.

The formula are clever and uncover a branch indicate for Samsung’s non-flagship smartphone efforts, during slightest visually.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Pleasingly, this clever start is carried opposite into a phone’s facilities and performance. The A5’s 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor isn’t a many absolute chipset on a market, though a device never felt delayed during my early hands-on time. Combining this medium chipset with 2GB of RAM, app launches were pointy and bitch free. Further, some-more eager contrast is required, however, before any critical visualisation can be upheld on a altogether performance.

The shade is another area where a A5 delicately treads a line between appreciative and underwhelming. The phone’s 5-inch, 720p HD arrangement is conjunction groundbreaking nor knowledge diminishing. The Super AMOLED row is splendid and vibrant, colours are minute and shade transitions smooth.

Looking closely, however, slight pixellation and a miss of clarification to a corner of content and images can be seen. The shade isn’t as pin pointy as some during this cost indicate – we’re looking during a Moto G here – though it’s satisfactory.

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Samsung Galaxy A5

On to a phone’s imaging abilities and Samsung is upping a mid-market ante with a inclusion of a 13-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel delegate camera adult front. Yes, there are mid-range inclination on a marketplace with equally considerable camera combos, though this is an area where Samsung has cut corners in a past.

In use, a phone’s 13-megapixel charity is really impressive. Quick to concentration and with a rapid shutter, a phone rubbed severe lighting conditions with coolness to yield morally minute images. Given a really singular sharpened conditions during my early use, however, it’s still distant too early for any final outcome to be passed. Stay tuned for a full Samsung Galaxy A5 review, entrance soon, for a some-more in-depth relapse of a phone’s minute abilities.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Around front, a A5’s delegate camera again rubbed a ungainly lighting conditions well. Usually a flay of many selfie shots, images were reasonable pointy and detailed, notwithstanding a far-from-ideal conditions.

Although a phone’s front-facing camera is extended by a breathtaking sharpened ‘Wide Selfie’ mode, we found this to be a small clunky on initial use. The underline was unwieldy and a small ungainly to work with one hand. For a selfie fiends among you, LG’s Gesture Shot is a distant some-more appreciative enhancement.

Set to palliate your battery anxiety, a A5 facilities a 2300mAh Lithium-Ion energy pack, that should get we by a singular day’s use with ease. Samsung’s quick-charge technology, a underline we’ve raved about on past handsets, creates a acquire appearance, too.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Early Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy A5 has left me agreeably surprised. Whereas Samsung’s mid-range and low-end phones competence have left us undone and feeling let down in a past, a A5 is a able across-the-board performer. Yes, there are still shortfalls and compromises, though a altogether package is strong. With this device Samsung looks to be on a approach to mid-market refinement.

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