Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Hands-On Review: Can It Change The Status Quo?

samsung universe s6 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge competence not be a usually phone denounced during MWC 2015 yet it’s a one that’s causing a many noise. Take one demeanour during a throng surrounding Samsung’s mount and it’s easy to sign a stress of a Edge to Samsung’s destiny as a smartphone maker.

Thankfully we were one of a propitious few to get a reduction swarming hands-on with what will arguably be Samsung’s many critical product of a final 5 years. Taking on a iPhone 6 and Samsung’s augmenting distance of Android rivals isn’t easy, in fact Samsung’s possess financial total uncover that a association is being strike tough by an increasingly close middle-market of affordable nonetheless absolute handsets.

The S6 Edge rises above this conflict not out of arrogance yet simply since it’s substantially one of a many modernized smartphones we can buy during a moment. That’s interjection to a state-of-the-art tradition built processor, next-generation components and a shade that can utterly absolutely be called a top fortitude arrangement on a smartphone.

To try and hang a heads around this tidal call of feeling news we’re going to concentration on dual core areas: Design and power.


samsung universe s6 side

Samsung appears to have finally got this message. The S6 Edge’s pattern is alone woven into a hardware decisions, one simply couldn’t duty yet a other. They didn’t call this ‘Project Zero’ for nothing. It’s a wiping of a line-up and a rebirth for a operation of phones that had spin substantial in their iterations, yet seared when it came to a expectations.

Picking adult a Galaxy S6 Edge your palm indeed overcompensates, awaiting a weight that simply isn’t there. When a startle wears off a series of other things spin apparent. Both a S6 and a S6 Edge feel severely expensive. The silken potion behind competence not be to everyone’s ambience yet a rest of a pattern is good adequate that we competence not even care.

The Edge is a attractive phone, a lines upsurge unequivocally good around a shade and it’s visitor adequate that for a initial time in a while, you’ll be owning something that’ll be certain to squeeze attention. We remember owning a HTC Legend and it producing a identical effect. The singular cut retard of aluminium was a initial while a pattern was iconic. We’re not observant we consider a Edge is iconic usually yet, yet it’s singular adequate that it could fit in that same category.

samsung universe s6 edge

The colours are — in a opinion — a substantial alleviation with a dim emerald immature remaining understated and nonetheless unique. The Platinum Gold looks too ‘bling’ for a possess ambience yet we also realize we’re frequency a citadel for good pattern so there’s firm to be some that adore it.

Design also includes a display, a winding 5.1-inch window so firmly packaged with pixels that it’s being heralded as a top fortitude shade on a phone. There are accurately 2560×1920 pixels, that is a absurd series to container into something usually somewhat incomparable than a passport.

samsung universe s6 edge

While we’re not certain a additional pixels can physically do many more, a Super AMOLED row means that colours are colourful while being means to close off pixels allows for a many darker black. If we had one regard it’s that a winding edges themselves are potentially utterly reflective. The categorical shade won’t be influenced however there’s a probability we could have a tough time observation Edge notifications in approach sunlight. This is usually a prediction, we’ll know for certain when we examination it.

Samsung has so distant found 3 uses for a winding arrangement and one of them is a digital ruler. It’s transparent a association is exploring new domain so over time we’re certain new uses will benefaction themselves. For a impulse yet it’s not wholly transparent what a unsentimental uses of a winding shade are.

We like a edges yet and we don’t quite caring that it usually unequivocally does dual things, it looks beautiful.

samsung universe s6 edge

If there are any concerns about a edges afterwards they arise when a shade meets a steel body, it’s not flush, instead there’s a steel mouth that surrounds it. It looks good yet it’s sharp, so it could benefaction a problem for long-term use.

Design also covers a software, and here starts a usually moan. TouchWiz in a opinion is old, it hasn’t been given a vital renovate for some time and while a inner apps have been updated with a easier and softened UI, a icons feel outdated.

samsung universe s6 edge

The outcome is program that feels confused. It’s as if they’ve taken core TouchWiz and usually started bolting new and softened looking pieces on it. People Edge looks fluid, new and really Google-friendly, it seems officious weird that it’s not reflected opposite a whole system.

What’s even some-more treacherous is that they’re not doing anything about it, when we chatted to a orator about since they didn’t renovate a program we were told it was for continuity’s sake, people are used to a design, they can bond with it. Ironically that’s precisely what Samsung is perplexing to mangle with a Edge, it’s totally new, distinct anything you’ve seen and positively distinct any Samsung phone you’ve seen before.

samsung universe s6 edge


You’ll see from a rest of a essay that pattern is clearly a concentration of a Edge since while we could speak during impassioned length about a ultra-complex production routine that goes behind creation a 14nm processor we won’t, instead we’ll usually tell we what it means.

The S6 and S6 Edge are a initial smartphones to come with 14nm 64-bit processors, this astronomically tiny production processor simply means there are some-more transistors over a row of a same size. More transistors means faster energy that will in spin outcome in softened opening and eventually softened battery life.

Using it in a palm you’ll roughly never notice a difference, in fact you’ll substantially usually start to notice it when total with Samsung’s now faster memory and storage. Both have been drastically softened and it does show. The S6 Edge is blazingly discerning to use.

Battery life ties into this contention yet as this is formed on small some-more than an hours personification it’d be ridiculous to give a decisive answer now.

While a S6 Edge’s battery is smaller, Samsung has apparently finished many to urge a potency of a components withdrawal a shade to be a biggest empty of battery life.

samsung universe s6 edge


The Galaxy S6 Edge is a conspicuous phone and if it were a usually phone that Samsung announced during MWC we’d be applauding them until a hands ached. It is resolutely different. Yet each time we consider of it we see a S6 stealing in a credentials and we consternation either it all usually feels like Samsung wanted to usually start new and afterwards panicked during a final notation so didn’t hold a OS and afterwards also done a prosaic one.

None of these points should detract from a S6 Edge however, in a possess right it’s a many sparkling phone to have been announced during MWC in years and it’s positively a many forward-thinking. We positively like it, yet what stays to answered is either a open will when it’s expelled in April.

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