Samsung M5 Audio Review

What is a Samsung M5?

The M5 (or WAM550) is a center male in Samsung’s operation of wireless speakers, sitting between a entry-level M3 – that scooped Best Wireless Speaker in a TrustedReviews Awards 2014 – and a top-end M7. There’s a £70 reward on a cost of a M3, though it’s around £100 cheaper than a M7.

The M5 can be used as a singular wireless orator for DLNA or Bluetooth streaming, though a beauty is that we can buy additional speakers to emanate a multiroom system, or group adult dual or some-more speakers in a stereo/surround setup – all orchestrated by Samsung’s smartphone app and Wi-Fi hub.

This coherence is what we desired about a M7 and M3, as good as their considerable sound peculiarity and stylish design, and we’re anticipating a M5 can follow in their footsteps.

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Samsung WAM550

Samsung M5 – Design

The M5’s particular pattern is matching to that of a M3 and M7, with a groovy triangular figure that’s meant to demeanour like a play button. But a categorical disproportion between a 3 is distance – during 342mm wide, a M5 is a ‘medium’ model, while a smaller M3 measures 250mm far-reaching and a M7 measures 402mm. The compress figure creates it easy to accommodate on seat or shelves. The cupboard is plain and weighty, nonetheless a silken tip quarrel feels plasticky.

It’s designed to be distortion horizontally when used as a singular speaker, though in a two-channel or approximate complement we can place it on a side regulating a granted stand. When we do so, a built-in sensor switches a orator to mono. The M5 can also be mounted on a wall regulating a threaded hole on a back.

Samsung WAM550

With a button-free fascia, curvy corners and a glamorous gloss-black finish, a demeanour is neat and minimal – it’s expected to be utterly a articulate point. An LED shines by a front grille in opposite colours to imply status, while a few touch-sensitive controls on tip concede we to name internet radio presets, span Bluetooth devices, adjust volume and activate TV SoundConnect. There’s no energy button, though it goes to nap after a while, or we can force it into a snooze by holding down a Mute button.
Samsung WAM550
It’s a wireless orator so don’t pattern many sockets – a recess on a behind houses a USB pier for use use and an Ethernet pier for those who cite a connected tie to a router. There are dual buttons, one for WPS Wi-Fi setup and another that we press when adding a orator to a multiroom system. It’s somewhat unsatisfactory that we can’t offshoot adult non-wireless inclination though not a deal-breaker.

Samsung M5 – Features

Despite a medium coming a M5 is ripping with functionality, most of that is located within Samsung’s shining Multiroom app. It allows we to tide song from a accumulation of online services – Spotify, Deezer, Napster, 8tracks, Murfie, Qobuz – and Internet radio from Tunein and Rdio.

We’ve overwhelmed on Bluetooth and DLNA, though there’s also support for NFC (not found on a M3) and TV SoundConnect, and playback of MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and AIFF (up to 192kHz/24-bit). The M5 is versed with dual 56mm drivers and an 80mm woofer, driven by digital amplifiers. Samsung hasn’t quoted a energy rating for a amps.

Samsung M5 – Setup and Operation

Some wireless speakers can be a pain to setup, though a M5 is a square of cake, utterly if we deposit in Samsung’s £50 Hub (WAM250), that acts as a match for your router and a M5. Connect a Hub to your router regulating a LAN wire and it creates a Wi-Fi network to couple adult all your M5s.

Samsung WAM550

Samsung WAM550

The Hub is a compress black box with 3 bright icons on a front indicating power, Wi-Fi standing and Ethernet connection. There are dual LAN ports on a behind and USB pier for use use.

If you’re usually regulating a singular M5 we can bond it to your home network though a Hub regulating a WPS Wi-Fi symbol on a behind or by joining it directly with a LAN cable. But a Hub positively creates designation easier, and you’ll unequivocally need one for multiroom use.

When we energy adult a M5, it connects to a Hub automatically. If not, dire a Speaker Add symbol should prompt it to do so. Once everything’s connected, we need to implement and run Samsung’s Multiroom app on a smartphone connected to a same network.

Samsung WAM550 

Fire adult a app and it finds any M5s on a network, presenting any one in a possess box with a array of options along a bottom. ‘Source’ lets we name where to lift song from (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or TV SoundConnect); ‘Surround’ lets we arrange mixed M5s in a stereo or approximate blueprint by boring them to a right place on a blueprint (a voluptuous womanlike voice confirms your choice); while ‘Group’ lets we play a same song by several speakers during a same time – only parasite a speakers we wish to include.

Samsung WAM550  

You can rename any orator (helpful for labelling them by room) and tweak a bass, treble, change and DRC. In Surround mode you’ll see a singular box that lets we take control of a whole system.

Samsung WAM550  

To name music, daub a name of a orator and we pierce to a calm preference menu. A quarrel of tabs along a tip lets we crop song stored on a phone or burst to Tunein or Spotify (you’ll need a reward comment for a latter).

   Samsung WAM550

The Devices choice lets we try any connected DLNA servers. The menus are clear, solemnly sequenced and attractively flashy with cover art and groovy graphics. During playback we can see a lane list by boring a shade adult from a bottom, and we can simply adjust volume, skip outlines and name playback modes. It unequivocally is a fun to use.

Samsung M5 – Performance

The M5’s clever and fast wireless tie authorised us to tide song for hours though any dump outs or interference. If your M5 is too distant from a Hub, we can use another Hub to act as a repeater and enhance wireless coverage (although apparently that’ll strike adult a cost considerably).

Its sound peculiarity is superb. Like a M3 and M7 before it, a M5 is remarkably absolute for such a compress unit, flooding a room with a big, full-bodied sound. Deep drum gives song a feeling of regard and solidity, that works utterly good when personification uptempo outlines with thumping drums and pulsating basslines, nonetheless it can seem a small too thick during times – if that’s a problem, we can always tweak a EQ within a app.

Also considerable is a M5’s high-frequency reproduction, that creates songs sound minute and sharp-witted though over-stressing hi-hats and percussion, even when we spin a volume adult loud. It teases out ethereal sounds like shakers and tambourines and gives strings and vocals a silky, healthy quality.

If we span adult dual M5s in a stereo setup we get an even bigger sound with a slight step-up in volume and participation over a M3. The two-channel theatre is atmospheric and expertly organized – sounds vessel between a dual speakers seamlessly and vocals are sealed in a middle. Fans of a leaner sound competence find a drum levels a small full-on though differently a sound is rarely enjoyable.

Pair a Samsung TV with an M5 around SoundConnect and a fulsome outlay facilely brings scale to cinema and programmes, bulking adult a drum and heightening adult speech. And with an M5 possibly side of a TV we get a large film soundstage that puts some soundbars to shame.
Samsung WAM550

Should we buy a Samsung M5?

Like a dual stablemates, a M7 and M3, a M5 is a superb wireless orator that boasts tons of functionality, a stylish pattern and simple, stretchable operation. Setting adult and orchestrating a multiroom complement is remarkably easy interjection to Samsung’s sharp smartphone app, while support for Bluetooth, TV SoundConnect and a far-reaching operation of audio codecs is a bonus.

It’s an considerable performer too, stuffing a room with a big, brawny sound and digging out copiousness of detail. Some competence find a drum a bit full-on though it does safeguard that a sound has copiousness of abyss and punch. For these reasons, a M5 is unequivocally estimable of your hard-earned income – nonetheless during £70 some-more than a similar-sounding M3 it doesn’t utterly offer a same value for income and therefore only misses out on full marks.

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Samsung shows a rivals how multiroom should be finished with a slick, stylish and user-friendly wireless speaker.

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