Samsung M7 Review

What is a Samsung M7 (WAM750)?

The Samsung WAM750, or M7 for short, is a wireless orator that streams song from a accumulation of sources though a pivotal underline is a multiroom capability. With M7s dotted around a house, we can send song to opposite bedrooms regulating a smartphone or inscription regulating Samsung’s Multiroom app. The M7 is one of dual speakers in a range, alongside a £259 WAM550 (M5). 

With these speakers, Samsung is holding on a competence of Sonos, zodiacally deliberate a benchmark for discerning multiroom song streaming. But it’s not a usually association jumping on a multiroom bandwagon – Panasonic recently announced a multiroom complement formed around Qualcomm’s AllPlay media platform, while LG denounced a NP8740 orator during CES.

It’s a potentially remunerative move, given a success of Sonos and a roar for multiroom song in general, though a dauntless one too – Sonos has a 10-year conduct start and a Play:3 and Play:5 are substantially a best multiroom streaming solutions on a market. So with that in mind, let’s find out how Samsung’s bid fares…

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Samsung WAM750

Samsung M7 – Design and Connections

The M7 is famous as a Samsung Shape M7 in a States and it’s a wise moniker. Its rarely particular triangular pattern is ostensible to demeanour like a play symbol and it works a treat.

The winding front quarrel and dull corners lend a hold of elegance, while a silken tip quarrel looks swanky and stylish. It is sincerely chunky, though not imposingly so. From a front, usually a vast netted front quarrel and tiny blue LED are visible, that gives it a minimal and surprisingly enigmatic appearance. There’s a choice of colours too, if we count black and white as such.

This miss of front clutter, joined with a deficiency of a remote control, creates a M7 rather puzzling during first, though all is tranquil by an Android or iOS device regulating Samsung’s Multiroom App (more on that later).

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Samsung WAM750

However, there are a few controls on top, including a crafty touch-sensitive volume dial. There’s a small radio idol too, that comes in accessible for toggling by internet radio presets. The NFC idol is conveniently placed and easy to spot.

The miss of a earthy on/off symbol competence difficulty eco-warriors though don’t worry – a section automatically goes into standby when no vigilance is received.

Like a Sonos speakers, a M7 can be commissioned plumb or horizontally. The straight option, regulating a clip-on feet stand, leaves a smaller footprint than plane ascent and could be useful if space is tight. A built-in sensor detects when it’s positioned plumb and switches to mono mode. Rubber feet are bound to a bottom sides, safeguarding it from scratches and vibration.

Samsung WAM750

Build peculiarity is impressive, with a weighty, plain enclosure. The orator filigree and tip quarrel have a plasticky feel, that pales in comparison with a lush lacquer finish of a Samsung DA-E750 or a rubberised Sonos Play:3, though it’s only about co-ordinate with a price.

To use a M7 in a multiroom system, you’ll need a apart WAM250 Hub (which will set we behind £50). This small black box connects to your router and acts as a overpass between a several speakers. There’s a quarrel of lights on a front indicating a status.

Samsung WAM750

You can bond a M7 directly to your router around built-in Wi-Fi (something we can’t do on Sonos’ system) or Ethernet, though it’s a wily routine – a heart creates life most easier. Two clearly-labelled buttons on a behind (Speaker Add and WPS Wi-Fi Setup) make a whole wireless setup routine easier – a former assisting we span new speakers as we enhance your system.

Given a wireless concentration back connectors are limited, though there is a 3.5mm minijack for paraphernalia adult non-wireless devices.

These buttons and connectors are dark by a cosmetic cover with holes to pass a cables through. It’s somewhat fiddly though creates all good and tidy.

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