Samsung NX1 Camera Review

What is a Samsung NX1?

The Samsung NX1 is a arrange of camera we’ve always hoped Samsung would make. The association is a aristocrat of forward-looking tech in other areas, yet Samsung mostly seems to loiter a tiny behind with a fan cameras, where veterans Nikon, Canon and Sony mostly have a edge.

Samsung has used a knowledge with all high-tech to good outcome in a NX1 compress complement camera, though. It has some-more firsts in a bag than an Oxford University mechanism club.

Some are neat feathery extras, yet one is during a heart of picture quality. This is a initial APS-C camera to use a BSI sensor, a kind of performance-increasing pattern that lets a little sensors in mobile phones furnish somewhat-good images.

Offering some of a best picture peculiarity ever seen from an APS-C camera, alongside opening that positively shames many of a competition, a Samsung NX1 sets a new customary for CSCs and DSLRs alike. At £1299 it’s some-more costly than full-frame models such as a Sony Alpha A7, yet that doesn’t detract from one fact: this is a illusory camera. Samsung NX1 7
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Samsung NX1 – Design and Handling

The Samsung NX1 is a compress complement camera, yet one that looks rather DSLR-ish. It’s large and chunky, with a figure designed some-more for palliate of doing than compactness.

This isn’t so many a disastrous indicate as something we need to cruise before buying. The NX1 is a identical distance to a Nikon D7100, an all-out DSLR.

Its accurate measurements are 138.5 x 102.3 x 65.8mm, and it weighs 550g yet a lens. It is not all that light, and we need to cruise a weight of a lens on top. Samsung’s reward S-class lenses are utterly heavy, and would be an apparent fit for a high-end camera like this. The 16-50mm S ED f/2-2.8 lens weighs a whopping 622g, creation a full package good over a kilo.
Samsung NX1 9
It might be an commanding prospect, yet we differently like a Samsung NX1 design. It offers a certain grip, and a unequivocally purify proceed to layout.

It’s clean, with clear lines and no unconnected hardware buttons to confuse. As with many cameras, a movement centres around a mode dial with a customary P/A/S/M modes, creation it easy to use for reduction gifted photographers.  

The one niggle we have is that some of a duty buttons on a behind are only distant too small, creation some operations feel some-more fiddly than is unequivocally necessary. It’s not as if a Samsung NX1 lacks room for some somewhat incomparable buttons.

Manual control is good, though, with rotary dials for your ride and forefinger sitting to any side of a shiver button. Another pointer this is a genuine high-end camera is a secondary, monochrome arrangement on a tip plate, a good approach to fast check your settings and battery level.

Samsung NX1 – EVF and Screen

As a Samsung NX1 is a CSC rather than a DSLR, it uses an EVF rather than an visual viewfinder. However, this is only about a initial time we’ve reviewed a camera that offers an EVF that can smoke-stack adult to, and even exceed, an OVF.

That digital tech is finally adult to speed. The Samsung NX1 has a 2.36-million-dot electronic viewfinder, charity a arrange of arrangement fortitude that doesn’t feel compromised. Even yet we live in a universe of phones with some-more pixels than final year’s 65-inch TVs, camera EVFs are mostly desperately pixel-poor.
Samsung NX1 11
The NX1’s, though, is lovely. It’s discerning as good as sharp, too. With 5ms arrangement lag, there’s no discernable check between what’s on-screen and what you’d see with your eyes.

Of course, a high-quality arrangement alone isn’t adequate to trump a some-more normal visual viewfinder. You also get concentration peaking and 5x magnification, creation it simply illusory for manual-focus shooters.

If you’re new to digital concentration aids, a concentration peaking choice highlights in-focus areas of a preview image, giving we a many some-more arguable decider of focusing than only regulating your eyes and a digital display. This is a arrange of EVF we’ve been watchful for, and while it’s not utterly as intriguing as a FujiFilm X100T’s hybrid viewfinder, it is about as good. Its tangible fortitude is XGA: that we can consider of as a 4:3 homogeneous to 720p.

The shade on a behind of a Samsung NX1 is reduction of a standard-setter, yet it’s still unequivocally solid. It’s a 3-inch arrangement of 1037k dots, again regulating Samsung’s lucky OLED arrangement tech.

Unlike so many other high-end cameras, even mint ones, a NX1’s arrangement embraces new tech including a pieces that are customarily compared with a some-more infrequent character of photography. It offers hold control and a lean display. Some high-end cameras spin their noses adult during these facilities since they don’t fit with a ‘viewfinder and primer controls’ character of critical photographers. The law is they’re mostly useful.

The lean arrangement is good when we wish to fire above or next conduct height, while a sincerely good hold doing can be good when we do only wish to take your photography some-more casually. You can touch-to-focus and touch-to-shoot, and also use multi-touch to request concentration and bearing metering points separately. While Samsung has depressed a bit behind a foe in terms of things like pristine print peculiarity during times, it’s forward in these ‘smart’ areas.

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