Samsung NZ64K5747BK

What is a Samsung NZ64K5747BK?

Samsung’s operation of initiation hobs is 9 models clever with a well-featured NZ64K5747BK attack a cost sweet-spot usually over £400. While it doesn’t exaggerate a brand’s innovative practical fire feature, it does offer neat looks and some accessible cooking facilities for a 60cm hob.

A singular Flex Zone and dual customary turn burners exaggerate 15 levels of control and a Power Boost duty for super-speedy heat-ups. While a Flex Zone is usually dual related turn burners – so, in fact, not that stretchable – this Samsung’s cooking opening and good facilities make it a glorious value buy.

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Samsung NZ64K5747BK – Design and Features

Sporting a frameless potion aspect with a bevelled front edge, this mid-range initiation hob from Samsung positively looks a part. While a white outline markings for a singular Flex Zone and dual turn zones are a tiny confidant for a taste, a same confidant markings work good to prominence a endless controls.

There’s positively no necessity of control options, either. Each of a 4 categorical cooking areas have 15 appetite levels, providing incomparable control than a common 9 levels, and are operated with a sharp slider.

As standard, a appetite comes on during spin 15 and we afterwards slip behind down to suit. That’s an surprising approach of environment adult a controls, though we found that it done a lot of sense. Chances are, you’ll be heating from cold and need full appetite when switching on a zone.

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The dual cooking areas to a right of a hob are normal turn zones, with a reduce of a dual being a unequivocally good distance indeed. Even with a vast frying pan, this zone’s distance ensured roughly all a vessel bottom was heated. To a left is what looks like a vast singular rectilinear zone… though isn’t.

In fact, a Flex Zone is simply dual mid-sized turn initiation burners than can be related together for super-sized pans and skillets. It isn’t a truly stretchable zone, such as those found on a reward Siemens EH675MV17E, so we felt rather diddled by this promise. However, holding comment of a Samsung’s comparatively affordable cost compared to a Siemens’, maybe it isn’t a good surprise.

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The NZ64K5747BK hits behind with some top-notch features. The Power Boost can be used on any one of a 4 zones – and it packs a genuine punch. If we boost some-more than one section during a time, and have other zones switched on, a Samsung engages some rapid power-management to safeguard sum electricity pull doesn’t surpass 7.2kW maximum.

It’s also value observant that a boost practical to a particular burners in a Flex Zone isn’t utterly as absolute as that practical to a right-hand rings.

For a bustling chef, there’s a keep-warm duty that can be practical to any section and a tellurian postponement button. Should a phone ring, or a lorry spin adult with 6 soaking machines that need unloading (hey, it happens here during contrast HQ), a Pause symbol reduces all zones to smallest appetite until pulpy again.

The underline list is finish with a child lock, a timer with section shut-off, frail red indicators and two-stage residual feverishness showing – reduce box “h” for adult to 55oC, and collateral “H” above. Being a Samsung product, we even get a tiny electronic chime when a hob is powered on or off.

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Samsung NZ64K5747BK – What is it like to use?

The splendid white lettering denoting a hold controls is a tiny some-more clear than ideal for that truly svelte look, though there’s positively no denying their effectiveness. They’re logical, good laid out and easy to operate. They work faultlessly when your hands are dry and even work glorious when they’re damp.

Main operation requires powering up, dire a section and afterwards dire anywhere on a appetite slider. Each section will afterwards come on during limit 15 power. You can behind down a slider for peaceful cooking or strike a “P” symbol during a finish of a slider for Power Boost of a applicable zone.

A section can be switched off with a “off” during a bottom of a slider, or by touching a section name symbol and holding your finger there for dual seconds. All good.

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The Flex Zone control simply links a dual left-hand burners together for incomparable skillets or pans, so providing a singular control slider for a whole area. Other than a Power Boost duty pushing adult both burners to a sum 3.3kW in total, that’s it for Flex Zone functionality.

The timer duty for any section can be set to count down from 99 minutes; it concludes by switching off a zone. The timer can also act as a count-up clock, starting during 0 and going adult to 99 minutes. All actions are accompanied by a pointed beep during any pivotal press as standard, though we do have a choice to spin sounds off.

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In use we unequivocally favourite a Keep Warm feature, given it took a guesswork out of last a spin to set a appetite to grasp a same effect.

The Keep Warm environment pulses appetite to a section to keep a vessel hot, as opposite to provision consistent feverishness that would continue cooking a contents. We attempted this underline with porridge oats for 15 minutes. While a brew was apropos unequivocally stodgy nearby a finish of cooking time, there was positively no blazing or boiling of a oats.

While this Samsung doesn’t use a branded ceramic surface, a potion valid easy to purify and resistant to marks. We used a rougher side of a soaking adult consume to mislay a divert burn, and a aspect was left unadulterated and unmarked.

Samsung warns opposite regulating scouring pads, oppressive chemicals or disintegrating cleaners, instead recommending usually a damp cloth and a dedicated potion scraper for tough cleaning.

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Samsung NZ64K5747BK – Performance

Firing adult during full appetite worked good in use and felt intuitive. It seemed to speed adult cooking, if usually by a few seconds any time. However, it’s this hob’s stupendously quick heat-up times that will unequivocally make a difference.

With a Power Boost underline engaged, this indication incited in a fasted boil-test formula we’ve nonetheless to see. This is interjection to large, well-designed turn burners and glorious appetite boosting.

Our 17cm vessel with 1-litre of H2O was lifted to 90oC in usually 4mins 10secs regulating a smallest burner sketch 1.8kW. Since this is usually a 14.5cm burner, that’s a good outcome – generally deliberation a vessel was, particularly speaking, too large.

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Using possibly of a mid-sized burners on a Flex Zone side was a best compare for a mid-sized 19cm pan. These zones brought 1.5 litres of H2O to 90oC in a super-swift 4mins 29secs while sketch 2.5kW.

The largest section had a advantage of being accurately a same distance as a 21cm pan. It delivered over 3kW of energy, that lifted dual litres of H2O to 90oC in accurately 5 minutes. This is speedy.

Thankfully, this Samsung isn’t usually a appetite monster. The 15 levels of control offer tiny incremental jumps in heating appetite during low levels, providing accurate control over heat and speed of heating. The Keep Warm underline also functioned well, pulsing around 200W of appetite per zone.

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Using thermal imaging, we could see that this Samsung’s turn burners furnish unequivocally even heating opposite turn pans, with usually a smallest cold mark right in a middle. Central cold spots have most reduction conspicuous outcome on cooking evenness than side spots, and will be negated totally by regulating reasonable peculiarity pans.

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Heat was distant reduction even when we placed a skillet tray opposite a Flex Zone. The thermal picture clearly shows a dual particular turn burners heating a pan, with vast areas of a tray remaining cool. With a heavy-base vessel or skillet these cold spots will be minimised, though Samsung’s Flex Zone simply isn’t as stretchable as a selling might have we believe.

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Should we buy a Samsung NZ64K5747BK?

Superb controls, a horde of good features, and a critical Power Boost that delivers super-quick heat-up times make this Samsung initiation hob a genuine star performer during a price.

It’s unequivocally usually this hob’s Flex Zone, that is simply dual turn burners related together and so not indeed that flexible, that we can criticize in this differently good value, good-looking, well-featured hob.


Samsung’s good value Flex Zone hob offers super-fast heat-up and facilities aplenty.

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