Samsung RH57H90507F Food ShowCase Review

What is a Samsung RH57H90507F?

Samsung’s flagship
American-style corresponding fridge freezer has a horde of innovative
features and an well-developed reward finish in an try to transparent its
eye-watering £2,500 cost tag. The superstar is a innovative Samsung
ShowCase pattern on a fridge compartment, that offers a slim
outer doorway to fast perspective a essence and entrance equipment stored in the
door pockets.

The ShowCase doorway is designed to make it easier to reach
frequently used equipment such as divert and juices, and saves appetite as cold
air stays improved trapped inside a fridge cell when a doorway is opened. Grab a hoop a tiny aloft and a whole
door opens to entrance to a full compartment. The plumbed-in ice and
water dispenser has a H2O filter and offers dejected or cubed ice.

a reward model, this Samsung boasts implausible flexibility in interior
storage. It also has high-tech multi-flow atmosphere dissemination cooling with a
washable deodorising filter, an LED control panel, and tip and side LED
lighting inside both compartments. You get a raft of sensors that
detect a heat and steam of your kitchen sourroundings and best
adjust a fridge for arise opening and appetite efficiency.  

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Samsung RH57H90507FSamsung RH57H90507F – How does it look?

stunning… From a sensuous immaculate steel finish with a very
effective anti-fingerprint coating, to a smallest of sum like the
embossed ‘ShowCase’ trademark on a brushed immaculate handles, the
RH57H90507F is an practice in how to make a vast domestic
appliance turn an appealing centre-piece of a kitchen.

ice-blue LED control row is transparent and crisp, and matches a immaculate and
black row nicely. The ice and H2O dispenser area is coolly
minimalist. The season tray underneath a dispenser is rather shoal in an bid not to emanate any visually disruptive lines, so we competence find yourself
wiping this area frequently. All 3 doors
open with a solidly engineered feel and close with a handles perfectly

Inside is no reduction breathtaking, with slim LED
lights designed to irradiate any corner. Opening a outdoor ShowCase
door shows off a huge doorway packets with integrated transparent plastic
drawers, while opening a full doorway reveals nonetheless some-more drawers and a
range of tractable tilt-and-slide potion shelves.

Whichever approach we look
during a RH57H90507F, it’s unequivocally easy on a eye.

Samsung RH57H90507F – How most can we fit in?

title 570 litres of sum chilling space would be of no use unless the
interior was most designed. The freezer gets a skinny finish of the
capacity share with 176 litres, and a satisfactory apportionment of this is eaten into
by a behind of a ice and H2O dispenser. If you’re happy to forgo
the ice making, we can barter out a ice bucket for a tiny food storage
enclosure supplied.

Samsung includes dual larger-capacity drawers for
meat and fish during a bottom, one with a lid that flips adult as we lift it
out, 4 potion shelves and a serve smaller drawer in a upper
section. In further there are there accessible doorway pockets for smaller or
frequently used items. Opinions on shelves in freezer compartments are
divided, as they can reason reduction than a drawer – before things falls out,
anyway – nonetheless they sojourn easier to hunt if not filled to capacity.
The freezer cell is good illuminated from a tip and sides by crisp,
white LED lighting.

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Samsung RH57H90507F
favourite here is a ShowCase fridge compartment, that is, by a good
margin, a unequivocally best allocated fridge space we have nonetheless to test.
The fridge seat has been designed to make use of any litre of
space and safeguard we have present entrance to all areas. The 6 enormous
door pockets alone reason as most as a tiny fridge and can be
accessed from both sides interjection to a outdoor Showcase door.

This doorway is
propitious with Samsung’s Metal Cooling underline to keep furnish stored in
the doorway pockets cool, even if a doorway is non-stop frequently. It opens to
exhibit all 6 pockets, dual of that slip out as drawers for even
easier access. A mid-door shelf has copiousness of room above and comes with a
divider for easy storage of booze and other high bottles.

The ShowCase
door competence not be something we feel is a must-have underline – we
certainly didn’t to start with – though it’s something of a ‘grower’. The
ease of entrance to bland equipment and good slot blueprint are inspired,
and it didn’t take prolonged before we desired a ShowCase design.

categorical cell offers 3 incomparable drawers – one with slide-and-tilt
adjustment, permitting for a largest of bottles to be stored upright. The
space is impossibly good suspicion out and should advantage from a forced
atmosphere cooling to keep a heat unchanging via a entire

When we find something this good designed, we have to get
really picky to find a error – and we still couldn’t.

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Samsung RH57H90507F – How loud is it?

high-tech fridge freezers such as this Samsung are removing quieter and
becoming ever trickier to measure. The ambient sound turn in the
testing lab in a passed of night is around 40dB, from windy and
building noises, creation Samsung’s claimed 39dB a confidant explain indeed.

enough, we could hardly hear a RH57H90507F using and could not
measure it even with a apparatus station in giveaway space. Chances are,
if it is propitious in a kitchen with a behind to a wall and sided by
other cabinets, it will furnish even reduction noise. We interpretation that this
very still apparatus produces 39dB or less, that is about a ambient
noise in a unequivocally still library.

Samsung RH57H90507F – How good does it perform?

set a Samsung RH57H90507F during -18 degrees C in a freezer and 4
degrees in a fridge compartment, with heat sensors placed
via any compartment. In a freezer we put one temperature
sensor in a center of 2 litres of room-temperature H2O to see how
long this reward apparatus would take to solidify massive furnish to the
core. It also helps to settle how fast a heat of solidified food would
be in a eventuality of a energy failure. Analysing a results, this Samsung
produced an unusually consistent, fast and accurate cooling
performance via a test.

In a freezer cell the
water representation achieved -18 degrees C during a core in around 17 hours, with a
unequivocally considerable initial chill-down time to 0 degrees of only two
hours, interjection to a forced atmosphere system. This would make a freezer ideal
for those who solidify a lot of uninformed furnish such as picked fruits or

The tip shelf, center drawer and bottom drawer stabilised very
quickly during precisely -18 degrees C, with a drawers hardly induction /-1 grade possibly approach via a two-day test. The core temperature
of a ice remained during a ruler-flat -18 degrees throughout.

Samsung RH57H90507F

tip shelf predictably showed a tiny some-more fluctuation during /-2 degrees
and suffered a tiny in a three-hour destroy test. Its atmosphere temperature
rose to a rather high -4 degrees C, nonetheless both reduce drawers barely
rose by 5 degrees (to -13 degrees) by a same period. Taking a
worst-case unfolding of food on a tip shelf, we’d guess most
food would be protected for around 10 hours of energy outage, that ties in
with Samsung’s claims.

The Samsung runs a comparatively oppressive defrost cycle
any 11 hours or so, durability about 20 minutes. This quickly raises the
atmosphere heat in a freezer cell to discharge ice build-up,
and in this Samsung’s box causes a atmosphere around a tip shelf in
particular to arise to roughly solidified point. Although some-more aggressive
than many defrost cycles we’ve seen, a brief generation has minimal
effect on solidified foods, with a ice-water representation lifting only 2 degrees
to -16 degrees.

Over in a fridge compartment, a theme
of coherence and accurate heat continues. Thanks again to the
air dissemination cooling, a center shelf, bottom shelf and bottom drawer
totalled 5 degrees, 4 degrees and 3 degrees respectively, with a
fluctuation of hardly /-0.5 degrees via a whole test. The top
shelf averaged precisely 4 degrees, with a standard arise to 6 degrees and
drop to 1 grade – above any ice risk – via a hour-long
compressor cycle.

That’s a truly superb set of technical test
results, creation this Samsung a stream category personality in side-by-side
refrigeration performance.

Samsung RH57H90507F

Samsung RH57H90507F – How most will it cost to run?

a giant-sized cooling ability of a RH57H90507F, we were pleasantly
astounded that it was even some-more spare with electricity than our
previous favourite corresponding model, Samsung’s possess RF24.

calculate that RH57H9050 will use around 406kWh of electricity per
year, that equates to approximately 16p per day. That’s somewhat less
than Samsung’s possess quoted total of 420kWh per year, nonetheless those
with incomparable families and a prohibited kitchen sourroundings will see higher
running costs. For a perfect volume of cooling ability and versatility
of a ice and H2O dispenser, a RH57H90507F is unequivocally rather careful to run.

Should we buy a Samsung RH57H90507F?

is a truly well-developed product, mixing superb pattern with
class-leading technical. We consider a ShowCase doorway will be
copied by a lot of other manufacturers subsequent year – it unequivocally is that
good. The best is frequency inexpensive and a Samsung RH57H90507F Food ShowCase is a very
best corresponding fridge on a marketplace today.

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