Samsung UBD-M9500 Blu-ray

What is a Samsung UBD-M9500?

Samsung’s entrance Ultra HD Blu-ray player, a UBD-K8500, launched final year to good pushing though found itself in a shade of a aloft Panasonic DMP-UB900. Now a Korean hulk is looking to waylay behind a 4K climax with a UBD-M9500, a step-up indication with a slew of new facilities and a revamped design.

At £500, it’s distant from a bill choice – in fact, it’s some-more costly than any of Panasonic, Sony and LG’s latest UHD decks – though I’m anticipating that cost will be fit by a luscious spec and top-drawer 4K pictures. If your bill doesn’t widen that far, a scaled-back UBD-M9000 is accessible for £100 less.

Samsung UBD-M9500

Samsung UBD-M9500 – Design and Connections

One of my categorical criticisms of a UBD-K8500 was a lightweight build quality, that compared unfavourably with Panasonic’s some-more strong players. The UBD-M9500 is somewhat improved, though a cosmetic surrounding still has a atmosphere of a bill actor – during this cost I’d design something a tiny some-more luxurious.

That said, it’s a devilishly attractive deck, with chamfered edges and black brush-effect panels. Like a K8500, a bodywork echoes a figure of Samsung’s winding TVs and a comparatively slim tallness (45mm) brings sanctified service in swarming AV racks.

Samsung UBD-M9500

The many acquire cosmetic disproportion between this and a K8500 is a further of an OLED display, placed on a tilted front edge. It’s a tiny too tiny to review from a sofa, though a useful standing messages mislay a guesswork concerned when regulating a K8500.

There are other pointed cosmetic changes – a USB pier has been changed from a front to a side and a front tray trademark has been private – though on a whole it looks identical to a K8500. Running along a front corner are extending touch-sensitive energy and eject buttons, alongside a tiny energy LED.

Samsung UBD-M9500Samsung UBD-M9500

On a back, dual HDMI outputs concede we to separate a video and audio signals, that is useful if your AV receiver can’t pass by 4K signals. An visual outlay is also provided, alongside an Ethernet pier for connected tie to a router, that is endorsed if we devise to do a lot of media streaming.

But if we esteem preference over trustworthiness afterwards there’s built-in Wi-Fi with support for 801.11ac. The side-mounted USB pier allows we to play music, video and design files.

Samsung UBD-M9500 – Features

The UBD-M9500 offers a garland of new tricks, including a nifty Blu-ray to Mobile underline that beams 4K and unchanging Blu-ray discs to an Android smartphone. So if you’re examination a compare on TV though a kids wish to watch a movie, pitch them your phone, tide a front and everyone’s happy.

Samsung UBD-M9500

It works with UHD discs and even transmits intelligent calm and overlaid menus. we managed to get it operative with a Samsung Galaxy S6. It froze a integrate of times, though it’s a nifty tiny feature.

You can also send phone calm in a other instruction with Screen Mirroring, or lamp song to a actor around Bluetooth and spin old-school amps into wireless systems. Another neat Bluetooth pretence allows we to lamp audio from a actor to Bluetooth headphones, something Samsung calls Private Cinema Mode. It’s good if we wish to watch a film late though waking a whole household.

The M9500 also lets we watch calm taken on Gear 360 or YouTube 360 videos and control them with a player’s remote. You need to modify Gear 360 calm on a Galaxy smartphone or PC first, and watch them around a USB port.

Samsung UBD-M9500

Away from these new-fangled highlights, a M9500 does many of a bread and butter things we’ve come to design of a Blu-ray deck, including playback of UHD and unchanging Blu-ray, DVDs and CDs. You even get a duplicate of Planet Earth II on UHD Blu-ray in a box.

However, one thing it won’t do is play 3D Blu-ray discs, that might simulate a shrinking recognition though won’t stir those with a vast collection of 3D movies. It doesn’t play SACD or DVD-Audio discs either, both of that are upheld by a Sony UBP-X800.

Samsung UBD-M9500

Another poignant repudiation is Dolby Vision, a modernized form of HDR, that uses energetic metadata to optimise design peculiarity support by frame. Samsung says there’s no direct for it, and while that might be a box during present, a deficiency could be a understanding breaker for some as calm increases – quite as LG’s UP970 and a Oppo UDP-203 both support it.

The M9500 offers DLNA media streaming from PCs and NAS drives, including hi-res FLAC, WAV, AAC and AIFF adult to 192kHz/24-bit and a extensive operation of video codecs.

If your ardour for party still isn’t sated by that tiny lot, a UBD-M9500 lets we entrance an far-reaching operation of online apps – around 300 in sum – including Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube (all with 4K and HDR content) and Google Play, BBC iPlayer, All 4, My5, Spotify and Deezer. The usually vital one we couldn’t find was ITV Hub.Samsung UBD-M9500

Samsung UBD-M9500 – Operation

Samsung has wisely switched to a Eden user interface (powered by a Tizen OS) introduced on a 2016 Smart TVs. As a result, a UBD-M9500 is a dream to use, charity larger coherence and better-looking menus than a UBD-K8500.

The Home menu is a ensign during a bottom of a screen, containing a quarrel of tiles. Here you’ll find a preference of downloaded apps – that can be edited – alongside a hunt tool, source selection, apps and settings. In any case, a second tier displays a applicable options.

It also contains a preference of ‘quick settings’, permitting we to name a audio outlay format, change menu distance and switch design modes. There are Standard, Movie, Dynamic and User design settings, a latter permitting we to tweak sound reduction, sharpness and brightness.

Samsung UBD-M9500

It’s fast, stylish and intuitive. we adore a approach we can entrance a Home menu as a film plays and many apps glow adult from a Home menu in rebate than a second – doing so on a K8500 restarted a disc.

Integration between this actor and a Samsung TV is seamless. You can control both regulating a Smart Remote that ships with Samsung’s latest sets, that creates life remarkably easy. In fact, those with an all-Samsung complement can flattering most squeeze any of a remotes and find a duty they want.

Samsung UBD-M9500

The UBD-M9500’s possess remote is another vast improvement. The slim, pithy handset sports an arched behind that fits absolutely in a palm. The organisation buttons are clearly noted and cleverly organised, with a vast instruction pad creation menu navigation a cinch. It might sound pardonable though a biggest alleviation is a further of hunt buttons – on a K8500’s clunky remote we had to reason down a section skip keys, that was a pain.

There’s no need to spend ages tinkering with a (admittedly pointy ) setup menus, either. Unlike a UBD-K8500, that took during slightest 5 menu stairs to activate HDR, a M9500 configures itself for HDR calm automatically when connected to a Samsung UHD TV.

Similarly, we don’t need to name a ‘Bitstream (Unprocessed)’ audio environment to make a M9500 outlay Dolby Atmos or DTS:X – it analyses your audio complement and selects a scold mode automatically.

Samsung UBD-M9500 – Performance

The M9500 runs quieter than a K8500, responds quick and loads UHD Blu-ray discs during considerable speed. Kingsman: The Secret Service and Life of Pi started personification 20 seconds after shutting a tray – a same as a unchanging Blu-ray disc. That’s excellent.

And as a streamer, a M9500 is quick and elementary to use. It dived frankly into my packaged NAS expostulate and started personification marks though hesitation. The Now Playing shade is jazzed adult by cover art and a useful playback reserve on a right-hand side of a screen.

Samsung UBD-M9500

Samsung UBD-M9500

That said, a structure could be softened somewhat once we strech your preferred manuscript or playlist – a lane thumbnails are displayed in a confused adult order, creation them harder to brand than they should be.

The UBD-M9500 serves adult wealthy UHD Blu-ray pictures. Life of Pi explodes from a shade with masses of excellent fact and truly life-like colours. Excellent contrariety keeps a design abounding and punchy as a camera drinks in a epic Indian landscapes.

As a opening credits play over shots of animals, scaly skin and strands of fur are beautifully rendered. You can collect out particular leaves in trees and a murky textures of a hippo enclosure. The clarification is stunning.

Samsung UBD-M9500

The HDR-enhanced colours aren’t usually beautiful though also finely nuanced and uniformly gradated. Skin tones demeanour healthy and shades of immature are rebate ornate than a unchanging Blu-ray. Clarity and colour virginity are tip drawer – we can’t make out any banding, retard sound or other artefacts.

I compared a M9500’s cinema to those of a K8500 and there doesn’t seem to be a vital step-up in design peculiarity with UHD discs. Thankfully, there are adequate underline upgrades elsewhere to clear a aloft price.

The UBD-M9500 also renders unchanging Blu-ray discs with a certain hand, creation a minute landscapes in The Martian demeanour remarkably pointy and focused. Here we could see a slight alleviation over final year’s indication – a M9500’s images looked somewhat crook and some-more composed. It also streams hi-definition video calm like a champ, charity crisp, plain cinema with no buffering problems over Wi-Fi.

Samsung UBD-M9500

Audio-wise, a digital-only outlay means sound peculiarity is dynamic by a peculiarity of your system, though streaming Bluetooth by a actor from a Samsung Galaxy phone valid a novel and available feature. A Now Playing shade appears when a song plays, arrangement a applicable metadata and an charcterised EQ meter.

Samsung UBD-M9500

Should we buy a Samsung UBD-M9500?

Samsung’s flagship 4K Blu-ray rug offers a outrageous alleviation over final year’s UBD-K8500, throwing in some honestly useful new facilities and upgrading to a aloft Eden interface. Simplified audio/HDR setup and a new OLED arrangement are acquire additions, while Samsung’s typically inexhaustible operation of apps and streaming facilities make it a shining all-round party hub.

In terms of design opening a UBD-M9500 serves adult beautiful images, packaged with fact and swimming in beautiful deep, healthy colours. The advantages of UHD Blu-ray have frequency been clearer.

On a downside, a below-par build should be improved for a money, while a miss of support for 3D Blu-ray and Dolby Vision are unsatisfactory for such an costly player. The deficiency of Dolby Vision isn’t a outrageous understanding right now though will turn an emanate as a marketplace grows, while a miss of 3D will provoke those with vast collections of stereoscopic content.

But if we can live with those omissions, a UBD-M9500 is good value considering. It’s a pointy and worldly UHD Blu-ray actor that brings out a best in a nascent 4K format.


Samsung’s next-gen UHD Blu-ray rug improves on a prototype with a beefed-up underline list, a pointy new handling complement and overwhelming 4K pictures. Build peculiarity could be better, however, and it lacks facilities found on opposition players.

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