Samsung UE55MU8000 TV

What is a Samsung UE55MU8000?

The Samsung KS7000 won a TrustedReviews endowment for TV of a Year in 2016.

That wasn’t given it was a best-performing TV of 2016. There were objectively some-more able alternatives. Instead it took a esteem given it managed to pierce a hugely considerable 4K and HDR observation knowledge down to a reasonable price, during a time when many manufacturers were renting a tech for flagship units.

This year, a Samsung has done a indicate of dividing a reward TVs from a midrange. The poetic quantum dot record that propped adult comparison SUHD models is now indifferent for a top-tier QLED range, along with ramped adult luminance and a proportionately aloft cost tag.

If that’s a bit abounding for you, afterwards cruise a MU range. The MU8000 sits during a tip of that with a Samsung MU9000. While it’s transparent that Samsung has indifferent a best for a QLED range, a MU8000 packs a few pleasing surprises. If you’re after a good 4K and HDR opening and you’re not hell-bent on holding out a debt for a QLED model, a MU8000 competence be for you.

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Samsung MU8000 5

Samsung UE55MU8000 – Design

It’s flat. That competence seem like an peculiar place to start, yet Samsung is a customarily manufacturer still strongly pulling winding TVs. For those who aren’t fans of a MU9000’s curve, a MU8000 is a ideal choice given they share radically a same specs elsewhere.

The pattern takes a cues from final year’s tip KS models – slim bezels (the tip and sides, anyway) and a Y-shaped stand. The skinny support surrounding a TV is metal, yet everywhere else is plastic. To be blunt, it feels a small inexpensive adult tighten – we beheld a few severe edges when we was environment it up, and a single-neck proceed means it will stagger a bit if we poke it.

Still, it looks good from a sofa. And on a unsentimental note I’m blissful to see a TV with a centre stand, as against to carrying feet right during a corners – we don’t afterwards need a dais as far-reaching as a TV.

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Samsung MU8000 3

As is now normal on Samsung’s some-more imagination TVs, a bulk of a connectors are housed alone in a One Connect box. There are 4 HDMI ports (all 4K and HDR compatible) and dual USB ports alongside a aerial connectors and a digital visible output. On a TV itself, there is also an ethernet vale and one some-more USB port.

Sadly, there’s no pointer of a super-thin, roughly invisible wire that runs from a TV to a One Connect box. It’s a unchanging corpulent cable, nonetheless a stand’s behind peels divided to exhibit a neat wire government channel.

There are dual remotes: a normal one with loads of buttons and a ‘smart’ one with a streamlined pattern and fewer buttons. TV intelligent remotes are always a bit strike and miss, yet Samsung’s bid is one of a softened ones and we found myself regulating it a lot some-more than a normal one. This year’s intelligent remote has been softened with softened hold and rubberised buttons.

Samsung MU8000

Samsung UE55MU8000 – Features

The MU8000 has a 10-bit row with a 4K Ultra HD fortitude (3840 × 2160 pixels). It offers high energetic operation in a common HDR10 format, as good as a arriving broadcast-friendly HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma).

Alas, there’s no Dolby Vision, that is ordinarily deliberate softened than HDR10 given a energetic metadata can be used to optimise a design support by frame. But Samsung isn’t statute out energetic metadata – it’s charity HDR10+, a aspirant to Dolby Vision. HDR10+ is an open-source format, that Amazon Video has already sealed adult to use.

It’s an edge-lit LED section – Samsung isn’t charity a singular direct-lit section this year. I’d be unequivocally disturbed about this if it weren’t for a fact that final year’s Samsung KS7000 offering some unequivocally considerable dimming skills. Samsung is clearly confident.

Samsung MU8000 11

The MU8000 has a claimed liughtness of 1000 nits. That’s a spin of liughtness offering by final year’s tip models, yet reduction than Samsung’s QLED operation this year, that can strike 1500-2000 nits.

Samsung has been rocking a Quantum Dot record for a few years now, yet this year that’s been indifferent for a QLED models, such as a Samsung Q7F. Instead, a MU8000 relies on a ‘Dynamic Crystal Colour’ engine, that claims to broach some-more than a billion shades.

On a intelligent TV front, a MU8000 is versed with Samsung’s Eden interface. It’s a launcher bar complement that pops adult on tip of whatever you’re watching, yet creation we postponement or kicking we out.

A integrate of years ago we would have indicted Samsung of shamelessly ripping off LG’s webOS interface, yet these days it’s grown to be a opposite beast. The launcher bar offers dual tiers of icons, some of that are customisable. It’s a discerning approach to burst between your elite apps and sources, and it’s as easy as channel hopping.

I unequivocally like a approach a interface automatically recognises what sources you’ve plugged in – a MU8000 rightly identified my diversion consoles and approximate sound amplifier.

Samsung MU8000 17

Samsung UE55MU8000 – Performance

Picture opening is unequivocally impressive, as prolonged as we rage your expectations. After all, 4K HDR TVs are still in their relations infancy, and if we step divided from a slicing corner models, we will finish adult with some-more compromises. The MU8000’s design peculiarity is a churned bag, yet a good does transcend a bad.

I’ll start with a negatives. As is common with edge-lit LED TVs, there are some lighting issues. we spasmodic speckled some clouding. It’s generally conspicuous in dim areas during a tip and bottom of a shade – if you’re examination a film with black bars tip and bottom, you’re some-more expected to see it. It’s flattering mild, as distant as clouding goes – there’s reduction here than there was on final year’s KS7000, you’ll customarily unequivocally see it in a dim room and even afterwards it’s positively probable to get used to it. The prosaic form cause of a MU8000 competence assistance – a examination of a winding Samsung MU9000 had distant harsher difference in this department.

Viewing angles aren’t amazing. Samsung has left for a VA row here, that is good for contrariety yet bad for pointed viewing. If we pierce out of 25-30 degrees from centre, you’ll start to remove out on contrariety and saturation, and a lighting will demeanour noticeably non-uniform.

As for colours, I’ve seen stronger from Samsung, and this is clearly second-tier performance. What we get here is copiousness vibrant, yet a Quantum Dot models this year and final year only demeanour richer and some-more subtle, with a some-more sundry palette. There is also spasmodic some striping in HDR. Thankfully it’s rare, though.

Samsung MU8000 15

Moving on to a positives. What we unequivocally like about a MU8000 is a contrast. It gets copiousness bright, and it gets copiousness dark. It’s not utterly 1000 nits – we’re looking during a limit of about 700, yet that’s adequate to give we a discernible visible impact, generally when a blacks are so impressive.

Blacks unequivocally demeanour black, rather than somewhat vale and grey, that is what I’ve come to design from LED LCD TVs. There’s not as many above-black shade fact as we competence find on a good OLED TV, and we get minimal abrasive on all yet a many impassioned of HDR pictures.

Highlights do unequivocally good too, with small writing on splendid areas such as headlamps and explosions. Combine a dual and you’ve got a spin of contrariety and impetus clever adequate to give we that HDR hit.

Samsung MU8000 13

Let’s not forget a 4K component – Samsung’s mastered a resolution. The design is copiousness sharp, with loads of glorious hardness yet though a overly processed demeanour that can come from being a small too enthusiastic. Upscaling from HD and standard-definition sources demeanour purify too, with not scarcely as many design sound as there could be.

Gamers will be gratified to know a Samsung MU8000 does good on a latency front. The 24ms submit loiter we rescued isn’t as considerable as a 21ms figure we available on a LG Signature G7 OLED, yet it is some-more than good adequate for rival online gaming.

A final word on audio opening – it’s zero to write home about. It’s glorious for a news, yet for any critical observation I’d suggest a correct sound system, or during slightest a soundbar.

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Samsung MU8000 9

To get a many out of a MU8000, here are some set adult tips. I’d suggest regulating a Standard design preset – while we customarily disciple a Movie mode, we feel this one is too pale and soft. Go with Standard and poke a colour heat to Warm.

For splendid room HDR viewing, I’d suggest carrying Contrast Enhancer and Local Dimming on high. For dim room HDR viewing, you’ll wish to spin those down to Standard or Low so that we can equivocate saying a sensuous – yet note that this does hit your liughtness down.

Lastly, a suit estimate is distant too assertive by default, so go into Custom mode and manually hit a anti-blur and anti-judder settings down – we have it no aloft than 3.

Samsung MU8000 19

Should we buy a Samsung UE55MU8000?

If you’re after that HDR punch, yet your bill doesn’t widen to a reward QLED or OLED model, afterwards there’s copiousness to like here. There are a few teenager drawbacks, yet a MU8000’s strengths simply transcend a flaws. The contrariety here is glorious for a non-premium TV, and if it’s impact you’re after we won’t be disappointed.

Alternatively, if it’s sensuous HDR colours we want, and you’re not as fussed about liughtness and dynamism, it’s also value checking out a Sony KD-55XE8596.


Samsung proves that we don’t need to spend a happening to conclude 4K and HDR.

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