Samsung WD906U4SAGD Review

What is a Samsung WD906U4SAGD?

A underline packaged all-in-one washer dryer with an considerable 9kg bucket ability for soaking or we can rinse and dry a 6kg bucket all in one go. It also facilities Samsung’s a same ecobubble rinse record as a glorious Samsung WF90F7E6U6W soaking machine, where a fatty stew is combined by blending a antiseptic with both atmosphere and H2O before a cycle begins, enabling a froth to dig low into a fibres faster than a compulsory wash. This enables rinse opening during cooler temperatures to be as effective as warmer temperatures, that in spin saves appetite and regulating costs.

The embossed lifted figure of a Diamond Drum, singular to Samsung, allows a garments some-more hit with a H2O and drum, while smaller H2O holes forestall repairs and snagging. It is claimed that this provides low purify formula even for a many ethereal washing. The atmosphere rinse cycle kindly removes upsetting smells and sanitizes soaking though water, so is ideal for some dry-clean-only garments with no need for chemicals.

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Samsung WD906U4SAGD: What is it like to use?

The categorical controls are sincerely self-explanatory with all a programmes set around a vast dial that illuminates your comparison setting. There is also a some-more minute panel, illuminated with immature LEDs, that shows a comparison programme in some-more fact and allows we to manually change a involuntary settings, for instance a spin speed or temperature.

The ecobubble rinse is customary for all programmes though can be manually incited off if required. The Samsung WD906U4SAGD does not precisely clarity a bucket weight though roughly calculates a rinse time and displays this as a countdown timer. This was found to be rather variable, though corrects itself as a rinse cycle proceeds. On execution we get Samsung’s contented tune, that is fun for about a initial half a dozen washes. After that it can simply be incited off.

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Samsung WD906U4SAGD: What programmes does it have?

There are 9 involuntary rinse programmes to select from as good as Samsung’s My Cycle symbol that allows we to pattern and save your possess bespoke programme for use in a future. Manual options for tweaking a temperature, spin speed and series of rinses is also available. Alongside a common cotton, fake and woollen washes, there is a baby caring programme that has additional rinses to safeguard no antiseptic excess is left behind. A discerning 15-minute wash, one of a quickest on a market, a super eco rinse and an outside caring rinse for sportswear fibres finish a customary programme line-up. As if that isn’t enough, there are also 2 atmosphere rinse cycles for possibly deodorisation or sanitization. These modernise though regulating H2O and differ by their cycle times of 29 mins or 59 minutes.

Things get a small some-more formidable when we start to confederate this machine’s drying functions. If selecting a stand-alone drying programme we have 4 choices on a dial; sideboard dry, iron dry, low heat drying for ethereal fabrics or a primer drying time choice. There is also an choice to entirely rinse and dry a finish bucket automatically by selecting a preferred rinse cycle afterwards dire a drying symbol regularly until a preferred drying cycle is highlighted. Obviously your rinse bucket is singular to a limit drying bucket of 6kg or lower, depending of rinse cycle, in this case. For caring for a tangible appurtenance there is an eco drum purify that  flushes out built-up residues and is endorsed after each 40 washes.

Samsung WD906U4SAGD: How shrill is it?

This appurtenance totalled sincerely still on a rinse cycle (57dB) and comparatively still on a spin cycle (70dB), though it did go by a proviso of carrying a rather shrill clap (72dB) on stealing adult to tip spin speed – a sound sincerely suggestive of an comparison character soaking appurtenance that everybody remembers. Ordinarily we’d  have put this  down to an lunatic bucket , though a same sound happened on all a rinse loads.

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Samsung WD906U4SAGD: How good does it rinse and dry?

We ran 4 opposite rinse cycles for a tests; a 40°C string rinse with a 7.2kg (80%) full bucket during 1400 spin speed; a 40°C string rinse with 3kg (50% of 6kg) bucket all a approach by to dry; a 40°C string rinse with a 3.6kg (40%) bucket during 1200 spin speed and afterwards a same rinse though this time in super eco mode. We did not use a full 9kg bucket as regulating 80% is regarded as some-more picturesque for day-to-day usage. We also enclosed a exam mark frame in a initial rinse that was stained with dusty on ketchup, coffee, blood, red booze and engine oil and cleared regulating a non-biological detergent.

The timings for all a washes were a non-static feast, with a initial rinse regulating over by usually 16 mins from a 3 hours 5 mins indicated. This full rinse also valid effective in spinning divided a infancy of water, withdrawal 2.7kg (38%) of H2O weight from a dry 7.2kg starting weight load. All of a stains on a frame were removed, detached from a tough engine oil. This got noticeably lighter in colour though is doubtful to be private though a assistance of biological powder. Using an normal appetite cost of 15p per KWh during a time of this review, this cycle worked out costing rather high 26p per wash.

The other dual ‘wash only’ cycle formula were matching visually though a string rinse took an additional 53 mins longer than a 2 hours 3 mins quoted – a really vast disproportion compared to a soaking machines we’ve reviewed. The super eco rinse timing was some-more accurate, with an additional 9 mins combined to a 2 hours 13 quoted. Both washes left 1.5kg (42%) of H2O weight from a dry 3.6kg weight. Washer-dryers are frequency as fit as dedicated apart soaking and drying machines though in super eco mode a Samsung did work out during a really spare 10p per wash. However a string rinse came in during a large 24p per wash. Considering this was usually for a 3.6kg load, and a 7.2kg bucket cost usually 2p per cycle more, users would be good suggested to safeguard they max-out their rinse day loads to save income over a year.

The drying cycle was really effective in stealing all a dampness in a wash,  though decrease drying  is never going to be a inexpensive approach of drying your clothes. While a Samsung is indeed one of a some-more spare dryers on a market, adding a drying duty to a string half load  used an additional 0.978KWh,  adding 15p to a cost of a wash. Interestingly, a Samsung indicated a full unwashed to dry cycle would take over 6hrs though it indeed came in during around 4 and half with a exam load. This is expected to be non-static on a form of soaking and how good it responds to decrease drying.

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Samsung WD906U4SAGD: How most will it cost to run?

Based on an normal UK domicile use (200 x 40°C 80% max bucket and 40 x 40°C 40% half bucket with a 50/50 separate on normal and eco programmes), a Samsung WD906U4SAGD’s annual regulating cost is a sincerely unbending £58.74. Over a life of a appurtenance that is expected to be a aloft cost than a appurtenance itself, and it’s around £20 to £25 per year some-more than true soaking machines like a Panasonic NA-140VZ4 and LG F14A8FDA.

However, a Samsung is one of a some-more careful washer dryers for a drying cycle. In a tests drying a half bucket combined usually 15p (1kw) to a cycle, so if we did 100 x half bucket drying cycles per year it would supplement around £15 to your annual regulating costs. Do note that a form of garments and a grade of dryness comparison will change a tangible costs. Specific total for energy and H2O use are listed during a bottom of this review.

Should we buy a Samsung WD906U4SAGD?

This is a good all-in-one washer dryer ideal for a bustling domicile and gives we a choice to usually wash, usually dry or do both. Its soaking cycle costs in energy and H2O are not a best, though it creates adult for it in a really fit drying opening and a reasonable price, so it’s really a appurtenance to cruise if we are a complicated decrease dryer user. As an combined reward a atmosphere rinse cycle could revoke your annual dry-cleaning bills.

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*Annual figure formed on a normal UK domicile regulating 200 x 40°C 80% max loads and 40 x 40°C 40% half loads (50/50 separate normal eco).
** Annual drying total formed on a 40% half bucket and 100 drying cycles per year.

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