Samsung Xpress C1860FW Printer Review

What is a Samsung Xpress C1860FW?

Since it entered it, Samsung has taken a estimable share of a colour laser printer and all-in-one market. The Xpress operation has innovated with comforts such as NFC tie for easy mobile imitation and a C1860FW claims partially high speeds and boasts useful touchscreen control. It’s directed during tiny businesses and workgroups.

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Samsung Xpress C1860FW

Samsung Xpress C1860FW – Design and Features

In a black/brown and dark grey livery, a appurtenance sits utterly high off a desk, yet has a partially tiny footprint, as compensation. The flatbed scanner is propitious with a 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) though, like a imitation engine itself, it’s a single-sided device.

In front of a scanner, occupying about dual thirds of a printer’s width, is a control row featuring a 110mm colour touchscreen, that handles many of a machine’s controls. The exceptions are Start and Stop buttons and a series pad for fax series entrance and secure printing.

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Samsung Xpress C1860FW - Controls

Samsung Xpress C1860FW – Connections and Installation

Set into a right post next a control row is a USB hollow and this can be used for copy papers and as a end for scans. At a bottom of a categorical printer territory of a device is a 250-sheet paper tray, yet there’s no choice to boost this by adding an additional tray.

There’s also a multi-purpose feed, yet it’s utterly a business to use. Normally, a singular piece feed is a container in a front of a printer where we can feed letterheads or envelopes. Here though, we have to mislay a categorical paper tray and slip a one-off media into place, before replacing a tray. It creates it frequency value using.

The Samsung C1860FW comes with USB and gigabit Ethernet connections, yet to get a many use of a facilities, we need to bond it wirelessly. You afterwards have network printing, yet also approach imitation from mobile devices, that advantages from a daub and imitation comforts supposing by NFC.

If we possess a Samsung Galaxy S phone, we don’t even need to download Samsung’s mobile imitation app, as a inclination can see this appurtenance directly and imitation to it.

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