SanDisk Clip Sport Review

What is a SanDisk Clip Sport?

The SanDisk Clip Sport is an MP3 actor with an integrated belt clip, that turns it into a flattering permitted tool for runners and gym fans. It’s also small, light and sincerely cheap. It’s not all that most opposite from a prior SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip, yet a doubling of battery life creates it a softened player.

SanDisk Clip Sport – Design and Features

Convenience and portability are dual of a categorical aims of a SanDisk Clip Sport. Its footprint is smaller than an iPad nano’s, and it is roughly totally giveaway of gimmicks.

There’s no touchscreen operation, no diseased inner speaker, no Bluetooth or NFC. A no-nonsense proceed is something that competence be deliberate a side outcome of being done by a association that doesn’t need to make song players that ‘stand out’. It offers a cheaper, mostly-reliable alternatives to Apple’s players. That’s it.

The SanDisk Clip Sport is an all-plastic actor with 6 clicky buttons on a front and a volume rocker on a side. It feels sincerely well-made, nonetheless nowhere nearby a spin of a simpler, steel iPod shuffle.

It’s a tiny bit slimmer than a Zip Clip we reviewed dual years ago, yet differently they’re unequivocally similar. There’s a corpulent belt shave on a behind and an unprotected microSD container on a right edge. There’s no worrying flexing, yet a cosmetic shade cover is expected to get scratched sincerely fast if you’re not careful.

Although SanDisk labels a Clip Sport as an MP3 actor for active types, there are usually dual facilities behind this. One is apparent – a belt clip. The other is a flattering elementary span of Sport ‘apps’. You get a timer and a stopwatch. These were benefaction in a Clip Zip too, flattering most confirming that this actor has usually been conspicuously labelled a ‘sport’ tool to assist sales and selling – it’s a same as a other Clip players really.

Adding Bluetooth would have done this some-more convincing (headphone cables can get in a approach when you’re running), yet would have presumably have upped a cost too. The 8GB chronicle of a actor costs £49.99, a 4GB £35.

The SanDisk Clip Sport’s pattern is flattering handy. When hold single-handed a buttons are simply permitted with a singular thumb, and a side volume rocker is heavily contoured so we don’t need to demeanour during a thing while changing volume.

There’s one transparent hardware underline blank – a close switch. We complained about this final time we reviewed one of SanDisk’s players, and zero has changed. If you’re regulating a Clip Sport as a sporty actor it’s not a deal-breaker. However, it’s not so good if we wish an bland actor – changing marks incidentally while it’s in your slot is common and writing it on your garments in a bustling city sourroundings is a certain approach to get your actor nicked.

There are also nothing of a neat additional pieces we get in one of Apple’s players. The Clip Sport won’t work with earphone remote controls, it won’t remember where we were navigating in your song library should we leave a actor for utterly a while, and it won’t postponement song when we unplug your earphones.

It’s inexpensive and cheerful, and formally comes in a garland of colours. We usually attempted a tedious black version, yet there are 5 additional shades. They’re not all accessible in both storage sizes, though. This is another flattering common critique of a Clip choice that stays unfixed.

SanDisk Clip Sport – Screen and Interface

Aside from a buttons, a lead hardware underline is a SanDisk Clip Sport’s screen. Some MP3 players during a cost don’t have a shade during all.

It’s a 1-inch 128 x 128 pixel LCD display. That’s somewhat higher-res than a 96 x 96 pixel shade of a Clip Zip, yet it’s still flattering low-res compared with today’s phones, and a 240 x 432 pixel shade of a iPod nano. As we saw with a Clip Sport’s build, it’s not utterly Apple-grade. The row peculiarity is usually OK, with flattering serious contrariety change should we spin a shade during a wrong angle.

But it’s not bad. It’s a full colour display, and a interface creates good use of a colour palette. It’s bright, it’s charming and utterly elementary too, with nothing of a fiddliness of some other bill players.

However, during playback a artist and lane names get exceedingly sidelined in foster of manuscript art. We’d cite to see clearer lane details, generally as a manuscript covers don’t demeanour good on such a tiny, low-res screen.

Extra beside a stopwatch embody an FM radio, a record browser and a request reader, that isn’t most use interjection to a tiny shade size.

SanDisk Clip Sport – Sound Quality and Battery Life

These days a tiny inexpensive actor doesn’t need to meant a concede in sound quality. The SanDisk Clip Sport offers decent sound peculiarity and – as prolonged as we don’t name Europe as your segment – masses of volume.

You’re asked to name your segment on start-up, and if we name Europe a actor is subjected to intensely assertive volume limitating that effectively hull a actor with any earphones that are remotely tough to drive.

To get a correct perspective on a SanDisk Clip Sport’s sound peculiarity we compared it with an iPod Classic – a benchmark of reasonable, yet not staggering, sound. Maximum volume on a SanDisk is greater, and a breadth of a soundstage is utterly similar.

However, display of a mid-range is different. The Clip Sport has most some-more up-front, harder mids, creation vocals sound closer to your ears. The softer, some-more disband mids of a iPod Classic are a tiny easier on a ear, and a Clip Sport can sound a tiny oppressive during times. However, in pristine sound peculiarity terms they are roughly allied – not great, yet decent.

A large sound peculiarity win for a Clip Sport, though, is codec support. As good as a common AAC and MP3, a actor supports FLAC and OGG files. These aren’t upheld by iPods, or Sony’s low-cost ‘sporty’ MP3 players.

There is an EQ to palm too, yet it’s flattering poor. The presets are rather crude, and a tradition ‘user’ mode isn’t worldly adequate to be quite useful.

It’s a same setup we saw in a Clip Zip. However, battery life has been softened hugely given that model. It has left from 12 hours to 25. These numbers describe to personification 128kbps MP3s on loop, so tangible opening will be a satisfactory bit worse. However, it means a disproportion between charging once a week and each integrate of days – a outrageous improvement. We got by a week’s use off a charge.

You get a span of earphones in a box, and they’re of reasonable quality. They’re IEM-type isolating earphones – a bit bassy and with usually entry-level sound, yet not terrible.

Should we buy a SanDisk Clip Sport?

The SanDisk Clip Sport is a flattering unsentimental MP3 actor during a reasonable price. You get storage expansion, a colour shade and good record support for £40. And that’s not bad. You can save even some-more income if we go for a ‘no-brand’ choice like a Kubik Evo, and aside from softened battery life there’s frequency any advantage over SanDisk’s comparison players. Still, battery life matter.

The MP3 actor marketplace is in such a discontinued state that we’ve learnt not to design most ‘innovation’ in new products, and we don’t find it here either. However, it’s a good bill choice to an iPod shuffle.


The SanDisk Clip Sport is a small, sincerely inexpensive MP3 player. It doesn’t have a shimmer of Apple and there are few improvements over aged models, yet it is better.

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