Save lives with your smartphone regulating a SureWash Pocket App

SureWash slot app uses a camera to magnitude your palm hygiene

turning palm hygiene into a game

Description of a SureWash Pocket APP

The SureWash Pocket app teaches we World Health Organisation palm hygiene guidelines. To use a app lay a phone on a list and a front confronting camera will magnitude your palm hygiene skills. Your clergyman Jimmy a Germ will uncover we how to improve. Passing any turn builds your skills and turn 5 is a test, can we remember a process though prompts?

Impact of SureWash Pocket on Hospital Acquired infections

80% of infections are transmitted on a hands. Studies uncover that a WHO process is a many effective approach to kill germs on hands though it can be formidable to learn. SureWash Pocket creates this training fun and permitted to all. In hospitals 50% of infections are preventable by improved palm hygiene practices.

Why SureWash Pocket was developed

While operative in hospitals we met cancer and dialysis patients that wanted to revoke their risk of throwing infections though they had unequivocally few collection to learn improved palm hygiene. So, we grown a giveaway SureWash Pocket app to concede them to learn effective palm hygiene regulating a scientifically proven WHO method. We trust that improved peculiarity palm hygiene will assistance forestall infections in hospitals and in home care.

Customer Testimonial

“Our Students returned for their soak and were means to use a SureWash GO hand hygiene trainer. They became unequivocally rival and unequivocally schooled a motions of correct palm hygiene.  The flesh memory sticks with we and many students, myself included, now find ourselves soaking a hands a correct approach each time.  One tyro pronounced to me today, we need to keep practicing on a SureWash Pocket app so we don’t forget.  This is a idea as educators and SureWash has combined a fun approach for students to engage, learn, and quarrel a widespread of infection.” 

—  Mary Showstark, Educator, 

Yale PA online program, Yale Medical School, New Haven, CT, USA

Where can we get SureWash Pocket

SureWash Pocket is giveaway on a Apple APP Store and a Google Play Store.

Company Description

SureWash ( develops palm hygiene training and monitoring solutions for medical organisations. SureWash’s goal is to revoke a impact of preventable infections by technology. The association spun out of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2010 and has been delivering record solutions and interactive training games that urge a efficacy of palm hygiene.