Saygus V2 Phone Review

You substantially haven’t listened of Saygus and that’s given a US-based phone manufacturer has been still in new years given it denounced a V phone that never incited up. It’s readying a lapse with a Saygus V2 (squared) 5-inch Android smartphone that’s congested with facilities in all a right places.

Watch a hands-on video of a Saygus V2

The mostly operative prolongation indication we had a possibility to play with wasn’t wholly in a best of shape, yet there was adequate to advise this is a phone to take notice off if it meets a scheduled tellurian 2015 launch.

Its pattern won’t disturb we in a same approach a One M8 or a iPhone 6 competence yet that doesn’t meant it’s ugly. The V2 has a status that’s Samsung Galaxy S5-esque from a behind and adult front, it resembles a phone with a box glued onto it. It’s indeed a tough kevlar trim that extends to a behind and is somewhat recessed so sits above a shade to supplement insurance when a phone falls face first. It’s waterproof too and though those irritating seals interjection to record from waterproofing association HZO.

There’s earthy steel buttons on a side alongside a fingerprint side scanner that can be used as an choice approach to clear a phone. The behind bombard is removable stealing divided a SIM label slot, a removable 3,100mAh battery and a whole bucket of earthy storage support. There’s dual microSD label slots and both can be stretched adult to 128GB to go with a 64GB of built-in storage. That’s a whole lot of space for your content.

When we shave a box behind on, there’s some-more to learn as Saygus also includes a fractal antenna. Essentially, this aims to widespread a record compulsory to safeguard we have clever accepting most wider than a normal phone. The hardware goodies don’t finish there though. In a camera dialect there’s a 21-megapixel categorical camera and 13-megapixel camera both with visual picture stabilisation. Unfortunately, a cameras, that run with a batch Android camera app during a impulse was not in a fit state to take any images.

The pointy 5-inch shade is Full HD with an considerable 445ppi pixel firmness and is roughly edge-to-edge. Two rather sizeable front-facing speakers lay above a arrangement and are powered by Harmon Kardon. Again, we was incompetent to get a listen to see how they transport opposite something like HTC’s Boomsound speakers. Saygus is not ignoring a all-important call peculiarity possibly and is regulating something called Cypher noise-cancelling record to collect out your voice in bustling environments.

On a connectivity front, a V2 supports 60GHZ Wireless HD to lamp calm to TVs super quick. There’s not many phones during a impulse that can exaggerate that kind of technology. Additionally it will work with all standards of Wi-Fi and there’s NFC, QI wireless charging support and even an IR blaster.

It’s using on Android 4.4 KitKat as Saygus says it’s watchful for Google to broach a some-more fast chronicle of Lollipop and there will be a choice to run mixed handling systems if we feel a need to go for Windows Phone instead of Android. That’s powered by a quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM. It’s somewhat disappointing, it’s not a same Snapdragon 810 packaged into a LG G Flex 2, yet afterwards there’s still copiousness of phones that still run on this setup.

Early impressions

There’s a lot of ‘ifs’ with a Saygus V2. If a association can indeed get this phone out this year and if it can cost it competitively with other tip finish 5-inch phones as it hopes to do, afterwards there’s countless reasons since this phone will have good interest for many.

Whether it’s a masses of additional storage, a impressive-sounding cameras and some truly innovative features, there’s something for everybody here. we only wish it does occur given it could pull a large boys to adult their game.

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