Scale Computing Launches HE500 Series For Edge IT Infrastructure…

Scale Computing, a marketplace personality in corner computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions, announced currently a launch of a HE500 array of appliances in a HC3 family. Designed for organizations requiring reliable, easy to deploy, and affordable infrastructure during a corner of a network, a HE500 array delivers a rarely available, self-healing and elementary to work solution. The array is highly-suited for remote multi-site deployments opposite industries, including healthcare, sell and manufacturing.

Edge computing describes a earthy computing infrastructure, intentionally located outward a 4 walls of a information center, so storage discriminate resources can be placed where they are needed. Run on a little or little hardware footprint, infrastructure during a corner collects, processes, and reduces immeasurable quantities of data, and can be serve uploaded to possibly a centralized information core or a cloud. Edge computing acts as a high-performance overpass from internal discriminate resources to both private and open clouds.

The HE500 array is a set of right-sized HCI appliances that yield enterprise-class facilities to remote locations and boost corner computing capabilities with disaster recovery. Each HE500 apparatus indication can be deployed quickly, managed locally or remotely, and is propitious with self-healing record to yield roughly present failover and minimal downtime. In addition, a HE500 array provides a low-cost choice for disaster liberation infrastructure that is easy to deploy, easy-to-use, and runs disaster liberation workloads reliably.

“Unlike other HCI solutions that haven vast discriminate resources to run their Virtual Storage Appliances, a HE500 array takes advantage of a efficient, hypervisor-embedded HC3 storage smoke-stack to giveaway adult RAM and CPU for using workloads. This dramatically lowers a hardware and program investment indispensable to yield high accessibility to corner workloads,” pronounced Eric Slack, comparison analyst, Evaluator Group.

The HE500 array appliances are some-more light-weight than a other appliances in a HC1000 and HC5000 array that Scale Computing offers today, and they entirely capacitate a smoothness of limit HCI functionality. Each of a 5 models in a HE500 array is pre-installed with Scale Computing’s HC3 HyperCore Software, providing an intelligent and programmed covering that formula in elementary to work functionality and a required opening to accommodate complicated corner computing requirements.

“An augmenting array of organizations need infrastructure during a corner of a network, as this is where their information is indeed being created. However, complexity and cost have been poignant barriers to implementing and progressing this technology,” pronounced Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder, Scale Computing. “The HE500 array addresses both these concerns, creation corner computing a financially viable and unsentimental choice for some-more organizations. Our ability to broach HCI record during a reduce cost indicate will dramatically boost corner computing capabilities and resources for businesses opposite a board.”

The HE500 array is accessible as possibly a 1U rack-mount or in a building configuration. Units can be configured with spinning disk, all-flash, or hybrid storage options, with possibly 32GB or 64GB RAM per appliance. Customers can select between 1GbE or 10GbE SFP+ networking interfaces and 3 opposite processor options.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing starts during an MSRP of $5,500 USD per apparatus or $16,500 USD for a three-node cluster. The HE500 array is now generally accessible for purchase. Please hit a sales group for some-more information at: or 877-722-5359.

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About Scale Computing

Scale Computing is a personality in corner computing, virtualization, and hyperconverged solutions. Scale Computing HC3 program eliminates a need for normal virtualization software, disaster liberation software, servers, and common storage, replacing these with a entirely integrated, rarely accessible complement for using applications. Using law HyperCore™ technology, a HC3 self-healing height automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects infrastructure problems in real-time, enabling applications to grasp limit uptime. When ease-of-use, high availability, and TCO matter, Scale Computing HC3 is a ideal infrastructure platform. Read what a business have to contend on Gartner Peer Insights, Spiceworks, TechValidate and TrustRadius. More information can also be found here:

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