Scriptel Launches 3-Tiered Support: Enterprise, Premium, Standard

Scriptel Corporation

Our tiered support provides a support we want—when we need it most

Keeping gait with record while minimizing downtime can be a challenge. Yet, Scriptel Corporation is reversing that trend.

The personality in digitizing record solutions recently launched a three-tiered Extended Support Agreement program, assisting organizations worldwide stay stairs forward of a foe and seamlessly adjust to fast changes within their particular industries.

“Scriptel hardware and program finish users around a universe have a graphic need to grasp and say a ‘zero failure’ rate,” says Scriptel President CEO Stephan Herron. “With a tiered support packages, they get a accurate turn of use and support they wish and need—when they wish and need it most.

“That enhances UX internally, enhances a clients’ ability to broach an well-developed user knowledge for their possess clientele, and minimizes downtime overall.”

As health caring agencies transition to entirely electronic health record (EHR) systems, an augmenting series of back-office mechanism systems and networks are afterwards tasked with handling in sync—so that they continue to perform well, in tandem with one another.

Health organizations and hospitals deploying mixed Scriptel signature pads will advantage many from a top turn of support: Enterprise. Sophisticated IT installations like theirs mostly need use of Citrix, VMware or both. Enterprise users get priority entrance to Scriptel’s technical team, during durations of vicious need, and additional program utilities.

“With a operation of technologies to conduct and conduct already,” adds Herron, “in-house health IT staff feel understandably overwhelmed. Our contingent of Extended Support programs solves that problem, by creation certain all goes off but a hitch. If those systems destroy to ‘play nicely’ together, a new options safeguard minimal downtime.”

Scriptel’s Extended Support Agreements give business users of a rugged, arguable eSignature constraint pad hardware and scratch approval program solutions 3 robust, time-saving options to select from:

Standard—the best in a industry

  • Applies to all Scriptel product purchases
  • Technical Support accessible 8am-5pm ET
  • RapidCare overnight deputy (contiguous U.S.)

Premium—when uptime is important

  • Standard-level perks PLUS all of a extras listed here:

        + Registration/Certification of compared systems

        + Unlimited Remote Support 8am-5pm ET

        + Priority use over Standard levels

        + Physical Simulation Setup, as needed

Enterprise—mission-critical support for mission-critical systems

  • Premium-level perks PLUS all of a extras listed here:

        + Designated Key Engineers (Primary/Backup)

        + On-Site Support for formidable problems

        + Software Customization around coding

        + Free Scriptel Utility Software

Scriptel electronic signature solutions are proven to streamline studious registration, request management, and information confidence for softened UX during each level.

Since 1982, Scriptel has been a personality in capacitive coop and other digital workflow technologies. It has deployed some-more than 3 Million paperless record solutions worldwide in clinical care, Point-of-Sale (POS), and other energetic environments. Its no-scratch, glass-surface ScripTouch electronic signature pads, Sign and Save program packages, and tradition OEM components broach high trustworthiness corroborated by Industry Best use and unequaled technical support.

Ready to ascent to a Premium or Enterprise levels? Email Sales(at) Not a patron yet? Request a 30 Day Risk-Free Trial by job (877) 848-6824. Need assistance with an existent product? Contact (844) 972-7478 or Support(at)

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SCRIPTEL CORPORATION leads a approach by advancing rugged, arguable eSignature and signature constraint technology. Our Citrix Ready, plug-and-play hardware and program solutions make easy work of request signing, electronic recordkeeping and use government in Dental, Healthcare, Retail, Tax Prep and other energetic environments.

Scriptel (est. 1982) has a story of heading by innovation, bringing a initial marginal to impersonate higher coop submit on an LCD shade to market. Today we furnish and yield unmatched support for a full apartment of ScripTouch® signature pad and workflow products, including EasyScript™, ProScript™ and mSign®.

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