Sharp R861SLM

What is a Sharp R861SLM?

The Sharp R861SLM is a combi microwave, griddle and convection oven sporting a complicated design.

It looks pricier than it is, interjection to a pull-down doorway and appealing finish with immaculate steel highlights. Controls are discerning and it cooks sincerely evenly, yet a apparatus can on arise quiver noisily.

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Sharp R861SLM – Design and Features

The Sharp looks complicated interjection to a oven-style pull-down doorway and flatbed design; there’s no turntable. This formula in significantly some-more cooking space, that is good so prolonged as a apparatus does a good pursuit of cooking food evenly.

I wasn’t a fan of a flatbed’s look, though: it’s white, with a hulk Sharp trademark on it. On a outside, however, a brushed immaculate steel and black potion finish is attractive, and creates for an apparatus that appears distant some-more costly than it is. Thankfully, it’s primitive looks are simply maintained, given it isn’t a magnet for fingerprints.

The Sharp apparatus is deeper than most, that means there’s reduction serviceable worktop space in front of it once it’s in position on a worktop. To a credit, it has ridiculously effective non-slip feet that work likewise to suction pads. Once in place, this apparatus is formidable to move; it will be good and truly trustworthy to whichever aspect we place it on.

The buttons and arrangement can be found on a right-hand side, as is a convention, and they’re discerning adequate that we needn’t demeanour during a instructions. You get all a customary features: buttons to name a time in 10-minute, one-minute and 10-second increments; defrost by weight or time; and a ability to name cooking process by microwave, grill, oven or a multiple of a x-ray with one of a others. There’s also a clock, kitchen timer, check timer and child-safety lock.

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There are 6 automobile menu functions during a press of a button: coupler potato, pizza, rice, oven chips, cake and fry chicken. But there are a serve 7 functions (auto reheat, beverages, vegetables, soup, grilled bacon, grilled fish pieces, fry beef/lamb) that we can name by pulling a adult and down buttons. When a doorway of a x-ray is open, there’s a accessible sign opposite a tip that tells we what these functions are.

However, a instructions aren’t so good during revelation we when to use a granted handle shelve and baking tray. The shelve is presumably for barbecuing and a tray for a convection oven. And I’d assume that given both are metal, they shouldn’t be used in multiple with a microwave.

The tray fits underneath – but, annoyingly, not on tip of – a rack, that is accessible for storage purposes. However, there’s no superintendence on either you’re ostensible to use a dual together.

Also baffling is that both a shelve and tray are circular. The whole indicate of a flatbed pattern is for a incomparable cooking space, so certainly it should be probable to griddle adequate cheese on toast to feed a family. You could fit twice as many in a Sharp’s griddle if a shelve filled a space available.

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Sharp R861SLM – What’s it like to use?

I favourite a Sharp’s pull-down doorway and found a controls discerning and candid adequate to use.

I started contrast with some elementary defrosting. A 100g defrost should take 3 mins according to a weight defrost menu, that seemed to be a prolonged time. But given a pitta bread weighed usually 40g, we checked it after 45 seconds to find that it was ready. It was primarily moist, yet after withdrawal it to cold for a notation a hardness was good.

The griddle is quick adequate and, many importantly, cooks sincerely evenly. we grilled a cut of bread on one side for 3 mins – and it was ideal – afterwards flipped it over for a serve 4 mins to make a good cut of cheese on toast. The tip was some-more baked during a behind than a front, however, so in an ideal universe you’d spin it around mid-grilling.

The accurate cooking and timer offering by x-ray grills creates them ideal for this kind of job, where in a unchanging griddle you’d be approaching to forget and scorch or bake a toast.

Using a convection oven to prepare a cut of solidified pizza on a granted baking tray was interesting. The weight options for automobile cooking pizza are 150, 300 and 450g, with 18-, 19- and 20-minute cooking times respectively. To be fair. though, this includes a time it takes for a oven to comfortable up.

We dismissed it adult for a 150g programme to prepare a 100g cut of solidified pizza. The oven is sincerely shrill as a outcome of a fan, yet what struck some-more was a fact that during time it vibrated so many that it done a baking tray stagger noisily on a flatbed. This didn’t occur on each occasion, though.

Sharp R861SLM 8

However, cooking was even, we couldn’t tell that approach turn a pizza had been sitting. The tip was easily browned, a edges frail – yet not too frail – and on a underside there was no slimy bottom in sight.

Next we baked a vast (320g) coupler potato. The automobile menu motionless 6 mins would be copiousness for a singular spud, yet we suspected it would take longer. Much like a loud baking tray, a Sharp visibly vibrated some of a time, so many so that we could see a potato rolling a bit from side to side.

Sharp R861SLM 9

As expected, a potato wasn’t baked right by once a 6 mins had elapsed, so we had to cocktail it behind in for a bit some-more time. The formula were edible, yet unspectacular. As is mostly a box with microwaved potatoes, a underside was overcooked.

Finally, cleaning a apparatus was a breeze, interjection to a potion flatbed. If you’d suffered a culinary blast afterwards cleaning would be some-more fiddly as outcome of a unprotected griddle component during a tip and a movement holes in a back and sides. But still, on a day-to-day basement a Sharp R861SLM is easier to purify than a x-ray with a turntable.

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Should we buy a Sharp R861SLM?

You get copiousness for your income with a Sharp, and it cooks sincerely uniformly and it looks attractive. But a quivering and sound valid annoying.

If your bill will widen a small serve to a combi afterwards opt for a Panasonic NN-DF386. If we usually need a x-ray afterwards a compress Beko MOF 20110 is also value a look.


This affordable combi is estimable of your consideration, and a reward looks are a bonus.

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