Sigmetrix Appoints James Stoddard as President

James Stoddard, President of Sigmetrix

Sigmetrix, tellurian experts in GDT and automatic variation, currently announced James Stoddard has been named President, effective immediately.

Sigmetrix had a start within a Defense Systems Engineering Group (DSEG) during Texas Instruments (TI) as partial of a producibility organization. Through membership in ADCATS (Association for Development of Computer Automated Tolerance Systems) TI partnered with a Mechanical Engineering Department during Brigham Young University to rise a toleration investigate program package that would be accurate adequate to conduct a pointing indispensable for troops visual systems. Raytheon acquired a organisation in 1997 as partial of a DSEG acquisition, and afterwards in 1999 Sigmetrix became a possess eccentric company. Stoddard has been with what would turn Sigmetrix from a really beginning.

Stoddard has played an instrumental purpose in a origination and expansion of CETOL 6σ Technologies, modernized imprisonment systems, design and CAD integrations grown over 25 years of veteran investigate going behind to his work during Brigham Young University operative with Dr. Ken Chase, owner of ADCATS. He is also famous by a tip CAD and PLM companies and universities as a heading consultant in modernized imprisonment technologies environment a benchmark for accurate solutions required for addressing a subsequent era needs of toleration optimization systems.

“James is well-positioned to assistance govern Sigmetrix’ vital priorities and expostulate tolerable growth,” pronounced Sigmetrix effusive President, Chris Wilkes. “With a recover of a latest products progressing this year, including CETOL 6σ, EZtol and GDT Advisor, Sigmetrix has a large event to comprehend a goal of handling dimensional variations in many organizations and being a pivotal actor in a pierce towards Model-Based Definition and Model-Based Enterprise. With James’ immeasurable knowledge in a attention and a product offerings we trust Sigmetrix will continue a double-digit expansion and furnish new cutting-edge products and services,” settled outgoing-President, Chris Wilkes.

Concurrent to Stoddard’s appointment, Chris Wilkes, President of Sigmetrix, will retire from his purpose to pursue new opportunities. Wilkes will stay on with Sigmetrix as an Executive Advisor by a finish of 2018 to safeguard a well-spoken transition and offer as an confidant on pivotal vital initiatives.

About Sigmetrix

Sigmetrix is a tellurian provider of comprehensive, easy-to-use program solutions that assistance users grasp strong designs by toleration investigate and a scold focus of GDT. With over 25 years of investigate and development, Sigmetrix products discharge a blunder between as-designed assemblies and as-produced products. For some-more information, revisit their website during

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