Silver Screen Bottling Co. Launches Quality Vodka from Prestige…

Quality Vodka from Prestige Worldwide – named after a investment event pitched by Brennan and Dale in a strike comedy film Step Brothers – is a latest suggestion launched by Silver Screen Bottling Co. The reward vodka is accessible for pre-sale for $29.99 and will start shipping in Jul 2019. Visit to pre-order product now.

In Step Brothers, Brennan and Dale are amateurish adults who are entirely upheld by their particular parents. When their relatives marry and Brennan and Dale turn step brothers, they are told to turn self-sufficient and eventually forced to pierce out of their parents’ home. After unwell to find employment, they make an investment representation to their family for a association called Prestige Worldwide, “the initial word in entertainment.” Their devise is to specialize in a accumulation of separate industries like financial portfolios, computers, black leather gloves and security.

Bottles of Quality Vodka from Prestige Worldwide underline a same Prestige Worldwide palm drawn creation that appears in a movie. Surrounding a creation are some of a opposite industries in that Brennan and Dale contend that Prestige Worldwide will specialize, as good as a newest difficulty – Booze.

This is a latest product recover by Silver Screen Bottling Co., that has launched award-winning suggestion brands around iconic party franchises like Star Trek, Fear a Walking Dead and a Fallout videogame series. Visit to learn some-more about Silver Screen Bottling Co.’s endless protected sports and party spirits line.

About Silver Screen Bottling Co:

Silver Screen Bottling Company is a partnership between The Whitener Company and Chronicle Collectibles combining a premiere licensing, bottling, and placement association for a many cherished properties in film, television, gaming, music, and sports industries with skeleton to broach expertly crafted and marketed spirits, collectibles, and merchandise.

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