SimpleBills and Urjanet Drive Financial Inclusion for Gen Z and…

SimpleBills, a tyro housing industry’s premier focus check government service, currently announced that it has partnered with Urjanet to assistance millions of students build certain credit regulating focus remuneration history. This historically credit-invisible organisation can now news their focus check remuneration story to credit bureaus by SimpleBills, adding another tradeline to their credit news and gaining before unattainable entrance to credit.

SimpleBills automates focus check collection and estimate by Urjanet’s focus information platform, a routine that was before primer and cost-intensive. With integrations to over 5,000 electric, water, gas, cable, and Internet providers opposite a globe, Urjanet automatically aggregates and delivers granular remuneration information to SimpleBills, in further to an picture of a information source for transparency.

“There was no approach for SimpleBills to effectively grow but a scalable resolution like Urjanet,” pronounced Kevin Jones, owner and Executive Vice President. “Our patron bottom has some-more than doubled given we started operative with Urjanet; now, we are means to assistance some-more than 125,000 residents opposite 170 university markets and 46 states streamline check remuneration and build certain credit history.”

Initially launched to facilitate focus check payments for students, roommates, and skill owners, SimpleBills extended their services to embody credit reporting. Residents who compensate their focus bills by SimpleBills can opt in to a use for a tiny monthly fee, and SimpleBills will news their remuneration story to credit bureaus on a monthly basis. User opt-in rates have already some-more than doubled in a second year given a use was launched.

“Urjanet’s focus information automation and SimpleBills’ focus check government use shaped a healthy fit from a start. We are unapproachable to have enabled SimpleBills’ enlargement into new markets and to yield an essential channel for millions of immature adults to get a credit they merit for a payments they make,” pronounced Urjanet CEO Sanjoy Malik.

Roughly 10 million people between a ages of 18 and 24 in a U.S. are “credit invisible,” according to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Without a current credit score, millions of students and immature adults have singular opportunities to get a loan or credit card, perpetuating a cycle of financial exclusion. But with a assistance of SimpleBills, these students can get credit for a bills they already compensate each month.

Learn some-more about how SimpleBills helps students build certain credit story and how Urjanet automates entrance to consumer-permissioned focus information from thousands of utility, telecom and wire providers worldwide.

About SimpleBills:

SimpleBills is a finish focus check government use with a concentration in a tyro housing industry. Over 125,000 residents in over 170 markets in 46 states opposite a United States use SimpleBills to conduct their utilities. For some-more information, revisit

About Urjanet:

Urjanet, a tellurian personality in choice information assembly from utilities, telecom and wire providers, simplifies how organizations entrance and use focus data, enabling them to concentration on their business. Our record collects, processes, and delivers information from over 5,000 electric, healthy gas, water, waste, telecom, and wire utilities worldwide. The information we yield can be configured and integrated into any focus to support an organization’s accurate focus information needs. For some-more information, revisit

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