Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Colleagues Underscore Groundbreaking Direction…


QiO Technologies, a quick flourishing British-based Industry 4.0 modernized analytics and synthetic comprehension association recently met in London with a Advisory Board forward of a recover of a QiO Foresight Suite® of applications and being named in Gartner’s initial Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platforms.

QiO Chairman and Co-founder Rick Haythornthwaite was assimilated during a assembly by a series of shining leaders from many sectors including manufacturing, engineering, cyber-security and banking.

“The aim of a Advisory Board is to safeguard QiO is during a forefront of moulding a destiny of Industry 4.0. To have Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Dick Cashin, Rick Ledgett, Dr. Samer Aljishi, Rosemary Leith and Narayan Laksham as members underscores a groundbreaking work we are doing,” pronounced Mr. Haythornthwaite.

Following on from a meeting, a scientist and educational whose idealist and innovative work led him to invent a World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, commented: “Every manufacturer picks their possess standard, so if we demeanour during a vast company, some of a things are on a Web, some are on a possess inner internet, some of them are in this IoT space where there isn’t any standardisation, so a event that QiO has is in producing absolute program applications to go opposite a whole company. This miss of interoperability – to be means to lift all of a information from all of a opposite tools of a plant, opposite tools of a craving together, – that is what QiO is focusing on.”

Advisory Board member and CEO of One Equity Partners, Dick Cashin said: “QiO is an enabling form of company, assisting companies know more. [They have] a ability to ‘see’ by a whole lot of information – enabling a association to see what they do in a opposite way.”

CEO and Co-founder Baz Khuti added, “With superintendence from a Advisory Board, along with a successful doing of Foresight Suite of applications in a aerospace, oil gas, marine, and production sectors, QiO is delivering digital mutation and value to a clients today.”

About QiO:

QiO is a fast-growing tellurian Industry 4.0 modernized analytics and synthetic comprehension program company. QiO was founded in 2015 and has fast captivated a marquee register of clients in a Aerospace, Marine, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing markets. Headquartered in a UK, QiO has offices in Germany, a United States, Canada, Singapore, and India.

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