SiteGround Web Hosting Review

SiteGround is one of
the best hosting platforms that offer a ton of hosting skeleton to users. 

They offer users
WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, as good as cloud hosting. You usually choose
what suits your business. 

We have monitored
SiteGround cheapest package – Startup, and we have something to share with you.
Let’s dive in. 

SiteGround Pros 

1. Performance 

Before anything, we
want to let we know that all reviews we do are dynamic by twenty-four
months of tangible stats. That said, SiteGround has had an glorious uptime
throughout that period. Its 99.99 percent creates it one of a best hosting

This kind of uptime is
good, and users adore it since they keep your website visitors. Even more, you
can rest positive that your site will be adult and regulating many of a time. So you
don’t finish adult blank out on poignant opportunities usually since your site
was down. 

2. Load Time 

Load time is the
second many vicious underline we should demeanour for when looking for a hosting

If we didn’t know,
fifty-three percent of visitors would leave your site if it takes too prolonged to
load – some-more than 3 seconds. 

And a misfortune partial is
that we don’t have many to do to urge on that. You competence try compressing your
images, we competence go with a choice to use a CDN to during slightest try and
relieve some vigour on your server, yet a law is that once we settle
with a delayed host, a usually thing we can do is to change your host. 

Good news since you
never have to tatter about SiteGround. It has an normal loading time of 681 ms.
This competence not be a fastest we have seen, yet it finds a mark within a top
ten hosting providers in terms of speed. 

3. Customer

We have been running
some tests with SiteGround patron support, and we have never had any issues
with them. 

They have a knowledge
base center, where a users can always find discerning fixes. If that doesn’t
satisfy you, we can still bound into a call with them, or go by a live
chat option. 

The final time we did
our exam to bond with SiteGround, we were simply connected with Vladislav in
less than one minute. That usually shows how manageable they are. 

Unlike other hosting
platforms, we were not kept watchful for long. Everything seemed to pierce quite
fast, even with a responses it patron support gave us. 

4. Site Migration 

You competence have noticed
that some hosting provider gives we a choice of DIY migration, and we might
think that that’s a large offer to you. Considering that we are a beginner, that
should be a nightmare, and some of these hosting platforms know precisely why
they are doing that – they are putting a vigour on you; to migrate

SiteGround is a little
different. It has a giveaway WordPress emigration plugin that will always make it
easy for we (even if we are a beginner). Additionally, SiteGround doesn’t
provide we with prolonged and vapid walkthroughs. You will be compulsory to
generate a token from your SiteGround account, and a plugin will assistance we with
the emigration as quick as possible.

5. SSL

Today, Google will
warn we if we are perplexing to entrance a site that has no SSL certificate set

Now, an SSL is
essential since it helps with a insurance of information that will be sent
back and onward between a device a user is regulating and a website. These
could embody credit label numbers, IP addresses, and so many more. If a site
isn’t secured, hackers can simply entrance this information and do some-more mistreat than
good to you. 

In other words, you
must have an SSL certificate, so we don’t tumble into these traps of exposing
your information to hackers who competence use it in a wrong way. 

6. Features 

You will be covered
with SiteGround no matter who we are – either a amateur or an established

Beginners will welcome
the thought that we can implement some of a renouned website builders such as
Weebly in usually one click. Weebly has got a drag-and-drop functionality so you
can do scarcely all on your possess – no coding believe required. 

Apart from Weebly, you
can also design to confederate with Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. You don’t need
to take many time to implement these. It can be finished in seconds. And best of all
is that we don’t need a assistance of a developer. If we are a developer, we are
good to go. 

Using SiteGround, you
can design Git pre-installed for we when we opt for improved plans. You will
also get WP-CLI, SSH, as good as phpMyAdmin. You can also rest positive of a
wide accumulation of PHP versions. 

7. Uptime 

SiteGround’s uptime is
99.9 percent on average, and do we know a reason? If a site goes down, it
will remove a ton of customers. 

Usually, when we do
some investigate about some of a hosting platforms out there, you’ll realize
that there is some dark information. 

But SiteGround
impressed us. Under a Service Level Agreement, SiteGround assures a users
99.9 percent of uptime. So if we knowledge something obtuse than that, you
will get compensated for that. 

8. Money-Back

You can be positive of
a 30-day income reinstate with SiteGround on all their common hosting plans. For
the rest of other packages such as VPS, dedicated, as good as a cloud
hosting, we will usually have a 15-day income refund. 

Like other hosting
platforms, we will not get refunded for a domain name and other extras.
Again, we will usually get a reinstate if we are a code new SiteGround user. 

Cons of

1. High Renewal Rates

You can get as low as
$3.95 per month hosting with SiteGround’s Startup plan. 

This understanding looks too
good even to be true, and we are right. Almost all a hosting platforms that
we have tested uses this same trick. So this is one of a tricks many hosting
platforms use on their customers. They will captivate we with low deals usually to
double or even triple during your renewal. 

For a $3.95, you’ll
have to puncture low and compensate adult to $11.95 when renewing your subscription. Other
plans competence arise to $19.95 and $34.95 each month, that is approach too expensive. 

2. Restricted Cheap

SiteGround’s package
plans are allied to a competition, and so we competence consider it’s a good

For example, we will
be betrothed that we will get a 10 GB website that should cover around 10k
monthly visits to your site. You will also be given unmetered bandwidth. But
the law is that if we get closer to that volume of traffic, afterwards we are
going to suffer. 

That means that these
offers competence usually fit smaller sites that don’t strech anywhere nearby a 10k
monthly traffic. When your site starts growing, we should start to demeanour for
better options. 

3. No Free Domain 

Most hosting platforms
like Bluehost will offer a giveaway domain name to their first-time users. 

They will also throw
some some-more perks on we like email and emigration services, among others.
Unfortunately, SiteGround doesn’t have that. If we don’t have a domain name,
you will have to squeeze one from $15.95 each year. 

In Conclusion 

Even yet SiteGround
has some limitations, it is an glorious hosting height we would recommend
any day. 

They have lots of
lucrative offers that we can’t ignore, like patron support, site migration,
among others. 

It is also
beginner-friendly since a patron support will always travel we through
whenever we find obstacles. 

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