Sky is a new amicable journey diversion entrance exclusively to Apple inclination – and it looks gorgeous

Thatgamecompany has suggested a subsequent plan in a form of Sky, a new knowledge entrance to Apple inclination after this year.

Set to recover for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad in December, Sky will have we teaming with adult to 8 players from opposite a universe as we try a gorgeous, cloud-filled landscape.

Incorporating a identical impression of sorcery and visible caprice to thatgamecompany’s prior works such as Journey and Flower, it looks unequivocally promising.

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“Sky has been a few years in a making. After a recover of Journey, so many fans wrote to tell us how most they enjoyed personification a diversion with their spouse, children, or desired ones, and asked if we could emanate a diversion where they could play together,” a studio pronounced in a blog post.

“We wanted as many people to adore games, and so we were speedy to try this thought during thatgamecompany. Which brings a games, for a initial time, to mobile — a height that many have entrance to, a universe over.”

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Sky looks positively overwhelming in a exhibit trailer shown during Apple’s new Keynote, display that your impression can be tranquil with a singular finger around touchscreen or a Apple TV controller.

You can watch a entrance trailer below:

Sky is entrance exclusively to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV in Dec 2017. A petrify recover date hasn’t been confirmed.


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