Skycasters to Unveil Enhanced Satellite Internet VAR/VNO Offerings at…

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Skycasters is a aloft business partner for VARs and VNOs given we offer aloft satellite connectivity.

Akron, OH (PRWEB) Mar 16, 2015

Skycasters, a heading provider of broadband satellite internet for businesses, is demonstrating a extended satellite communications technology, products and use skeleton for Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Virtual Network Operators (VNOs) during a SATELLITE 2015 Conference and Exhibition, holding place in Washington, D.C., on Mar 16-19. Professionals in satellite-enabled communications from companies around a creation will accumulate in a nation’s collateral for one of a industry’s many vicious annual events.

“Skycasters is a aloft business partner for VARs and VNOs given we offer aloft satellite connectivity,” says Don Jacobs, owner of Skycasters. “This is loyal given we have invested millions in performance-enhancing infrastructure and technologies. We’ll be highlighting a many new of these investments during SATELLITE 2015.”

According to Jacobs, these new investments and infrastructure enhancements embody dual new 8.1-meter uplink antennas for aloft benefit and a stronger vigilance and a new ascent to iDirect’s industry-leading Evolution platform.

“Skycasters has spent $4 million over a final 3 years upgrading a teleport design and earthy security,” says Don Jacobs, Skycasters founder. “We can do this because, distinct many satellite Internet providers, Skycasters owns, controls and staffs a possess NOC and teleport. This gives us a leisure to build a kind of infrastructure a VAR, VNO and corporate business unequivocally wish and unequivocally need. Our goal during SATELLITE 2015 is to clearly lay out an ‘apples to apples’ comparison of what business are unequivocally removing from their satellite Internet providers.”

Visitors to a Skycasters counter (#6029) will be supposing with comparisons that hold on Committed Information Rates (CIRs) contra a some-more ordinarily betrothed up-to speeds; information throughput rates; remedies for latency, jitter and rainfade; and entrance to a tip technical people who can indeed solve problems.

“Naturally,” says Jacobs, “we trust that Skycasters has a improved story to tell in all of these areas. Bottom line, we trust that Skycasters’ business get a reward product during prices that indeed save them money.”

Skycasters’ 2014 teleport upgrades are highlighted in a new video, that will entrance during a company’s SATELLITE 2015 exhibit. Also featured during a counter will be Skycasters’ recently expelled 1.8-Meter MST (Mobile Satellite Trailer) that with a incomparable plate can grasp aloft speeds and reduce a chances of continue formed outages. This is vicious for business with vicious information like disaster response, telemedicine, and appetite fields.

About Skycasters

Skycasters has been a attention personality in VSAT record given 2001. The association delivers blurb broadband satellite Internet access, secure VPNs, mobile satellite Internet and corporate information services to business around a universe regulating 3 geostationary satellites for coverage probably everywhere in a western hemisphere.

For some-more information, greatfully revisit a Skycasters website.

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