Skydiver Has Seizure In Mid Air During Parachute Jump

A skydiver came within moments of genocide after pang a seizure in mid-air.

YouTuber ‘Nomadic Adrenaline’ uploaded a video display a burst from final year.

He writes:

Possibly a scariest impulse of my life. On a 14th of Nov 2014 while doing theatre 5 of my Accelerated Free Fall module we have a nearby genocide experience. At around 9000ft we have a seizure while attempting a left palm turn. we afterwards spend a subsequent 30 seconds in giveaway tumble unconscious. Thankfully my jumpmaster manages to lift my ripcord during around 4000ft. we turn unwavering during 3000 ft and land safely behind to a ground.


The Jumpmaster frantically perplexing to strech him

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