Small Business Tax Credit Calculator™ Updated for Tax Year 2014

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Mechanicsburg, PA (PRWEB) Mar 13, 2015

The Small Business Tax Credit Calculator™, grown and launched by TaxCredits, LLC™ is now in a fifth year and accessible for use by taxation professionals during http://www.smallbusinesstaxcreditcalculator.com. This still a usually online calculator apparatus current in all 50 states, to finish lines 1-14 of a 2014 IRS Form 8941 for a taxation preparer. This 100% guaranteed numerical calculation turns what a IRS projects to be a 12-16 hour charge into mins saving time and disappointment for taxation preparers and tiny business owners everywhere.

The calculator, not an estimator apparatus as are many on a web today, computes specific, complete, and tangible numerical information indispensable for subordinate tiny businesses to use in filing taxation earnings to take advantage of a Small Business Tax Credit (SBTC) combined by Health Care Reform legislation called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Tax Credit was augmenting to 50% (for profit) and 35% (tax exempt) for 2014, providing tiny business owners further service in affording to continue to offer medical advantages to employees. Another vital change from 2013 is that a IRS now requires a use of particular County State Average premiums that compulsory a further of over 4600 variables. No other calculator apparatus incorporates these new mandate to discriminate a Small Business Tax Credit for 2014.

“Contrary to many rumors present among accountants and taxation preparers, many tiny businesses do in fact validate for estimable taxation credits and now with a credit augmenting to 50% of subordinate medical reward creates good event for tiny business owners!” affirms Tim Morrison, President of Tax Credits, LLC and Developer of a Small Business Tax Credit Calculator™.

“The calculations are so formidable that people but in-depth believe of health word and health advantages don’t know how they validate formed on a initial explanations of a credit by a IRS. Our calculator provides a variables to maximize this credit (including all new 4,600 County/State normal premiums) and does a work for them that will capacitate many some-more businesses to suffer a credit they have worked tough for and are entitled to,” Morrison states. “In addition, a new IRS notices explain that tiny businesses are in fact means to take their subordinate tiny business taxation credit volume and still be means to taxation concede a remaining change of medical premiums as they have in prior years.”

The 100% guaranteed calculations are computed by minute algorithms formed on mixed variables per employee, comparison of hours, days or weeks worked to calculate optimal FTE count and normal salary to accept a limit taxation credit. The apparatus now provides a calculations for employees in mixed states in further to employers receiving state reward credits or subsidies.

The calculator is targeted to accountants and multi-client professionals as it offers an surpass template entrance for palliate in information execution for taxation professionals with tiny business clients authorised for a Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. The calculator apparatus is offering during $495 for a Multi Company License to perform total customer calculations.

Tax Credits, LLC™, formed in Mechanicsburg, PA, represents, manages and markets a Small Business Tax Credit Calculator™ combined in team-work with Tekmark Global Solutions, LLC. Timothy J. Morrison, President of Benefit Design Specialties, Inc. and Founder of TaxCredits, LLC, spearheaded growth of a Small Business Tax Credit Calculator ™ to rivet and share his imagination in a health caring locus gained over a final 29 years of servicing over 300 tiny businesses as a health caring broker, worker advantage product devise consultant and in-house advantage administrator.

Media Contact: TJ Morrison, Tax Credits, LLC, 717-766-7208, Ext 211 PressInquiries(at)SmallBusinessTaxCreditCalculator(dot)com

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