Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

What is a Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer?

Modern pattern tends to be a default choice for juicers. But for those who crave a some-more retro aesthetic, Smeg’s overwhelming delayed juicer is certain to satisfy.

Designed to compare a company’s other 50s-style products, it’s a curvy, silken series with all a sum you’d expect, from pointed though now recognizable branding to a coordinating colour palette of cream, black, red and pastel blue.

Its duty is as flawless as a form, with an fit 43rpm squeezing complement to maximize your juice’s nourishment content, lengthen a lifespan in a fridge, and minimise waste.

Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

Smeg JF01 delayed juicer – Design and Features

There will be no need to transparent your kitchen cupboards for this delayed juicer. Everything about a pattern outlines it out as a permanent worktop resident, from a distinguished good looks to a palliate of use, that will safeguard it’s called on on a unchanging basis. It’s a tiny weighty, during around 7.2kg, so not something you’d wish to change in and out of a cupboard.

The bottom section is home to an initiation motor, with a round push on a side to switch between juicing and retreat if food becomes stuck. A juicing section slots orderly on top, that is stoical of a hopper to feed in fruit, vegetables and nuts and a juicing play that can accommodate roughly a pint of liquid.

Inside there’s a screw-style auger, done from durable Ultem, that squeezes out a juice, a rotating brush, and a choice of dual stainless-steel strainers – excellent and counterfeit – so we can emanate super-smooth or thicker juice.

Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

Other facilities avoid common problems, such as a sign on a remove opening to stop drips on a worktop, and a firmness regulator push that helps to fist out a final few drops during a final theatre of juicing.

As good as a span of mammillae to locate pap (up to 1.6 litres) and remove (up to one litre), there are some courteous extras. These embody dual cleaning brushes that are ideal for stealing any throw of pap from a strainers, and a lid for a juicing jug.

Recipe ideas are included, though several are singular part suggestions, so we might need a apart book to widen your juicing horizons.

Smeg SJF01 delayed juicer – What is it like to use?

Juicers can be a duty to assemble, though not a SJF01 – a primer done it transparent how a appurtenance is put together, aided by diagrams and labelling. In addition, it’s probable to arrange a juicing play components as a whole section that afterwards simply drops onto a base, with no rambling in required.

I started by creation apple remove with a excellent sieve in place. The hopper trench is utterly narrow, presumably to umpire a distance of food for preventing clogs, so some prep was still required. As good as stealing a core, we cut a apple into chunks to fit.

Each one was simply processed, with 3 apples producing around 250ml of juice. The volume of ejected pap was minimal and noticeably dry while inside a bowl, and usually tiny amounts of pap had collected within a strainer.

Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

Next, we attempted juicing 3 carrots, with a slimmer ones whole and incomparable ones halved. One shred became stranded during a juicing process, so a retreat duty came in accessible to transparent it. The pusher was also useful with a harder veg. A some-more estimable volume of pap was constructed though still a poignant volume of remove – around 130ml.

Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

Continuing to use a excellent strainer, we attempted formulating a immature remove regulating kale, cucumber, banana and grapes, with a juicing declaim sign in place to brew a remove while it was still in a bowl.

I total any part to a chute, starting with a kale and cucumber total to remove some-more remove from a shaggy veg. The remove this constructed was impossibly well-spoken and industriously green.

Inside a juicing bowl, there were usually notation amounts of kale and grape, no manifest cucumber, though there was some banana excess around a auger and on a strainer.

Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

Switching to a counterfeit strainer, we finished by creation orange remove regulating 3 peeled and quartered oranges. Each fed by simply and constructed roughly 300ml of thicker than average, though usually somewhat pulpy, juice. Inside, there was hardly any orange remaining and minimal pap again.

It wasn’t transparent if a tools were dishwasher safe, though given any sieve was clogged with tiny amounts of pulp, it was some-more effective to purify by hand, generally when there were dedicated brushes for clearing it.

Each compulsory a scrub, so it was a bit some-more of a labour-intensive clean-up than some.

Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

Should we buy a Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer?

Definitely one for juicing addicts as good as dedicated Smeg fans. Besides being stylish, it offers considerable produce when judged opposite allied machines.

It’s discerning notwithstanding being a “slow” juicer, it’s quiet, and a stout build peculiarity will safeguard years of use. Take a “buy once, buy right” proceed and we won’t be disappointed. It’s pricey, though it’s value it.


Embracing a new healthy lifestyle has never looked so stylish.

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