Sony KD-65ZD9BU TV

What is a Sony KD-65ZD9BU?

The 65-inch KD-65ZD9BU is Sony’s many accordant bid nonetheless to make a TV that’s optimised for high energetic operation playback. As good as introducing new HDR-focused processing, a £3,999 set excitingly boasts an innovative backlight complement that Sony claims can residence LCD TVs issues with HDR playback. And for once it turns out that these claims are many some-more than usually PR puff.

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Sony KD-65ZD9BU – Design and Build

For a TV that breaks new belligerent in pattern quality, a KD-65ZD9BU looks a small bland. Sony has attempted to liven things adult with some bullion caricature on a outdoor edges of both a shade and a black aluminium desktop stand. Plus a TV goes roughly overboard with a wire management, regulating no rebate than 4 detachable covers to forestall annoying cabling from spoiling a rear’s surprising grid-pattern finish.

But many of us will frequency see a back of a TV, and from a front a KD-65ZD9BU presents usually a somewhat wider than common dim support around a sizeable 65-inch screen.

The ubiquitous customary of finish and build peculiarity are both flattering impressive, however. Also, while a shade support might be a hold wider than a 2016 norm, it’s definitely trifling contra a outrageous measure of prior Sony flagship TVs – 2015’s 65X9305C, for example.

Although this does meant that a KD-65ZD9BU doesn’t advantage from one of a overwhelming captivating liquid orator systems that done a predecessors some of a best-sounding TVs I’ve ever heard.

Sony KD-65ZD9BU

The reward remote control granted with a TV is a easily weighted, well-finished affair, adding panache around buttons that lay roughly flush with a remote’s front.

There is a problem with this approach, however. Namely that it’s roughly unfit to feel your approach around a remote. Add to this a fact that pivotal buttons are grouped utterly closely together in a sincerely pointless pattern and it’s flattering many unfit to use a remote though looking directly during it.

All of that is frequency gainful to a user-friendly knowledge – generally if you’re perplexing to watch a film in a darkened room.

Sony KD-65ZD9BU

Sony KD-65ZD9BU – Features

The title facilities of a KD-65ZD9BU are a 65-inch screen, internal 4K fortitude and support for high energetic operation playback. But that’s unequivocally usually a start of a reward charms.

The singular many sparkling inclusion is a new backlight design. This does a series of things that will hopefully opposite a problems with HDR playback that I’ve seen on LCD TVs this year.

First, it mounts a LED lights directly behind a shade rather than around a edges. Second, it uses a thriving volume of LEDs – some-more than 600. That’s approach some-more than many direct-lit LCD TVs. Third, impressively, it has a estimate energy to expostulate any one of these LEDs individually, so that they can any furnish their possess light turn eccentric of their neighbours.

Next, given a KD-65ZD9BU supports Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range technology, a TV can cleverly discharge a power, so that extract can be redirected from dim collection of a pattern to yield some-more punch to splendid areas.

Last though not least, a KD-65ZD9BU employs what Sony calls “focused lamp technology” to capacitate mixed LEDs to join army to boost a power of a really brightest HDR pattern elements. In fact, a KD-65ZD9BU can strike liughtness peaks in additional of 1,600 nits – a top series I’ve seen from a domestic TV; it even absolutely surpasses a 1,400 nits of Samsung’s flagship UE65KS9500.

Sony KD-65ZD9BU

All these backlight tricks in multiple should, on paper anyway, lead to a TV that delivers both some-more impassioned contrariety and rebate backlight clouding/leakage problems than any other LCD TV.

Joining a KD-65ZD9BU’s backlight innovations is Sony’s far-reaching colour progression Triluminos technology. In this TV it achieves a colour operation that surpasses a 90% of DCI-P3 spectrum tangible by a AV industry’s Ultra HD Alliance as being required to a high-quality HDR performance.

Head-to-head comparisons uncover that Samsung’s KS9500 models can broach somewhat some-more colour operation than a KD-65ZD9BU, nonetheless this is compensated for handsomely by a additional vibrancy delivered by Sony’s additional brightness.

The smarts behind a KD-65ZD9BU’s cinema are found on Sony’s new X1 Extreme chipset, that delivers a series of advantages over a prior iteration. For instance, it provides some-more intelligent upscaling of HD sources, introducing relations abyss into a calculation of how many sharpness to supplement to opposite collection of a image. It also now references incoming calm opposite not one, though dual design databases to urge a formula of a upscaling processes.

Perhaps my favourite new estimate underline is a circuit that up-converts incoming signals into 14-bit colour. This means there’s no need to worry about a striping/banding colour problems gifted with Ultra HD Blu-rays on a unsatisfactory series of this year’s HDR TVs.

The KD-65ZD9BU’s intelligent facilities are a multiple of a Android TV height and YouView, that provides entrance to all of a UK’s categorical human TV channel catch-up services. Other pivotal upheld apps are 4K/HDR versions of both Netflix and Amazon.

One final eye-catching underline of a KD-65ZD9BU – if usually since it’s fast disintegrating from other TVs – is 3D support. This comes in full-resolution “active” form, and we even get dual pairs of eyeglasses for giveaway with a TV.Sony KD-65ZD9BU

Sony KD-65ZD9BU – Setup

Getting a KD-65ZD9BU adult and using isn’t fun. The two-part mount pattern is difficult to insert to such a vast and complicated TV, and it takes a satisfactory volume of time to run by all a initial designation menus.

It seems a latter is mostly down to a KD-65ZD9BU’s use of a Android TV platform. This continues to make a operation of Sony’s TVs feel sluggish, as good as forcing we into scarcely extensive firmware updates that feel out of kilter with a user knowledge we wish from a TV.

Fortunately, once initial setup is complete, it’s indeed flattering easy to get a KD-65ZD9BU looking a best. It carries some of a many essential pattern presets I’ve seen on a TV. In fact, I’d design many users to feel wholly happy with a KD-65ZD9BU’s presets for both customary and high energetic operation calm right out of a box.

Enthusiasts could advantage from experimenting with a apartment of motion-processing tools, and maybe relaxing a internal dimming complement from high to middle with HDR content. It’s also always value double-checking that all sound rebate is incited off for internal 4K sources, and a veteran calibrator might deliver a hold some-more regard (red) to a colour settings.

In truth, this is all flattering teenager stuff. The pivotal indicate is that we don’t need to burst by as many hoops as we do with many opposition TVs to get a beautiful picture.

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