Sony MDR-1ABT Headphone Review

What are a Sony MDR-1ABT?

The Sony MDR-1ABT are wireless Bluetooth headphones that don’t scrimp on sound peculiarity or tech. They’re about as adult to date as we could wish for, charity facilities in line with a stream Hi-Res Audio trend.

There’s really small to dislike from a some-more normal viewpoint too. Comfort is good, sound peculiarity is flattering many pristine delight and they don’t demeanour bad either.

The tinge is somewhat soothing compared with some and you’ll expected get a somewhat some-more hi-fi sound from a Sennheiser Momentum Wireless. But a £300 Sony MDR-1ABT are some of a best Bluetooth wireless headphones we’ve looked at.

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Sony MDR-1ABT – Design

The Sony MDR-1ABT look, no surprise, an awful lot like a MDR-1A headphones we reviewed progressing this year. Sony’s headphones have a graphic style, and it’s a sound one that offers a spirit of civic essence while being a lot some-more neutral than a span of Beats headphones.

Of course, some competence take emanate with a Sony MDR-1ABT’s familiarity. The MDR-1As are £170 headphones, these are £300 ones, yet any apparent ascent in build quality.

They use fake leather pads and a outdoor tools are finished roughly exclusively of plastic. Only a wipe skeleton is metal, something we get in many cheaper headphones. It’s zero to exaggerate about.


The Sony MDR-1ABT get a prejudiced pass for being wireless headphones, yet it does tell we you’re profitable a satisfactory bit additional for a payoff of wireless. Ultimately, they don’t demeanour or feel like a truly lush pair.

Functionally a Sony MDR-1ABT pattern is really good, though. They are light, don’t hang out an extreme volume and are comfortable. There’s zero too crafty going on, usually a essential pattern and soothing stuffing on both a vast pads and a headband. It’s ‘normal’ froth rather than memory foam, so there’s no bedding-in duration either. You usually need to make certain a wipe is during a right environment for your head.

Despite a padding, a Sony MDR-1ABT can still means some annoy if not setup properly. If we possess a span and find them a bit comfortable, try rearranging a headband. The fit is firmer than something like a Bose QC25, yet they are generally really comfy.


Sony MDR-1ABT – Features

These headphones have distant some-more facilities than most. And they’re all well-implemented. No pledge moves here.

First, wireless is optional. There’s a 3.5mm vale for when we run out of battery or can’t be worried to go wireless, and there’s a wire in a box. On a underside of one crater is a mic for handsfree calls and there’s usually one symbol on a Sony MDR-1ABT, a energy button.

Despite this, we do get full playback control and ‘local’ volume control too. All of this is finished regulating a aspect of a right ear cup. Swipe adult and down to spin a volume adult and down, double daub it to play/pause and appropriate left and right to change tracks. It works surprisingly well, creation any training bend concerned with a Sony MDR-1ABT brief and frustration-free.


Setting them adult is elementary too. They have NFC for discerning sync’ing, yet we can also simply span them adult routinely as we would do with any Bluetooth device. We gifted no issues with wireless opening during contrast either.

One other underline we competence have listened of is LDAC, a higher-resolution Bluetooth codec of Sony’s. It sounds terribly exciting, claiming to use adult to 3x a information rate (it’s usually that high when a source is during a certain peculiarity itself, mind) as customary SBC, that is a default codec for Bluetooth audio. However, it’ll usually be of use if your source also supports LDAC. And right now that means Sony’s latest top-end phones/tablets or MP3 players.

It’s so singular during benefaction it’s not value putting too many importance on, unless we already possess an LDAC device. Still, a Sony MDR-1ABT also support a subsequent best thing, aptX. And what competence arguably have some-more of an outcome in some cases than LDAC is indeed a estimate that goes on after a headphones accept a audio signal.


Sony MDR-1ABT – Sound Quality

The Sony MDR-1ABT use a kind of digital estimate called DSEE HX that claims to upscale non Hi-Res audio to a peculiarity allied to a good stuff.

It sounds to us like this happens as partial of a DAC chain: a partial that translates a digital wireless vigilance into a analogue one that eventually drives a 40mm energetic drivers used here. Plus it’s what creates clarity from a technical perspective.


Tonally a connected and wireless sound from a Sony MDR-1ABT is similar, yet a three-way appears ‘tamed’ in a wireless feed. It’s a small smoother, a small reduction pronounced. Neither is quite harsh, though, and both offer good detail.

While we didn’t have a Sony MDR-1A for approach comparison, from memory it also seems that Sony competence have toned down a drum a small this time. There is a drum importance here, yet usually a slight one. The clarity they give off is of a balanced, and sincerely natural-sounding headphone.

Where they surpass is in providing a large sound, notwithstanding regulating a sealed pattern dictated for unstable use. Big and far-reaching is a sequence of a day, and these characteristics are what make a Sony MDR-1ABT involving and fun to listen to.


However, comparing them to some of a best non-wireless headphones during a price, we start to see where their deficiencies lie. We put them adult opposite a Sennheiser Momentum (we’re still watchful for a wireless set to arrive) and Oppo PM-3, and both uncover adult a Sony MDR-1ABT mid-range.

The mid-upper partial of a Sony’s mids is somewhat recessed, creation vocals sound a small vale as some-more of a clarity of a vocal’s fact is finished adult of aloft frequencies. As such they miss a certain realism in this respect, generally when put adult opposite a Oppo PM-3’s glorious mids.

The Sony MDR-1ABT are a aloft category of ‘party’ headphone, yet eventually still falls on that spectrum. This is as many a doctrine in awaiting tech-heavy headphones like these to track a decent cube of their cost into these features, rather than pristine sound quality. However, we usually need to worry about this if you’re after severely high-end sounding headphones. These are a small some-more forgiving, and offer a fun, well-spoken sound that’s ideal for long, loose listening.


Should we buy a Sony MDR-1ABT?

As with any wireless or sound cancelling set of headphones, before shopping a Sony MDR-1ABT, we need to make certain we need their spotlight feature. Because (stating a obvious) we do compensate for it.

What we have here are plain just-sub-£200 headphones whose wireless antics rouse them into a genuine large leagues, price-wise. And while we suppose 99 per cent of people will like a Sony MDR-1ABT sound, better-built and better-sounding non-wireless headphones are accessible for less. It’s down to that ungainly truth: where a cheaper set competence supplement on £30-40 for wireless, this one gains £130.

As tough as we find that to swallow, though, these are good wireless headphones whose unsentimental success and fun sound creates them entirely enjoyable. We suppose a Sennheiser Momentum Wireless competence offer somewhat improved sound, judging by a non-wireless version’s performance, as good as fancier build. But they also cost a jaw-dropping £80 more. Ouch.


Comfortable, great-sounding headphones with crafty ‘invisible’ song controls.

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