Sony MDR-Z7 Headphone Review

What are a Sony MDR-Z7?

The Sony MDR-Z7 are big,
super-comfortable headphones: what we should be looking for if we want
something for late-night movie-watching and game-playing. They’ll let
you listen divided in character yet gripping anyone else in a residence awake.

They have a big, confidant sound that doesn’t direct a perfectly
silent room to get a many out of. At a pull we can even wear them
outside. Add in top-notch comfort and we’re onto a winner.

you’re out for a many revealing, acid sound possible, a soft,
caramel-coated mid-range of a Sony MDR-Z7 competence not be utterly what you’re
after, though.

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Sony MDR-Z7: Design and Comfort

Sony MDR-Z7 have a character to pass off as a arrange of headphones you
might wear out on a travel during a glance. Sony certain knows how to make a
good-looking headphone. However, this set is unequivocally many too vast to
seem done for a purpose.

They’re even incomparable than a Beats
Studio. This is not a criticism, we customarily wish we to know: a Sony
MDR-Z7 are unequivocally dictated as indoors headphones. That said, they didn’t
transport terribly during a supermarket outing we treated them to in order
to exam their isolation.

The genuine doubt is either we can wear headphones a distance outdoor yet feeling like a twit.

MDR-Z7 17

we can? Bear in mind a Sony MDR-Z7 are also not designed for top
sound isolation. While closed-backed they have vast open vents during the
bottom of any cup, designed to urge a drum response and assistance get
you a bigger, airier sound than we routinely get with sealed headphones.

These don’t make a Sony MDR-Z7 trickle so many we can’t use
them in a office, yet meant they won’t do so good on a London
Underground. The siege isn’t adult to that.

MDR-Z7 11

is utterly terrific, though. Part of a advantage of not wanting to be too
tiny and slim is that a Sony MDR-Z7 can use giant, thick-padded
cups, and inexhaustible wipe padding. They are luxuriously comfortable,
helping to make a not-insubstantial 335g weight a non-issue.

we competence guess, though, they’re not ideal for exercise. Have an
indoor gym you’ll wish to use them in? Thanks to a abyss of a pads
they hoop a up-down suit of jogging flattering well. But any
side-to-side suit will shortly see them give adult their grip.

MDR-Z7 15

Sony MDR-Z7 are also unequivocally well-made, some-more so than they competence during first
appear. Despite carrying a roughened hardness mostly used for plastic, the
back of a cups is metal, as is roughly each partial of a headphone
not lonesome by leather. The few cosmetic pieces are found right during the
bottom of a headband’s rugged covering.

They use fake leather rather than animal censor stuff, yet it’s unequivocally soothing and tough-feeling regardless.

Sony MDR-Z7: Features

you’re awaiting loads of imagination facilities for your £500, you’re looking
in a wrong place here. The Sony MDR-Z7 don’t have wireless or active
noise cancellation. While they’re being launched with copiousness of Hi-Res
audio fanfare, they’re indeed customarily good aged fashioned headphones you
plug in and that’s it, they work.

The one underline we do get is a
removable cable. They use customary or offset cables, screwing into
each ear crater good and securely. You get 2m and 3m cables, as good as a
light, fabric lift case.

MDR-Z7 13

Sony MDR-Z7: Sound Quality

a Sony MDR-Z7 do start doing things is bit opposite is with their
drivers. They use enormous 70mm drivers, where many headphones stop at
around 50mm, even a vast ones. Sony claims these drivers offer
incredible magnitude response of 3Hz – 100KHz. That’s not customarily beyond
human hearing, yet dog conference too.

In short, let’s not compensate too many courtesy to that spec.

a Sony MDR-Z7 do get we is big, expanded and absolute sound. As
hoped, they have a arrange of soundstage breadth we get with a entirely open
headphone, yet leaking sound all over a room.

MDR-Z7 9

and sub-bass is also unequivocally abounding and fat, that we don’t get too often
with entirely open headphones. These are headphones with muscle.

you’d wish of a span costing £500, they are also minute and don’t let
a corpulent drum raid over a rest of a sound. Still, we do find
that a signature will not be for everyone, during slightest not during this price.

There’s a abounding density to a area where a drum collides
with a mid-range, and it leaves a Sony MDR-Z7 sounding a small soft
in tools compared with some of a best out there. Putting a Z7s next
to a Oppo PM-3 and a classical AKG Q701,
while a Sonys sound utterly epic in scale and have a smooth,
ear-pleasing tone, they can’t broach vocals with a same kind of clear
contours as a best. They are that bit too gentle and smooth.

Do we wish your song to sound vast and sparkling or pristine? The Sony MDR-Z7 are improved during a former.

MDR-Z7 3

customarily unequivocally song that is negatively affected, though. If we want
something for cinema and games, as good as music, there unequivocally are few
better sets out there. The force with that they can broach explosions
and a like is impressive.

We routinely concentration on song when
reviewing headphones, yet a Sony MDR-Z7 do merit a bit of special
attention in this area. They are customarily so ‘at home’ sitting on tip of an
AV receiver for those times when regulating a 5.1 complement customarily isn’t going to
work, and we’ve spent a good few evenings regulating them during that 10:30pm cut
off when it’s customarily “turn it down or spin it off” time.

are also unequivocally sensitive, definition we don’t need to use them with a
separate headphone amp to get a good turn of volume out. Despite having
70mm drivers, a Sony MDR-Z7 can be driven flattering good off a mere
mobile phone.

MDR-Z7 5

Should we buy a Sony MDR-Z7?

costing half a grand, a Sony MDR-Z7 are headphones done for real
people. They’re not customarily about sound, they also cruise a context in
which they’ll be used.

After all, not everybody with £500 to spend on headphones has a isolated residence in a nation in that to listen to a things.

to a combo of near-perfect comfort, absolute sound and hard-wearing
design, they’re a good further to a home cinema setup. They are
particularly good if you’re going to skip between games, cinema and

If song appreciation is all you’re about, though, you
might also wish to cruise something like a AKG Q701. They’re not as
beefy sounding, yet a some-more delicate, open sound comes opposite as more
accurate and a bit reduction ear-candy-sweet. And these days they’re significantly cheaper, too.

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Incredibly gentle headphones that are a ideal late-night accompaniment to a home cinema system.

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