Sony SmartBand Talk Review

What is a Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30?

The SmartBand Talk is Sony’s latest wearable tracker, following in a footsteps of a strange Sony SmartBand. It marks some-more than most, however, as it annals how many time we spend listening to music, reading, gnawing photos, browsing photos and more, in further to customary tracking transport such as walking, using and sleeping.

It’s a judgment that will no doubt interest to many, and a ability to make and take phone calls by a SmartBand Talk sets it detached from many opposition devices. But tracking issues and a miss of useful research let it down. The £125 Jawbone UP24 is likewise labelled yet improved value for money.

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sony smartband talk

Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 – Design

Sony can learn a few companies a thing or dual about design. The SmartBand Talk is elementary and purify looking. It isn’t beautiful, yet there’s a certain minimalist magnificence here that opposition devices, such as a Misfit Flash and Withings Pulse O2, lack.

The SmartBand Talk consists of a cosmetic ‘core’ trustworthy to a rubbery wrist strap. The categorical physique comes in dual colour variations: black and white. We tested a black chronicle and reckon it’s a some-more appealing of a dual – it’s some-more discreet.

There’s a decent preference of removable straps available, too, with red, pink, blue, green, white and black variants on offer in dual conflicting sizes. The small grooves on a straps are unfortunately disposed to picking adult dirt, though, that is all too manifest and utterly formidable to dislodge.

The core weighs usually 24g and is somewhat curved, so it feels unequivocally peaceful on your wrist, either you’re resting, sportive or sleeping. The 1.4-inch E-ink arrangement has a 296 x 128 fortitude and is easy to review in daylight, yet lacks a backlight, so night use is tough. Because it has an IP68 rating for ruggedness, we don’t have to worry about treating it with child gloves. You can showering with it, dump it 1.5m into water, or even asperse it into a sand bath, if you’re into that arrange of thing. Probably best not to go swimming with it, though.

On a right-hand corner of a categorical physique are dual buttons. One controls volume and a other lets we navigate from shade to screen. On a conflicting corner is a Micro USB charging port. The arrangement itself is touch-sensitive. It requires gratifying whacks rather than peaceful presses, yet usually a integrate of facilities are operated in this manner.  

Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 – Features

As this is primarily a aptness tracker, there’s an accelerometer and an altimeter built in, that lane transformation and betterment respectively. Unfortunately, this transformation is singular to walking and using – we can’t mention either you’re cycling or swimming, that is a shame.

The shade brings adult a simple yet acceptable volume of information, including a time, how many stairs you’ve taken, a volume of time you’ve spent walking, using and sleeping or a day and battery life. You have a choice to bond several apps with a SmartBand Talk, too, such as a ability to make phone calls, review messages, set ‘life bookmarks’ and control song playlists.

sony smartband talk

The quiver duty can be enabled so it buzzes when your alarm goes off, if we strike a daily aim or accept a call or message. It’s clever adequate to squeeze your courtesy yet peaceful adequate that it doesn’t startle we into spilling whatever you’re holding everywhere.

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