Sony UBP-X800 Blu-ray

What is a Sony UBP-X800?

The UBP-X800 is a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray actor with a difference: it’s also a concept audio front actor and a hi-res audio player. Sony might be a tad late to a 4K Blu-ray party, though this triple hazard is value a wait, generally deliberation a opening and high-end build quality.

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Sony UBP-X800

Sony UBP-X800 – Build Quality and Specification

The UBP-X800 rug builds on final year’s Sony UHP-H1. It has a same stylised fascia and tinged tip lid, and draws on many of a audio engineering used inside. However, it’s essentially a step adult in class.

For a start, it’s heavier. It weighs in during around 3.8kg and feels extremely some-more estimable than, say, a opposition Panasonic DMP-UB900.

A full-width 430mm model, a pattern is enigmatic. There’s no arrangement on a mirrored front, usually a little LED light above a bullion 4K HDR and Hi-Res Audio badges. A tethered cover protects a front-facing USB 2.0 port.

To a back are dual HDMI outputs: one 2.0 HDCP 2.2 enabled, a other an audio-only 1.4 outlay for those who need to track multi-channel audio directly to an AV receiver.

Sony UBP-X800

There’s a singular digital audio awaken output, though no analogue outputs. The rug has Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi, upheld by an Ethernet LAN jack for connected connections. Bluetooth includes higher-fidelity LDAC support for those with concordant Sony smartphones, and allows approach pairing with Bluetooth headphones.

The framework is a support and lamp design: 3 1.2mm struts supplement acerbity to a casing. There are even dual ‘foot beams’ joining a player’s rubber pads. 

These are somewhat incomparable than a beams used on a UHP-H1. There’s also a newly grown steel tip plate, with deliberately equivalent screws – a chain pronounced to urge sound performance. Even a heatsink facilities ‘fins’ that are spatially placed for limit effect.

Sony UBP-X800

Sony UBP-X800 – Features

Usability is solid. The player’s tile-based interface is organic rather than fancy. You can customise it with a vast ‘+’ button, adding other calm sources as we need them. Want your media server one click away? Job done.

Once online, a actor immediately identifies NAS inclination and media servers.

The UBP-X800 comes with an reasonably stocked OTT portal. Online streaming services embody Amazon Video, Netflix,, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, BBC News and Sport, YouTube and Spotify Connect. There’s also a channel from a Berlin Philharmoniker, and additional calm that can be noticed around Opera TV.

Significantly Amazon, Netflix and YouTube all support 4K streams, nonetheless (at a time of writing) usually Netflix offers HDR. The rug also supports Miracast Screen Mirroring from concordant smartphones.

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Sony UBP-X800

When it comes to HDR, a rug is intentionally HDR10. There’s no support for Dolby Vision, and we think there are no skeleton for it either. This shouldn’t indicate Sony has anything opposite Dolby Vision for UHD BD – indeed, a code is ancillary a HDR format on a high-end 2017 TVs. More likely, a growth cycle for a UBP-X800 was simply out of step with developments.

If your 4K arrangement doesn’t support HDR, a rug has an HDR-to-SDR converter that employs a exclusive algorithm to map liughtness and colour gradations.

You can concede a actor to upscale obtuse sources to 2160p, too. This should be selected if we don’t wish your arrangement to do a same job.

File harmony is excellent, covering FLAC, DSD (up to 11.2MHz with two-channel content), WAV, AAC, MP3, APE and Ogg. Sony’s DSEE-HX sound enhancer is on palm to make a many of low bit-rate sources. Video support includes MKVs, MPEG, MOV and AVI.

When it comes to discs, a rug is a quick loader. A Java-heavy film front goes from tray to menu in an considerable 36 seconds.

Sony UBP-X800

Sony UBP-X800 – Performance

4K design fortitude is first-class. The actor delivers each scintilla of fact from a 4K fortitude exam disc, so we can be certain it will do a same for your 4K movies. The actor interpolates UHD with 4:4:4 sub-sampling.

Images are astoundingly sharp, with no undue artefacts or distractions. Colour digest is accurate. We’re told a rug has been tuned with submit from creatives during Sony Pictures Entertainment, and they’ve clearly finished a good job.

Much like a H1 predecessor, a UBP-X800 also looks glorious with 2K Blu-rays. It portrays fact though a spirit of toll or neglected emphasis, nonetheless maintains unusual glorious detail. To contend The Force Awaken’s universe of Jakku looks naturalistic might sound odd, what with a cracked AT-AT and visitor marketplace place, though there’s no estimate cunning about a image.

Of course, video is usually half a interest of a UBP-X800. This concept front actor boasts correct High-Res Audio credentials, and is during home with both DVD-Audio and Super Audio CDs.

The 5.1 DVD-A remix of The Prophet’s Song (Queen, A Night during a Opera) is suggested as a overwhelming instance of this under-appreciated multi-channel format. Mercury’s outspoken criterion pings from orator to speaker, engulfing a listening position; it’s a Hi-Res prog-rock treat.

SACD recordings are delivered with allied clarity. Obscure Japanese jazz releases from a late 1990s – of that we inexplicably have many – elicit hotel bars with idle vocals and late-night beats. You can quietly partner this actor with reward audio kit.

Sony UBP-X800

Should we buy a Sony UBP-X800?

The UBP-X800 is undoubtedly a glorious all-round media player. Blu-ray design peculiarity is excellent, both with customary discs and UHD platters. Images are well-spoken and artfully precise. Universal audio front support should also win it support in a hi-fi community.

From SACD and DVD-A to customary CDs, a rug is a constrained listen. Add to that decent streaming use formation and banzai build quality, and you’ll be left seeking because it costs usually £400.

The UBP-X800 is a startlingly glorious 4K Blu-ray rug with audiophile appeal. It undercuts a Oppo UDP-203 by some domain and plays SACD and DVD-Audio discs – something Panasonic’s DMP-UB900 can’t manage. The usually adhering indicate would seem to be a miss of Dolby Vision HDR support.


Consider a UBP-X800 Blu-ray actor a high-end steal.

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