Sony VPL-VW300ES Projector Review

What is a Sony VPL-VW300ES?

The VW300ES is potentially a many sparkling 4K product yet. It’s a local 4K/UHD projector regulating Sony’s considerable SXRD record that can be yours for a astonishingly reasonable sum of £5850. Which begs usually one question, really: what’s a catch?

Sony VPL-VW300ES – Design and Features

The VW300ES doesn’t uncover any external signs of compromise. Its large, bulky, vaguely elliptical figure with a executive lens and front-mounted cooling grilles make a VW300ES fundamentally matching in entrance to a most some-more costly VW500ES 4K sibling.
Sony VW300ES
Connections are tucked down a projector’s left side (as we demeanour during it), and contain dual HDMIs, an Ethernet port, a USB use port, a 9-pin RS-232 pier for integrating into wider home party control systems, an IR input, and dual 12v trigger outputs. Please note, however, that we don’t get a standard three-line member video submit on a VW300ES, or a D-Sub PC port.

Inside a VW300ES is a ‘true’ 4K video engine. By that we meant that we get 4096 x 2160 pixels on a SXRD chips rather than a 3840 x 2160 pixels of supposed 4K TVs – some-more accurately called UHD (Ultra High Definition) TVs.

Of course, radically all of a 4K/UHD calm that’s solemnly creeping by is nearing in a 3840 x 2160 format, yet don’t worry; a VW300ES doesn’t rivet nasty scaling estimate to remap such sources to a loyal 4K resolution. Rather it usually doesn’t use a impassioned edges of a chips – something you’ll notice if we use a supposing built-in exam patterns when environment a projector up.

The SXRD chips during a VW300ES’s heart are scarcely good set adult for 4K playback. They need frequency any opening between any pixel and respond quick adequate – in theory, during slightest – to conflict to changing design calm yet causing 4K-damaging fuzz and fortitude loss.

We’ve also beheld Sony’s SXRD chips entrance on leaps and finish in contrariety terms over a past integrate of years – yet indeed this is one area we do feel endangered about with a VW300ES, as it doesn’t occupy a energetic iris arrangement like a step-up VW500ES does. Underlining a concerns is a approach Sony doesn’t give a claimed contrariety ratio figure for a VW300ES, while it’s ideally happy to go open with a 200,000:1 contrariety figure claimed for a VW500ES.

It’s value considering, though, that not carrying a energetic iris could lead to a some-more stable-looking design and potentially reduction handling noise.

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Sony VW300ES

The miss of a energetic iris and ensuing dump in contrariety isn’t a usually disproportion between a VW300ES and a some-more costly VW500ES sibling. Its limit liughtness is also 200 Lumens down on a 1700 Lumens delivered by a some-more costly projector, and we don’t get a VW500ES’s auto-calibration feature.

One other pivotal cutback on a VW300ES is lens memory, definition that people with ‘cinemascope’-ratio (2.35/2.4:1) screens can’t settle different, easy-to-access sets of wizz and concentration parameters for a many opposite aspect ratios a film universe uses.

Another slight reduction – nonetheless this is one a VW300ES indeed shares with Sony’s other 4K projectors to date – is that notwithstanding carrying an HDMI 2.0 hollow with HDCP 2.2 support, a VW300ES’s chroma subsampling support tops out during 4:2:0 rather than a full 4:4:4 system. To be fair, though, a VW300ES is distant from alone in this regard, and it doesn’t meant that a VW300ES won’t indispensably be means to broach healthy and punchy colours. Especially as it still employs Sony’s Triluminos record for delivering a wider colour progression than standard projectors.

The VW300ES also joins a VW500ES in ancillary 3D playback, and while no 3D eyeglasses are enclosed we don’t indispensably have to buy a span of Sony’s TDG-BT500A models – Sony is partial of a 3D eyeglasses initiative, so we should be means to use other brands of active 3D eyeglasses we might already possess if they’re concordant with this initiative. We had no problem removing a span of Samsung’s latest 3D TV eyeglasses to work with a VW300ES. That said, we have listened reports that some eyeglasses from brands (including Epson and Panasonic) that are partial of a 3D eyeglasses beginning indeed don’t work. We’re perplexing to find out some-more about this from Sony, and will refurbish this examination if we hear anything.

The VW300ES even introduces a new underline not creatively found on a VW500ES: a video game-friendly low latency mode designed to revoke a time it takes for a projector to furnish a images. This is a potentially really acquire pierce given that submit loiter totalled a small high on a VW500ES – and indeed it’s a underline that can now be combined to a VW500ES around a firmware update.

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Sony VPL-VW300ES – Setup

The VW300ES is sincerely easy to set adult on a elementary level, for a elementary reason that, as with Sony’s latest TVs, it facilities a well-thought-out and tenderly calibrated set of design presets. Film 1 and Film 2 are generally useful for dark-room viewing, nonetheless it’s also good to see Sony being useful adequate to embody a bright, some-more heavily jam-packed TV mode for observation video calm in comparatively splendid conditions.

Sony VW300ES

If we wish to go over a presets into something some-more privately optimised for your room conditions, though, afterwards a VW300ES is pretty good set adult for that, too. It’s got 10 opposite gamma-correction settings, for instance, including a 1.8, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 values. It’s got 4 opposite colour heat presets, mixed colour-space settings including BT.709, and mixed settings for Sony’s MotionFlow suit estimate – that is really one of a some-more achieved examples of this infrequently dim video art. There are also mixed ‘strength’ settings for a useful contrast-enhancer system, and we can switch a flare between low and high liughtness outputs.

When it comes to a rather some-more candid business of removing a design to a right distance and right position for your screen, a VW300ES handily provides entirely motorised lens controls for zoom, concentration and vertical/horizontal visual shift. We did find it a small wily to get a concentration accurately right regulating a programmed controls, yet with a small toing and froing we got there in a end.

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