Sony’s PS4 Pro Spider-Man ‘Amazing Red’ book is amazingly red

Sony has suggested a new tradition book PS4 Pro to coincide with a launch of a eagerly-anticipated Spider-Man, and it certain is striking.

The singular book ‘Amazing Red’ book comes with a diversion and a relating DualShock 4 controller. It is very, unequivocally red and is emblazoned with a ginormous Spider-Man logo. And that’s excellent by us.

The 1TB console will underline a earthy duplicate of a diversion as good as a download document for The City That Never Sleeps DLC.

The gold can be pre-ordered from currently for $399 on Amazon or Best Buy in a United States. It’ll be accessible in a UK too, though pre-order sum aren’t live yet. Spider-Man is a PS4 disdainful pretension and goes on sale on Sep 7.

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The proclamation comes alongside a mint story trailer for a visually overwhelming title. The 1:50 shave arrived during a San Diego Comic Con and gives us a demeanour during a game’s new knave Silver Sable, who’s operative for Mayor Norman Osborn on his re-election bid.


Osborn has hired her to stop Spider-Man (actually, “shoot him on sight), who he has dubbed an “enemy of a people.” Where have we listened that recently? Anyway, a trailer is below.

We’re positively pumped for a recover of Spider-Man. In a preview of a game, a possess Jordan King wrote: “I was blown divided by a diversion about that we didn’t consider we could get any some-more excited. I’d always wanted a diversion of my favourite superhero that unequivocally combined a clarity of being him in New York City, though my knowledge so distant has been a array of games that never utterly delivered. It seems Insomniac is about to sire a trend.”

Are we vehement for Spider-Man? Can this be a Marvel Universe’s answer to a Batman Arkham games? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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